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In the ward,Xiang Chen, who just finished sharing the spoils with Mo Mo,After all, I got a lot of income,Later when I was exploited by Xiangyang,My life is better。

“Yo!Two bosses visiting,Any advice?Did you lose the hotel money??”
Seeing Li Zhaoxing and Li Tianxing’s belly,Xiang Chen’s face is listed with a smile。
Mo Mo usually laughs out of public,Unless you really can’t help it。
Seeing Li Zhengyang deflated,Mo Mo can no longer maintain the seriousness on his face,Laugh out loud,This made Li Yangyang’s face a little ugly for an instant。
Li Tianxing quietly backed away a little distance,Suddenly wake up,Seems to be with Xiang Chen,There is no time to get the upper hand,Throwing Xiang Chen’s question to his father mercilessly,Li Tianxing wants to become air now,So that everyone can’t find him。
“Let go of my son Li Tianlin!”
Took several deep breaths,Li Zhaoliang controlled his temper and didn’t go crazy。
Patience,Xiang Chen lying on the hospital bed,Li Zhaoxing is standing,Such a picture is rare in the magic city。
“Boss Li, stop laughing,We are law-abiding citizens,How could he do things that violate the law and discipline,Besides, this room is so big,Where can I hide Mr. Li??”
Xiang Chen looks innocent,His eyes lingered on Li Zhaoxing and Li Tianxing,Seems to be trying to prove,The fact that Li Tianlin didn’t go home has nothing to do with him。
Li Tianxing curled his lips,Said nothing,If you can,Li Tianxing even wanted to spit at Xiangchen,Then yelled,You’re pretty,Don’t forget when you planned to kidnap Li Tianlin and Zhu Zhengkang,I’m standing by your side!
I can clearly feel my breathing slow,Li Tianxing keeps diverting his attention,Although there are rumors in the market that shameless people are invincible,But I met for the first time,Still feel nauseous。

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