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This kind of murderous aura is not simply understood the desire to kill,But a cruel,The power of artistic conception with absolute faith。

Know on the whole continent,Don’t care about your state,Actually killing is not an easy task。
After all, this is to deprive others of their lives,Whether it cares or not,More or less something will gradually be hidden in my heart。
This has led to the recognition that one of the strongest artistic conceptions is the existence that many people dare not imagine.。
Because I want to be sensible successfully in this mood,Is a very,Or the impossible。
Many people know that killing domains is very strong,They tried to compare。
But in the end I was lost in my cruelty and killing,Never go out。
This is what they are facing now。
Judging from the breath of these people,Because they don’t want to be corroded by some force,So I directly destroyed my seven emotions and six desires,Finally hold on to one side。
This is great willpower!
There is another loud noise,Then the army shouted,Vigorous。
Their goal is to liberate these guys completely?
What a joke,Even though most of their strength is around the Transcendent Realm,But such an army is no longer measured by the realm。

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