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A lot of understanding of the truth,Ways of doing things will slowly mature。

In addition,There are strange things,Tian Lu can’t understand,such as,Every time she walks out of the office,It’s good to check the discipline,It’s okay to arrange jobs for employees,Several times in a row,in the afternoon4:00Many minutes,More than an hour before get off work hours,Xu Fenxue, director of the writing department, left。
According to the staff accidentally revealed,Xu Fenxue was only two years old because of her child,Others bring,worried,Go back and take care of the children。
Tian Lu thought,What do you think of work discipline?,It’s not time for get off work,How can you leave the job casually?
She remembered it,Ready to take it out and say it at the right time。
It can be seen that,Troubles and troubles at work,Mainly due to troubles with colleagues and leaders,Maybe it’s just because Tian Lu was too worried。
Thought of here,Tian Lu suddenly remembered in her dream,What is Ye Xingkong doing in the Mid-Levels apartment?,Does he have troubles too?
First58chapter Worry
Since Tian Lu joined the work,Can only be described as a workplace Xiaobai,She is not that big yet。
Constant worries at work,Sentimental。Even if it says in the book:Learn from work,work hard,Is the best exerciser。
Easy to say,Have to sharpen from work。

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