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Voices of comfort are constantly ringing around,Naturally no one will grab this terrier and make a joke。

“I tried,still alright,The rest of the brothers!”
He Hongyuan organizes his clothes,Looks like a full meal。
Behind He Hongyuan,Is an obscenehLaughing man。
The day Gao Lan is the least willing to remember,She didn’t know how she spent it,I just remember that one man after another kept leaping towards him,No matter how she struggles,All in vain。
The thing Gao Lan wants most now is to call the police,But what Gao Lan didn’t know was,Is the worst day in her life,In the police station, it was also caused by a person。
As a member of the exhibit department,Even though I serve the people everywhere,But they never thought that one day they would become a first-line fighter。
Is indeed always ready,Not afraid of any challenges,But what I didn’t expect was,Debut of the police officer of the Evidence Division,Encountered Waterloo。
All graduated from police academy,Have learned fighting and Sanda,But why did you lose to a yoga practitioner??
The person in front of him who is constantly playing with important exhibits does not know which country he is from,After all, people from that continent all look the same。
I was a little unhappy before going into a coma,But fortunately, I heard my own reinforcements。
Finally held on!The brothers in the evidence department closed their eyes in peace。
Chapter 398 No ordinary
Select alarmiObserve this profession,Basically, it has nothing to do with the words An’an,Except for the exhibit department,The same room is less than 30 square meters,guniThe comrades in the tool room can still make up some pictures,Look forward to it when maintaining guns,And the exhibit department faced a pile of sealed exhibits,At most, I have had eye addiction。
Why the policeiObserve that this profession is so dangerous,But there are still people who continue to choose to join?
Except for that duty and responsibility,It’s nothing more than a little heroic dream。
No darkness,It’s because someone is walking forward silently,But this is not a big evidence department,But sealed the lofty ambitions of the three young people。
Zhang Pingfan is the only single dog in the exhibit department,The duty of this kind of work also falls on him.。

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