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She has spoken very bluntly,Hope the other party can be afraid。

Qizhi put away his smile,Shook his head,Tao:“Of course I am not a fool!but,You still can’t go!Because you are not fighting these bad guys,But my face,Smashed my sign。If I just let you go,I would rather not open this store。”
Speaking of which,Qizhi beckoned,A group of black men came in from the door,Everyone is as vicious,Angry。
402Where did the brothers in the dormitory have seen such a posture?,All of them turned pale,Soft feet,I can’t even stand straight。
How many of them can toss,It’s just a student,Where is the opponent of these gangsters,Regardless of momentum or experience,All far away。
Xiao Qu’s brows are getting tighter,She did not expect this store to have such a big background,The guy in front of you,Know so much about the situation in the compound,It’s definitely not a gangster,Maybe some big family raised the white gloves,And it’s the one that can’t be sold at any time。
“It’s a big deal to lose some money for you!I can ask them to apologize!”Xiao Qu rolled his eyes,Indifferent。
This chick is very clever,Things are wrong at first sight,Bow your head immediately,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses。
Qizhi chuckled,Shook his head:“no need to say sorry,Your little girl’s house,It’s not you who hit someone。As long as you don’t make trouble,I don’t want to provoke you。”
“That won’t work!I brought them,I let them do it!You want to move my little brother,Then I lose face!”Little fun really is a moral responsibility,Awe-inspiring。
“I’m afraid I can’t help you!I said it before,You don’t make trouble,I won’t move you。If you have to make trouble,Don’t blame me for breaking the rules!”Qi Zhi gritted his teeth viciously。
Xiaoqu still needs to talk,But Lu Menglin patted the shoulder from behind。
“You sit down first,I have a chat with him。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Xiaoqu’s eyes rolled,Even she is a little curious,The boss faced this situation,What can be done。
Qi Straighten his head,Looking at the delicate boy in front of you。

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