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and,I still feel that someone is following me,Qin Feng came to the hospital,After parking the car,Did not sense the danger signal,But the feeling of someone sneaking at him is always there。

This feeling lasts until,Qin Feng walked into the hospital,Then I felt that the eyes that stared at me were gone。
Qin Feng shook his head and came to the dean’s office,He also has medical friends here,They are Old Zhen and Old Li。
“Zhen Lao,Li Lao……”Qin Feng saw two experts,Mr. Zhen and Mr. Li are here,There are also a few who seem to be the director of the hospital。

Qin Feng,You came!”After Zhen Lao and Li Lao saw Qin Feng,Both eyes are glowing。
“I’m fine today,Come and see the old man,Are you in a meeting,I’ll wait outside。”Before Qin Feng noticed him,,The two old men and the two doctors,Frowning,It seems that something is not going well。
“Qin Feng,Speak the truth,I wanted to find you yesterday,Thinking of you recently,And just came back,I’m afraid you can’t rest well,Didn’t call you……”Old Zhen looked at Qin Feng and said。
“what happened,What happened?”If Qin Feng told Elder Zhen to cook for his family last night,,Not resting,I believe Mr. Zhen must regret not calling himself yesterday。
“That’s it,look,This is the patient who came yesterday!”Saying that Mr. Zhen took out the brain that was shot beforect’S film,And the report from the doctor。
“Zhen Lao,Just tell me,I don’t understand these things very well。”Although Qin Feng knows a lot,But he is not a doctor after all,So I don’t bother to look at things that I don’t know very well。
“Director Zhu,Tell Qin Feng what happened。”Mr. Zhen and Director Zhu said。
“what!That’s it,This female patient is called Wang Yuanyuan,There was a car accident last night,No trauma but severe head injuries,Intracranial hemorrhage,The person was in a deep coma when they arrived……”

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