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NWSL U.S. National Women’s Football League restarts schedule to announce that all matches will be played

NWSL U.S. National Women’s Football League restarts schedule
NWSL National Women’s League restarts schedule. All games are empty. Xinhua News Agency, Washington, May 27. The National Women’s League (NWSL) announced on the 27th that all 9 teams in the league will play a Challenge Cup event this summer.This may be the first time a professional football game in the United States has restarted after being shut down due to a new crown epidemic.  According to the schedule announced by NWSL on the 27th, this game will be played in Utah, USA, from June 27 to July 26. There will be a total of 25 games, all of which will be played in empty games. There will be a TV broadcast.The specific schedule is for each team of athletes to play 4 matches, and the ranking is based on the results of the match. The top eight will enter the knockout, and the final will be played on July 26.  The normal NWSL league takes place from April to October every year. After the regular season, the top four teams in the league enter the playoffs. From the perspective of this year’s Challenge Cup schedule, it is basically a shortened version of the regular season.Although NWSL has not announced whether there will be a 2020 season, judging from the timing and schedule of the Challenge Cup, this Challenge Cup event may be equivalent to the 2020 season of NWSL.  Although the epidemic is still affecting the United States, our country is currently gradually restarting.Our fans, teams and players are very enthusiastic about restarting the league.We are very happy to bring the top professional football back to the United States.NWSL President Baird said.  According to the arrangement, the player will first conduct a virus detection locally before starting, and the organizer will closely observe the player’s physical state during the game.The NWSL Players Union expressed support for restarting the game, but player safety must be guaranteed.  The player union is very excited about restarting the game, but it must be gradually expanded through the game. We must take the necessary measures to protect the health of the players and all staff. The league also very much supports this.The player union said in a statement.  Due to the spread of the new crown epidemic in the United States, the Major League Soccer (MLS) and NWSL successively announced the suspension of the league in March. At that time, the MLS for men’s football only played two rounds, while the women’s league was scheduled to start on April 18.At present, MLS only conditionally opened the team’s training, and did not announce the specific restart time.(Reporter Wang Jimin) Original title: US National Women’s Football League announced that it will restart the game

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