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[Baby food supplement celery]_Baby food supplement_How to make

[Baby food supplement celery]_Baby food supplement_How to make

It is best not to eat celery puree for babies’ complementary foods, because celery is a certain irritating vegetable, which may cause symptoms of gastrointestinal indigestion, so it is best for babies to eat some white porridge and pumpkin porridge.Baby can eat celery.

Regarding the practice of celery and vegetable puree, everyone can come to understand the content of the article, but it is not suitable for a baby for several months as a complementary food.

Celery puree Suitable for age group: 7-8 months Ingredients: 150g of celery Practice: 1.

Remove celery leaves, remove gluten, and clean 2.

Cut the processed celery into small pieces and add them to the cooking basket. Use a stirring cup to measure 1 mark of water into the food supplement machine, and put the cooking basket into the installed mixing cup.

Cover the shell, click the cooking button, and cook.


After cooking, pour the celery into the mixing cup, cover it with a splash-proof cover, and rotate the food processor to stir.


Stir until it is fine and nutritious: Celery contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, added fiber, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin P, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other mineralssubstance.
Celery leaves also contain vitamin E, and celery stems do not contain this substance. It can be seen that celery leaves have higher nutritional value than celery stems.

Ingredients for celery juice: celery, water method: 1, wash the celery and cut into small pieces.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the casserole, add celery and cook after boiling.

Add celery and water into a blender and mash.

3. Filter out the puree.

Tips: Celery is rich in iron and easily absorbed by the body.

Babies often eat celery, which can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Suitable for babies over 6 months.

Cauliflower, celery and apple juice ingredients: cauliflower, celery leaves, apples, water, honey Moderate measures: 1. Wash the celery and apples to remove the inedible parts, cut into fine diced, and wash the cauliflower to take the tender stems.

2. Put all the materials in the juice machine.

3, use the instant to hit 2 times, and then use a slow 3 minutes to beat until the material is finely broken into juice.

Tips: Celery is rich in nutrients and rich in aromatic oils, so it has a special aroma that can increase your baby’s appetite.

Suitable for babies over 8 months.

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