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Then there was a bang,Not just those squatting in the lobby of the bank,Even Evincent was taken aback。

“what do you mean?”
Evincent knows why,But the tone is still very scared。
“Compared to millionaires,I want to be a multi-millionaire!One is dead anyway,What does it matter if you die one more?”
The man kicked his only remaining companion,Then point the gun at Evincent。Although I still can’t see the face,But there is already the pride of a multi-millionaire。
“But shouldn’t you kill me first?Why did you choose to kill your companion first?”Evincent asked pretendingly。
There are only two robbers left in the bank,And the two robbers seem to have a dispute,But the funny thing is,The people squatting on the ground still don’t have the courage to choose what to do。
Evincent paces naturally,In fact, it is in accordance with the agreement with Robinson,Began to move my position quietly。
“Because my friends and I are always the same kind of people,And you’re just another planning ability,A coward who doesn’t even dare to shoot more people!”
There were three people on my side when forming the team,But now only myself,The person who is pointing a gun at Ivincent doesn’t feel alone,At least there is money to stay with him。If I chose to shoot Evincent first,He believed that his companion would shoot and kill him,Because understand,So I have a choice。This world is like this,Kind and honest person,Seem carefree,But the one who is always bullied!
The only robbers who were recruited by myself stared,Evincent is a little uncomfortable,But he was helpless being pointed at by his gun。
“without me,Have you thought about how to ship the money out??”
I can’t see what Evincent’s expression is after the smile mask,But the voice of speaking sounds like he is terrified。
“You don’t have to worry about this!Before the police arrive,Leave here safely!”
The man held up the gun,Pull the trigger,But Evincent made the appearance。
Ivincent didn’t know where the self-confidence of the robber who was temporarily recruited in front of him came from.,But for humanitarian reasons,Evincent still wants him to die decently,And I need to delay a little while。
“Everything here is cash,Even if we cut off the alarm device here,But it counts from the moment we walk in,In five minutes,The first police officers who control the scene will also come。I’m talking,Everything here is cash,Weigh at least a thousand pounds,By your own strength,Even if you can move,Can’t run far!”
Ivincent took a closer look forward,Seems to be doing self-recommendation。

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