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This is why Qin Feng uses one“Are you sprinkling”Look at Liu Xing。

“What to do,This is also very operational, OK??Besides,We don’t have to use it first after we get the fake identity,We can test it first,Maybe we can get what we want through fake identities.?”Liu Xing explained seriously。
What he said,Qin Feng thought for a moment,Suddenly I feel that what the other party said is not unreasonable。
Use fake identities to facilitate them,even.
Thought of here,It doesn’t seem to be inoperable。
and so,Qin Feng said,“that,Meet each other first?It’s better to keep this person in our hands。of course,The premise is that he has real ability!”Qin Feng looked serious。
Of course he understands that some of these false witnesses are even liars。After all, what they did was illegal,So even if they scam money and ran away,You seem to be really helpless。
After all, if you really report,The official staff may be able to catch the faker back,But it may be impossible。You know that agents are not omnipotent!But the opposite,You, who are planning to use fake documents, are in trouble。This is also a civil crime,so,Some criminals use this mentality to cheat。
of course,Qin Feng thinks Liu Xing wouldn’t be so heartless,To the point where a former nobleman is going to be deceived by a liar,It’s shameful to say it。Liu Xing is not so stupid,So it should have been understood through some means or methods。
“Well, it’s already arranged。Just think about it
Better tell you,That’s why I came to you!”
“Row,Then go over now!”Qin Feng naturally didn’t want to waste time after he understood。
Okay,The location agreed by Liu Xing and the other party is a bar in Dongcheng。
of course,Now this bar can be considered within the sphere of influence of the Fengmeng,It’s just that not many people know。
But this is exactly what they want。

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