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Don’t you hate everything that dad arranges??this time,Why do you listen to him?Or did you see the handsome and handsome Yunhe,Heart moved?

what is your purpose?Use Yunhe,Into the upper class social circle,Still really fell in love with him?Since childhood, you have been conspiring,Yun and Brother must have been fooled by you,I won’t let you succeed!
When the car drove into the clubhouse,Lu Xin has controlled his emotions,Not so excited anymore,She is Miss Lu Family,Is everybody,Have a good education,Even if angry,Also maintain demeanor。
Call Duan Xiuying,It took a long time to pick up,But told her mother to let her chat with Mayor Wu’s daughter,Will be out after a while,Let her wait a moment。
She didn’t know where the banquet invitation was thrown,Staff are responsible,No one came out to pick up,She can’t get in at all,Impatient again,I can only wait in the car。
When the car window is knocked,The moment I saw my brother,Lu Xin understands everything。
Looking coldly at the black-faced brother,Go home with him obediently,Went back to my room without saying a word,Fall on the bed-The first thing on the show is to blacken Duan Xiuying,This plastic flower friendship,Never mind!
Look at my sister who is not noisy,Lu Liang is a little worried,Xinxin seems heartless,As long as you care,Vow not to stop。
If she makes a big noise,Really nothing,I’m afraid she’s muffled silently,Something must happen。
Although Xiuying didn’t tell him who Huo Yunhe’s girlfriend is,,But this circle is so big,You’ll know after a little inquiries。
It looks like,He wants to talk to dad,The two sisters turned against each other for a man,Not a good thing。
Lu Yao tough,Like weeds growing in the wilderness,No matter how hard the wind and rain blow;Younger sister,Are flowers grown in a greenhouse,Can’t experience setbacks。
Lu Yao will find a way to compensate for the suffering,Of course hope she is happy,But Lu Xin’s happiness is equally important。
Twenty years ago,Father out-Divorce,If it wasn’t for grandma,Their Lu family will becomeACity people talk after dinner;Twenty years later,Is it going to happen again??
The Huo family is a famous family,People in politics and business circles,Huo Yun and himself also have strong abilities,Is a good candidate for sister-in-law,but,If he can’t handle this relationship,I would never agree with them。

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