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[Chinese cabbage weight loss]_Chinese cabbage_Slimming_Benefits

[Chinese cabbage weight loss]_Chinese cabbage_Slimming_Benefits

Pakchoi itself is a vegetable that can both appetize and promote the digestion and absorption of the body. You can use pakchoi and cucumber together to cook soup or stir-fry dinner, you can prepare some, green porridge or pakchoi soup, etc.Wait.

Because pakchoi can promote metabolism, and adults and plasma levels are not high, pakchoi weight loss is true.

First, the Chinese cabbage for breakfast is delicious and rich in nutrition. With a bowl of warm two-meter rice porridge, the Chinese-style slimming breakfast is out.

The ingredients needed to make this cold dish are: cabbage, cucumber, shallots, chili sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt and sugar.

Wash the cabbage and cucumber, slice the cabbage, and pat the cucumber.

Then put them together in a container, put onion and minced garlic on top, and then put the other ingredients in order, and then you can accept them.

Second, the garlic fried vegetables for lunch can help us to lose weight with appetizers and detoxification for the body. Prepare two vegetarian stir-fried vegetables and a bowl of coarse grain rice for yourself at noon, which can not only supplement the nutrition, get a fullness, but also be effectiveControls axial absorption.

Ingredients to prepare: cabbage, garlic, and salt.

Pick and wash the cabbage, and then simmer it in hot water. After removing it, add cold water to cool, drain the water and set aside. Then heat the oil pan and pour the minced garlic into it, thenThen pour the cabbage and stir-fry. Just add salt and minced garlic before frying.

Third, a lot of people who lose weight for dinner and vegetable congee are enthusiastic about eating dinner, and don’t know how to eat to stay fat.

Then a bowl of nutritious vegetable porridge is a very good choice. It is not only nutritious and delicious, but also has a low satiety and strong satiety, so it is especially helpful for weight loss.

Ingredients to prepare: cabbage, rice, chicken essence and salt.

Put the cabbage in boiling water for a while, then remove it and add it to cold water. Drain the water and cut into pieces for later use.

Bring hot water to the pot. After boiling, pour the rice in and stir well. Continue heating on low heat and stir.

Finally, pour the vegetable leaves, chicken essence and salt separately, stir and taste to serve.

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