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The situation on McDonnell’s side is similar,In order to cut costs,In addition to the fuselage and nose assembly,Like an engine nacelle、Engine hanger、Vertical tail、Horizontal tail、Flap、Fairing and other components between the wing and the fuselage,All have OEMs that have cooperated for many years to help produce,Among them are many companies from China,Like last year,Shen Fei started to manufacture for McDonnell DouglasMD-80Horizontal tail,Xifei started to manufacture for McDonnell DouglasMD-80Vertical tail……

Thinking of Xifei and Shen Fei,Chen Geng’s heart moved,Asked little MacDonald:“Mike,If you let Xifei and Shen Fei of China as an OEM for youDC-10withMD-11Body components,Is there any problem with the US government??Ok,I remember you said,Xifei and Shen Fei made it for youMD-80The quality of the vertical and flat tails are good?”
Let Huaxia OEM for McDonnell DouglasDC-10withMD-11Body components?Little MacDonald hesitated,,Did not directly answer this question,But a heart move,Said:“This one……I can’t tell,As you said,Xifei and Shen Fei OEM for usmd-80The quality of the vertical and flat tails is very good,OEM for usDC-10Vertical tail and flat tail,Technically speaking, the problem should not be big,But you also know,DC-10After all there is a military version,That isKC-10Aerial tanker,I am a little worried about the attitude of the military,More worried that Boeing might be in trouble。”
Will Boeing be in trouble?In Chen Geng’s opinion, this is almost certain,No other reason,Even if it’s to trouble McDonnell Douglas,They will do it too。
As for the reason?DC-10The military version is the U.S. ArmyKC-10Aerial tanker,If Huaxia is in contact withDC-10Vertical tail and flat tail assembly,It is possible for China to understand the core military secrets of the US military,Is this reason enough??
Although McDonnell Douglas found Huaxia foundry to be an improved dual-issue versionDC-10Flat tail and vertical tail components,But for the military,One“May leak military secrets”Enough to stop this。
All this sounds very reasonable, right??But Chen Geng was not caught by Little MacDonald!
Boeing and the military have a lot of friendship,Could it be that McDonnell Douglas and the military are two parallel lines?The military wants to sell Boeing a face,Don’t you want to sell your face?
Chen Geng knows very well,The reason why little Macdonald said that,Is nothing more than realizing that I want toDC-10withMD-11After the fuselage components are handed over to Huaxia’s corporate foundry,I hope to fix the military side by myself,I don’t want to waste my favor。
But this situation can be seen through,Since you are not in a hurry,Then I am in a hurry?
Pretending not to understand the hint in little Macdonald’s words,Chen Geng smiled:“So,forget about it,Can’t do it slowly。”
Take it easy?
How does this work?!
Little Macdonald was a little worried,He just about to speak,Can’t help but look at Chen Geng’s smiling face again,Suddenly reacted:This bastard is watching his joke。
The old face blushed instantly。
Since Chen Geng is not fooled,Little MacDonald immediately took out the second set of rhetoric he had prepared,He frowned and sighed:“such,I’m afraid to go to the Pentagon to find out the situation,If the military’s attitude on this matter is not very firm,Then try to operate,Fernandez,Even if Huaxia can provide enough modification and assembly in half a year,We can’t complete the corresponding amount of modification……”
This is a problem,Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“Let your people send me a modificationDC-10List of required hardware,Let me see if Fokker can take part of the modification work。”

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