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[How to cook green beef in hot pot]_Recommended diet

[How to cook green beef in hot pot]_Recommended diet

The freshness of the green vegetables in the hot pot with beef and the tenderness of the beef are loved by many friends, and many people try to make them at home.

Moreover, vegetables are rich in vitamins. The protein supplemented by beef can supplement the body’s needs and can also achieve the role of calcium supplement.

As there are many kinds of green vegetables, some, common are lettuce, small rape, etc., choose cooking according to the type of greens you like.

At the same time, the taste and taste of beef in different parts will be different, for example, beef tenderloin is tender and delicious, lean meat.

If you have a good mouth, you can also replace beef with beef tendons, which is more chewy to eat, or friends who like to eat fatty meat can choose partial fat beef.

That’s all about the choice of ingredients, then the formal cooking process begins.


After processing the vegetables, washing and cutting into sections, and soaking them in brine, it can also effectively remove residual pesticides.


After cleaning the high-quality beef, cut into thin slices or cut into thin slices. It is best to blanch in boiling water to remove blood water and skim off the foam.


Prepare other ingredients. Friends who like to eat chili can add red chili or sharp pepper and cut into sections.

After washing the onions and ginger, chop them.


Add oil to a clean pan. After the oil is hot, add the shallot and ginger and stir-fry the peppers.


After frying, add the beef first, and after the beef is discolored, add the greens.


Then add all kinds of condiments, stir evenly, and cook before serving.

The adult content of beef is relatively rich, and the protein content is very rich. The conversion of greens is also very low. It is especially suitable for friends who lose weight, but you should put less other seasonings to avoid the opposite.

After the above introduction, I believe that you can make unique and delicious according to your taste preference.

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