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“He Sheng,The price has reached 200 million,We still offer。”Chen Xiu asked。

“Bid 280 million!”
Two hundred and eighty million is the current market value of the dragon head that Chen Xiu told him in the morning,He is also the last bid,If Lin Han still maliciously bid over 280 million,He also plans to stop bidding。
“it is good!”
Chen Xiu responded,Shouted:“Two hundred and eighty million!”
At this price,Lawrence by the auction table was thrilled,This is finally the target price specified by Dragon Head。
The rich people in the audience are also making a lot of noise,Qi Qi looked towards Lin Han,Many people present know the grudge between Lin Han and He Rongsheng,I want to know if he can still fight。
Lin Han sneered and said:“Buck tooth he,Just want to beat me,dream!”
hold high99The number’s bidding sign shouted:“100 million!”
Everyone thought they had misheard,The gambling kings have already bid 280 million,What does Lin Han mean by bidding 100 million??
Mathematics is taught by the physical education teacher?
The beautiful auctioneer on the stage also said in surprise:“99Mr. Number,The gentleman on the first plate has bid 280 million,Your 100 million……”
“Pull it down,I’m talking about a beautiful knife!”

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