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“You don’t want to be?The Beigong family is very weak right now,If we don’t take over,Other families will definitely be there!By then your relatives and friends in the family,Maybe it will be uncomfortable。”Lu Menglin reminded me with a smile。

Bei Gongya was shocked again,I thought if I didn’t agree,,Don’t say friends and family are uncomfortable,I can’t get out of this yard by himself!
Let’s talk about the dead dao friend, not the poor dao,Lao Tzu took over the Bei Gong clan,Plenty of training resources,Puppet,Maybe a few years later,Lao Tzu is also on level 40,Then it will be the real sky high and leap,Unceasingly!
“when!Of course I want to be!But boss Lu, don’t worry!I am eye-catching!I am your little brother,One day is the little brother,Little brother for life!I’ll leave Beigong’s affairs to me later,What do you want me to do,What i do!Who want me to chop,I just cut someone!”Bei Gongya gritted his teeth,Patted his chest and said loudly。
Seeing this Beigong guy is so sensible,Lu Menglin smiled naturally,No need to say anything extra。
And Mr. Mu and Mu Feiyan watched Bei Gongya’s performance,Both grandpa and grandson moved slightly in their hearts。
Mu Feiyan’s face is reddish,Shook his head。
She can’t!She can’t do it!She is not as thick as Bei Gongya’s face,Acting so shameless,At least this kind of surrender just now,She can’t tell。
Mr. Mu sighed in his heart,This year,He understands,Only shameless people can survive,And still alive。My granddaughter is too thin,The brain is not good enough,Once I return to the West,This stupid granddaughter will be chewed by these people so that there are no bones left。
“Old man,What’s your opinion?You Mu should support Brother Beigongya as the head of the family, right??”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
Father Mu didn’t react for a while,Smiled bitterly:“I?My opinion matters?I still have a few hours to live?”
Lu Menglin smiled,I took out another bottle of pills from my arms,Threw it to Old Man Mu。
“This is to thank you for the friendship you gave up just now,The medicine inside,Should be enough for you to live for three months。If your grandfather and grandson are determined to follow me,This medicine can be supplied for a long time。”
Lu Menglin’s voice has not fallen,Mu Feiyan already screamed,Pounced。

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