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“bossPlease say。”Statham and Laleford said in unison。

“Based on your managers over the years and your knowledge reserves、Your age,honestly,It may be difficult for you to learn how to manage a business well,So if you don’t mind being emptied,I suggest you find a well-known accounting firm to cooperate,Annual financial、Review the investment status to ensure your interests,Give me the company’s strategic development,Hand over the daily management of the company to those professional managers。
And you,Take out the annual dividend,Hand it over to a professional financial management company to help you manage、planning。
This annual dividend,In addition to setting a certain percentage for your personal enjoyment,You can leave the rest to them,Invest in you、Do financial management,Increase money,And you can enjoy life to your heart’s content……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged:“of course,This is just my personal suggestion,Do you want to do this?,Or maybe you like the fun of managing a company,It’s up to you to decide……”
Chen Geng just finished speaking,Statham:“boss,We have decided,Just do as you said!”
Lalefort explained:“You are right,It’s okay for us to fight and kill,Learn how to manage a company……honestly,These things are like those damn mathematical formulas to us、The same physical formula,Don’t understand,In this case,Then why don’t we choose an easier way?。”
Although I have never been short of money with Chen Geng over the years,Statham、Lalaifort and other veterans know very well,It’s not just the material for business management,In that case,Then why not likebossAs said,Find a reliable accounting firm to supervise the company’s finances,Then give the money to the investment and financial institution you trust,Then enjoy the leisurely life of financial freedom,Just wait for your financial supervisor to report to yourself on your financial status and asset status on a regular basis.?
Statham went on:“butboss,We don’t trust those vampire bastards on Wall Street,We only trust you,If you want to find a financial institution we trust,We will only give you the money。”
Lalefort nodded repeatedly:“Yes,boss,We only trust you。”
“Ok,”Chen Geng shrugged:“If this is your choice,Of course I have no objection……But I still suggest you to discuss with the old brothers after you go back,at least,Don’t make decisions for other brothers。”
This is also!
Laleford and Statham looked at each other,Nodding at the same time。
Talking Kung Fu,A dirty one、A seven or eight-year-old boy with an envelope in his hand swiftly ran up to Chen Geng and his party,But before he came to Chen Geng,Was stopped by the security staff in front……Faced with this obviously abnormal situation,If Chen Geng, the security personnel with high annual salaries, still react,Chen Geng should consider whether he wants to change。
The little Thai boy with an envelope in his hand points to Chen Geng,Pointed to not far behind,What did you say to Statham and the translator who rushed past?。
A moment later,Stan turned back,He said to Chen Geng with a slightly solemn expression:“boss,The kid said that someone just gave him100Thai Baht,Let him give you this letter,This one……”

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