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Who will be the champion in the CBA Finals? Xinjiang 92:81 wins Beijing suspense rebirth

Who will be the champion in the CBA Finals? Xinjiang 92:81 wins Beijing suspense rebirth March 24: The suspense of the CBA Finals is back.On March 23, the third game of the CBA Finals was staged at the Wukesong Stadium in Beijing.In the screams and boos of the home team fans, the twisted Xinjiang team that had been forced into desperation exploded with amazing energy. They won 92:81 on the road and pulled the final score to 2:1.Interestingly, in the regular season, this game is the fifth time the two sides have fought this season. Both teams won at the other side.The Xinjiang team pulled back a Hudson and won Marbury. “The final result of this round of finals is the state of Marbury and Hudson.”This is a prediction called by an expert in the circle before the finals.Sure enough, Marbury was brave in the first two games of the finals, Hudson was a single player with a very low shooting rate, and the Beijing team also won a big score of 2:0.Returning to Beijing home, Marbury suddenly had no status in the third game, but Hudson played well, and the Xinjiang team resumed a successful return to the city at 92:81 away.  ”Beijing’s double foreign aid has not played today, and Lao Ma’s complications are obviously not effective.This is a hidden danger for the Beijing team in the future.CCTV explained guest novels by Yang Yi.”According to him, Marbury will once again remove the accumulated fluid after the third finals.This is also the second time during the Las Vegas finals to remove the accumulated fluid.His leg injury is likely to determine the trend of this round of the finals.”Away Law” gave the Xinjiang team hope that the Xinjiang team came to Wukesong Stadium with a score of 0:2.Many experts predict that such a big score is destined for the Xinjiang team has no possibility of overturning.After all, in the history of the Finals and even the playoffs, there has never been a 0:2 team that has fallen behind successfully.What’s more, according to the 232 format of the finals, the next three matches will be played at the home team of Beijing.The Xinjiang team is likely to be swept out of Beijing by 4:0.  It is precisely because of such a pessimistic prediction that the Xinjiang team played an extremely exciting game in the Wukesong Gymnasium, especially in the competition for the rebound that best reflects their mental outlook. The Xinjiang team won 17 of 61:44.Finally showed the advantage of inside.The collective foreign aid broke out. You can get 41 points and 30 rebounds through foreign aid Hudson and Singleton. The domestic players are also tenacious enough. West Heat has 19 points in this battle. Tang Zhengdong got 16 points and 7 rebounds., Causing them to finally complete a seemingly impossible task in Wukesong.  After leaving his home court, the Xinjiang team seemed to be under intense psychological pressure. Considering that the Rockets have played five times this season, all of them have won by the visiting team.If such a law develops, the Xinjiang team, who will continue to play away in Beijing in the next two games, may once again return the finals to their home court.(Special correspondent Du Jincheng)

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