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“Such as Mr. Brewer,He is a famous professor at the University of Chicago Milton˙Friedman’s most beloved nephew,Friedman is very fond of him,Responsive!”

“But this time,Mr. Brewer was also the one who suffered the most,He invested in the Sakura Fund3.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Lost money。”
“I heard that the school has ordered him to fill the loopholes personally,Otherwise, not only will he be fired,And will take him to court,Now even Professor Friedman is trying to raise money for him。”
“And Mr. Aziz,He is the third son of Saudi Prince Abdul,This time he also lost nearly1.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Hold on!”
“If you can send charcoal in the snow this time,Save them from danger,Don’t you have so many contacts for free??This sale,Worth it!”
He Junliang has reached the point,Also completely touched Qiao Tianyu。
borrow《Wulin Biography》A sentence in,“Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes。”
No matter which country,Networking is always the first productive force of investment。
Have connections,You can get a steady stream of financial support;
Have connections,You can get investment opportunities that others don’t dare to expect;
Have connections,Can be unimpeded in all areas,Maximize the opportunity to make money。
Without any expansion,Networking is everything in the investment circle!
Take today’s short-selling battle,If it wasn’t because of Rubin’s connection,,Ability to borrow huge amounts of Russian financial oligarchs,Qiao Tianyu can’t win the four major hedge funds!
Called by He Junliang,Qiao Tianyu nodded immediately。
“it is good!Then do what the man said!”
“Long live!”
Wait for Qiao Tianyu to nod,The scene immediately broke out with shocking shouts,I was so scared that Qiao Tianyu called to stop。

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