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Just leave silently!

Hidden merit and fame!
“You call a driver,I took a taxi back!”Fang Yu said。
Ready to get off!
Praise for Gou Hui,Don’t care!
“Well……You go back first。Get together again……”
Gou Hui hasn’t finished yet。
Fang Yu disappeared into the vast night。
Never seen again。
Gou Hui speechless。
Really a ruthless man!
Never say goodbye。
quickly,Gou Hui’s driver came。
Sent her back!
“Why are you coming back now……Why did you go today?”
Gou Hui just went back,I saw my father look unhappy。
“father,What’s wrong with you?So angry……Is the business going down??I’m still in poor health recently?Not as good as,I’ll take you to check it tomorrow,how is it!”
Gou Hui came to Dad’s side,Said with a smile。
“Did you go out with someone else today?”
Gou Shengtian said coldly。

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