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Good fortune for a healthy life

Good fortune for a healthy life

■ Long and short sighs are good for health. Long sighs are when people encounter sadness, anxiety, grief, pain or dissatisfaction, the human body produces a physiological phenomenon.

For a long time, people think that long and short sighs are negative and pessimistic.

However, the observations of Japanese psychologists show that when people are sad and sorrowful, they sigh and sigh twice, and have a sense of calmness in calming the nerves. When they are working and learning fatigue, they will sigh and have a chest width.God’s sense of open-mindedness; that is, when you are satisfied, when you are happy and excited, you will feel a relaxed and happy moment.

Psychologists and doctors had tested their blood pressure before the athletes won the championship, and before the candidates entered the examination room, and then let them sigh a few times, and found that their systolic and diastolic blood pressures decreased.

Breathing, heartbeat is slower than before, and psychological stress is also improved.

Therefore, physiotherapists point out that before going to sports every day, there are several times to make a short sigh, which has the effect of strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving the respiratory function, which can both strengthen the spirit and promote exercise.

  ■ Walking in the rain is good for people who walk in sunny weather. In some countries in Europe and America, more and more people join the ranks of walking in the rain.

Meteorologists believe that walking in the rain has many fitness effects that are incomparable for a sunny walk.

A drizzle falls on the earth, washing dust and dirt, purifying the air, making the road cleaner and the air fresher.

In addition, when the sun is exposed before the rain and the first rain drops, the large amount of negative ions produced by the phenomenon of “airborne vitamins” is caused, and the blood pressure is lowered.

Walking outdoors with drizzle can also help to eliminate the emotional depression that is easily caused by rainy weather.

Compared to those uncovered walkers, drizzle is like a natural cold bath, which greatly enhances the body’s ability to adapt to changes in the external environment.

  ■ Evening exercise is good for health saying: “The day is in the morning.

Most people are used to exercising in the morning, thinking that this can cheer up.

However, some medical health experts in foreign countries believe that there is a great substitute for evening exercise.

After studying in a university health center in the United States, it is pointed out that all kinds of activities of the human body are controlled by the “biological clock”. Within 24 hours a day, the highest and lowest points of physical strength of human beings have certain regularity, and the physical exertion reaches the highest point.Most of the time is in the evening. During this time, the sensitivity and adaptability of the human body’s physical response peaked, and the rate of heart rate and blood pressure rose the most. During this period, exercise caused the heart rate to accelerate and the blood pressure to rise.Value is good for health.

The study also believes that the evening exercise converges from the sleep time, and the resulting fatigue can cause a faster fall.

  In addition, evening exercise is more susceptible to mental work. After a day of mental work, many things are in my mind. For example, after half an hour of dinner, choose a quiet interval, relax the waist, relax the spirit, and make the mind fresh., can improve sleep, can be described as two birds with one stone.

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