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“Hey!Urge manager,Are the things I want ready??We will use it tonight。Chance is for you,Don’t blame me if you can’t catch it”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。

Huoying smiled happily:“President Wang is relieved,The quotation and atlas you wanted was delivered to my hotel by someone last night,I was about to call you to talk about it,Your call came,It really makes sense”
“Don’t be poor,Which hotel do you stay in,We will meet in a while”Wang Youcai said very calmly。
Huoying said with a smile on the phone:“Which hotel you and Xiao Li slept in?!Even the room number has not changed,You come here quickly!”
Wang Youcai listened,Immediately hung up。He walked quickly out of the alley,Stop a taxi on the side of the road,Go straight to the hotel where Cuiying is staying。This ghost place,He did come,But how did you get in,He really doesn’t remember at all。
When Wang Youcai rushed over,It seems that Huying Ying just got up soon。The quilt on the bed is in a mess,And this woman’s hair is still a little wet,It feels like it’s just washed。
“You just woke up!”Wang Youcai asked suspiciously,He twisted his ass and sat on the sofa。
Huh hehe smiled and said:“What is impossible,Nothing to do anyway,I might as well sleep a little longer”
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“I have nothing to do to find me!I have nothing to do at night”Wang Youcai said,Smirk。
Reminding Ying to pour tea to Wang Youcai,Said with a smile:“sure!It depends on the sincerity of Boss Wang。If you made this list for me,I will come to Pingdu,When nothing to do at night,I will definitely find Mr. Wang the first time”
“That Guangtu is happy。I told you,This price must be grasped well。tonight,Several of our shareholders will evaluate your offer together。Actually successful,Then it’s up to you”Wang Youcai has been hanging around for a long time,Speak naturally a lot。
Huying put the brewed tea on the coffee table in front of Wang Youcai,And then twist,Very generously sitting next to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai reached out,Put his arms around Ziying’s neck。This woman has a good face,No resistance,Like the relationship between them,It seems that I have reached this point long ago。
“President Wang!Our prices are naturally well controlled,But you still have to speak at the critical moment”Urge the warbler to exhale like silk,Very softly。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“This is natural。But we should do things with conscience,Hope to cooperate in the long term,This is the most important。Don’t make a one-off deal”
“President Wang。I’m not only thinking about buying equipment for your hospital,More importantly, the supply of medicines in your hospital,This is my real purpose”That’s all for Huying,Can’t help but smile。
Wang Youcai’s hand from Huying’s neck,Slid all the way to her waist,Then he squeezed slightly and smiled:“The ideal is full”

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