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If the Su family just restored the glory of the old family,Then there is another family in Jinling,Is the real big winner。

The Jinling Zhang family was originally a third-rate family at best,Because the second son Zhang Bo’s disabled body miraculously recovered,And his wonderful performance on Guanyunping,No doubt,He and Lu Menglin who defeated the Ming clan are friends of life and death。
and so,Zhang Bo is highly rated in the eyes of many caring people,Naturally, the value of the Zhang family in Jinling soared,Faint has been among the top giants in Jinling。
And the most talked about is,This Mr. Zhang Bo got a blessing in disguise,The relationship with Su Yunlei, the successor of the Su family, is getting deeper,Forge a good relationship,Two strong teams join forces,Increased influence in Jinling area。
After returning to Liufang
,Lu Menglin met Mao Yongfei,And thank him for protecting his parents。
Pretending to be the leader is naturally overjoyed,Go back to Myanmar contentedly。
And all this,Father Lu Youshan and mother Chunqin don’t even know,They only know that the legendary theme park project has restarted,Will soon enter the formal operation stage。
And Liufang people also because of this exciting news,Relapsed into joy。
In fact,Most people can only see the appearance of things forever,Without knowing the change,It means how many people paid what price behind。
Good news came one by one,Chen Jiannan, the pirate prince in Somalia, finally got in touch with the mainland。
Nan Ge is fierce,Still undiminished at sea,He is in the waters of Somalia,With a hard enough fist and a strong personal charm,Actually succeeded in conquering several pirate teams,There is even more black-skinned brother under his hand。
Every day, Nan Ge will teach the black-skinned boys to learn Chinese on the robbed ocean freighter.,what“Big brother,Happy new year!”,“Hi”Auspicious words,I was so overwhelmed by them,All the lips are slipping。
Because Chen Jiannan told them,I have invested in a foreign teacher training school on Hong Kong Island,Many of the trainers inside are South African mercenaries who have retired from the battlefield,These people earn a lot of money on Hong Kong Island,Life is very comfortable。
I heard those little Somali pirates eagerly,They have been floating at sea for too long,How can I be comfortable back on land,Besides, Hong Kong Island is famous for its prosperous civilization。
Just think of the drunken gold fans on Hong Kong Island,They are so excited,Full of endless desire。
And these pirates are not without their own news channels,They are well informed,It’s easy to know from underground news channels,The Nange they followed,He is the real big brother on Hong Kong Island,Very famous,Both black and white can be eaten well。
Not only that,People and Liu Niu’er, the big guy in the Golden Triangle, are good buddies of the same generation.,Famous throughout Southeast Asia,This trip to sea,He brought a lot of elite fighters from the Golden Triangle around him。
And most importantly,Nan Ge also took them to rob Ming’s ocean freighter,That’s a big guy no one dares to mess with。
I thought everyone was going to hide and seek in the sea and the navies,I don’t know if there is another news,Brother Nan’s good brother,On the other side of the sea defeated the powerful Ming family。

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