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Twenty-two Cosmos is actually very young,Just finished the second stage of development,Even before reaching the pinnacle of civilization,Hard to accept,It’s like a normal life’s death halfway through.,Or get sick、accident,Or be murdered,No other reason。

The initial extinction process created the illusion that the universe was sick,Only now has Chi Guoguo’s murder intentions revealed,Li Tianzhen has good reason to think so,The planner behind the scenes is the murderer,Big hand,Unheard of,Kuo Qimo and Shifang Jun have no such skills,Even the unfathomable giant star beast is not qualified,Is the murderer chaotic?
Li Tianzhen fought a cold war for no reason,There is another possibility,The first 21 universes that have been annihilated have accumulated countless evil spirits,But can have such powerful means,In addition to the original chaotic rough stone,Li Tianzhen can’t think of any other superpowers,There may be such a strong one among the star beasts,But to the rules、Especially the mastery of the underlying rules is still much worse。
When Li Tianzhen enlightened Taoism in the view of Liuyun,widely read,Zeng crudely involved some classics about the cycle of life and death,After the death of a creature,There are three types of soul destinations,Or annihilate,Or reincarnation,The third is very special,Immortal soul。
Regardless of ordinary creatures,Or a super capable magician,The souls of the dead have great resentment,Long-term stay will form evil spirits,Although immortal,But suffer endless suffering,There are few days in the heaven gate。
But if it comes to a suitable new environment,Evil spirits formed by ordinary creatures can attach to other creatures,And gradually eroded the opponent to regenerate,So as to get rid of suffering,Only temporarily,Not a real freshman。
The evil spirits formed by supernatural powers can directly take away other creatures and regenerate,The more capable supernatural beings have the divine soul,If environment permits,Can directly absorb the aura of heaven and earth,Recreate the soul,The ability to rebirth is stronger。
It’s not hard to understand,All the dead spirits locked in the gate of the heavens have broken free,The impulse to break out of the gate of heaven,The chaotic rough stone that was once in vain may have stronger desire in this regard,Even at all costs,Do not know why,Li Tianzhi has this instinct。
So sort out,A lot of detailed logic makes sense,But there are contradictions in the general direction,Since the evil spirits want to rush out of the cage,Why is the gate of heaven locked up?The dead chaos rough stone won’t do this,Who broke a gap afterwards?
The only explanation is,It must be the will of Chaos to make and lock the gate of heaven,And what knocked open the gate of heaven was the dead chaos rough stone,As for why the evil spirit has not been able to get out,The answer lies in the horrible dark space behind me。
The first thousand and ninety chapters weakness
Figured out a lot of questions,I feel at ease,Although isolated from the outside world,Li Tianzhen’s source of power is extremely limited,But it is imperative to explore the space behind you,Just need to be extra cautious。
The trouble right now,It’s still how to move in this extremely cold space,Li Tianzhen tried several methods,Found it hard to trick,The weird feature of instant freezing can’t be avoided.。
He just walked on his legs,A few steps will spark the flame,So it can last,Just can’t hide,It’s also quite exhausting,Lost the support of the huge external system,Some adventure。
The cold space is extremely quiet,If Li Tianzhi intentionally blocked the sound of footsteps,Then the surroundings are as quiet as death,The occasional flash of flame can illuminate the nearby scene,Except darkness,If you identify carefully,There is a faint blue fluorescence under the feet,Like the veins of plants,I don’t know what material the surface is。
Li Tianzhen did not deliberately destructive temptation,Feeling and sensing the ground only by the touch of the sole,It’s still cold first,Like the polar ice,The cold is always looking for gaps and trying to get into his body;Followed by a sense of heaviness,The ground seems to have a strange suction,Makes him feel difficult,As the guardian of the rules,Conceivable,If it is faced by ordinary supernatural powers,I’m afraid it has been sucked on the ground and turned into a lump of ice。
Kuchimo and the river of blood can flow unimpeded here,There must be some way to avoid freezing and adsorption,The blood river comes from the gate of heaven,Naturally familiar with the environment,And the group of energy, light and shadow sacrificed by the star beast should have also played a big role,Li Tianzhen suddenly felt,He seems to be missing some abilities and attributes,It just became the key weakness and was restrained by the gate of heaven。
All the way,Observe all the way,Li Tianzhi gradually adapted to the unique environment of the dark space,No longer the same as when I first broke in,Just go deeper,Except for the ice cold getting worse,Li Tianzhen smelled a strange smell,This rare smell has a very cold breath,Although still very dim,But it has made him uncomfortable,Not just rancid,It’s not a simple hell。
This smell has a lethal power that cannot be underestimated,It made Li Tianzhen feel unhappy、anger、Heartache,Even lost and decadent,And make his thinking become dull,Although it’s only a minor change,But his strong perception still captured these very negative things,And be warned。
It’s not too bad,Li Tianzhen quickly distinguished that extreme resentment and hatred were mixed in this cold breath,This should have settled down over the years、The unique taste of evil spirits,Go deeper,Li Tianzhen has already realized it very clearly,But why is it just emotions??

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