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“boss,This is new tea,So the price is not expensive,Give one hundred and twenty yuan!”Old farmers raise the price a little bit,Higher than the purchase price of tea merchants。If the tea merchant buys it,Only tens of dollars。

To know,This is dry tea,Take a large piece,To make a pound。Dozens of dollars actually won’t make much,After all, this is Baihao Silver Needle,Low yield,Higher management cost。
Populus euphratica nodded slightly,The price can be said to be cheap。If you buy it in the city,Start at 300 per catty?
he knows,This tea,Is measured by year。
Under normal circumstances,Baihao Silver Needle has three years、Seven years and ten years。Well-preserved and long-lasting silver needles,The price is relatively expensive。
Three-year Baihao Silver Needle,The price is about500About a catty。Seven Years of Bai Hao Silver Needle,The price is usually800Yuan Qian around a catty。And the high-quality Baihao silver needles that have been preserved for more than ten years,Price is coming2000The yuan is about a catty。
Secondly,There are many brands of Baihao Yinzhen,Different brands of silver needles,The price is also different。
Old farmer says it’s new tea,But one hundred and twenty dollars,Not expensive。
Hu Yang glanced at what the old farmer put out,About five or six catties。
“uncle,Is that all??”
Ok?not enough?The old farmer was taken aback,Although she was surprised。
“How much does the boss want?”
“About ten catties!”Populus euphratica is mainly given away,Keep one or two catties for yourself,Bring a catty or two to Zhang Yihua,Give me some,Xiaoli’s also give some。
“correct,Is it better?It doesn’t matter if the price is a bit more expensive。”Hu Yang thought for a while,Added。
I also like to drink tea,But sold to dad,Better。
“Have,Have!Boss wait,I’ll call and let my family deliver it。My family has two catties for six or seven years。”
See Hu Yang nodding,The old farmer immediately took out a very original mobile phone,The kind that can only call and send messages,Similar to PHS,Young people should stop playing such things, right?
“If there is a box,Better get me some。I will pay。”Hu Yang said again。
“I don’t have,but it does not matter,How many from other homes。boss,Wait more than ten minutes,They set off。”

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