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Besides, there is no warning,Ready to kill as soon as he comes up,Obviously the patrol that appeared here was prepared by Zhang Qiang.。Or,These people are Zhang Qiang!

This situation is a bit delicate!
Because if the official people are selfish,It’s not an exaggeration to kill all the people on their side。How to do?Qin Feng is also very anxious,Pretend to be lying on the ground,But the brain is spinning fast。
No weapons on his,It’s hard to compete with the official staff。Even because the Patrol Hall is officially dispatched,Even if you want to say they are not compliant,But who would believe what a gangster said?The masses cannot believe!
Now Qin Feng and his group seem to be passive。
Just at this moment,The patrol car suddenly exploded。
Qin Feng was stunned,How to say?It was made by the blasting mercenary group?
However, Qin Feng heard a familiar voice not far away,“Master, hurry up!”
It’s the voice of flying knife king Wang Fei,Before, they not only solved the gang of blasting mercenary group,At the same time, the group’s“equipment”All paid。
Otherwise, they won’t be able to continue playing sniper confrontation with the other side just now.!
And now the sudden appearance of the patrol has disrupted their plan,They didn’t even expect that the other party would pour Qin Feng to the ground。
When I understand,Wang Fei and Chen Feng lost their blasting equipment without saying a word.,And then blew up one of the patrol vehicles。This will give Qin Feng a chance,So that they can quickly retreat from a nearby location。
of course,There must be a fight in the middle,And Qin Feng didn’t dare to hide anything,Throwing Knife。Now he can no longer manage the situation afterwards。
At least I have to leave here alive.。
Fortunately, Chen Feng and Wang Fei are now“equipment”Extremely sophisticated,There are even a lot of grenades。Now they are like a group of thugs fighting against the patrol。

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