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In a rage,Wherever you step is crushed,Whether it’s a forty-two level warrior,Or a forty-level Taoist priest,Whether it’s invisibility or magic shield,In front of the cold young man,Nothing works,Can’t even stop him for half a step。

Those two gangsters never had the courage to kill Mi Xiao Chong,Because of the person in front of you,It’s horrible,One of them simply dropped the knife,Plop,Kneeled to the ground。
And the other person sees his companion kneeling,Scared his face as earthy,Take another look at the miserable situation around,So I also dropped the long sword in my hand,Knelt down。
“I do not know anything,It’s them,Called me over。Spare!”This man is trembling,Vibrato。
“roll!”Drinking a voice from Lu Menglin’s mouth。
Those two are like Bong Lun Yin,Turn around and run,I can’t even pick up weapons。
Mi Xiaochong is ashamed,Muttered with his head down:“Brother Wuhao,I,I’m so useless。”
Lu Menglin shook his head,The expression on his face is still cold,Lightly:“Step back。”
Mi Xiao Chong,Know something different,Immediately buried his head and ran behind Long Zhanye。
what!what!Two screams came from a distance,I was shocked to hear。
Are the two people from the rivers and lakes just now,Master Wu Hao obviously let them go,But they still screamed。
Someone,Someone is behind the garbage mountain!
Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming looked up at the same time,Concentrate,Feel the breath over there。
It seems,Master Wuhao is one step faster than them,I already know there are people behind the garbage mountain,That’s why Mi Xiaochong hides behind,So as not to get caught。
as expected,A large number of people came out from behind the garbage mountain。
This time, it’s not the mobs just now,But a regular army with bright armor。
Nearly a thousand troops,Half of the temple guards,They are wearing the special cyan and red armor of the temple,Very recognizable。
And the other half,It is one of the six guards of Tianzun God City,Bai Huwei。They are the army horses responsible for guarding the city and maintaining public order in the city,Unexpectedly, five hundred riders came all at once。
Whether it’s the white tiger guard in front of you,Or those guardians of the temple,Makes people feel chills。

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