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First0015chapter Nason˙Rothschild is here

was founded in1848Chicago Board of Trade,Address is located on Jackson Boulevard in downtown Chicago141number,Is the world’s largest futures and options exchange。
Here are more than3600ACBOTmember,transaction50Different futures and options products,Hundreds of millions of contracts are traded each year,The underlying financial value reaches tens of trillions of dollars。
Ten o’clock in the morning,Under George’s guidance,Qiao Tianyu grandly boarded the fourth floor of the Chicago Board of Trade—-Grain futures trading floor。
To know,All corn in the futures exchange、Soybeans and other grain futures are traded here。
And the biggest feature of this trading floor,There is nothing more than the tall glass on the walls around the trading floor,From here you can overlook the entire Jackson Boulevard。
After all, I just created a ratings record“Internet celebrities”,Plus that eye-catching tattered military uniform。
Qiao Tianyu appeared on the grain futures trading floor,It immediately caused a huge sensation,Attracted countless lights,Become the focus of most attention on the spot。
Traders in various trading seats stopped their work.,Beginning in twos and threes to discuss the purpose of the arrival of this Internet celebrity。
And when Qiao Tianyu came to the Goldman Sachs trading seat and sat down,There was a burst of exclamation at the scene。
“The Goldman Sachs trading bench has been preparing for important people in the past two days,Could it be him?!”
“Didn’t he go to Lehman Brothers for an interview yesterday??Why are you here again??”
“That lad’s deal is evil,Unreasonable card,Yesterday even Sato Junji was defeated by him!”
“He defeated Sato Junji?Oh my god!Sato Junji is a great trader!”
“Is there something big going to happen today??”

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