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First246chapter Wolfsburg:“Kid,Pick me up!”
Chen Geng soon felt the pressure of Wolf Castle!
When Rosemary went to China for negotiations,Negotiations with major production equipment providers have also started simultaneously,In this economic downturn、Major automakers have begun to reduce production capacity、When the original plan to increase the production line was also suspended,For major equipment providers,Of course it’s a good thing that someone comes to buy things,Everyone talked very happily,But it seems to be overnight,The equipment supplier we talked about before,Suddenly changed his tone……
“boss,Situation is a bit serious,”Rosemary sitting in front of Chen Geng has a solemn expression:“ABBThink the previous price is too low,Suddenly raise the price of the welding machine50%……”
“why,”Chen Geng asked strangely:“ABBThe welding machine is originally the more expensive among the major welding machine manufacturers,The price they gave us before was even slightly higher than the market price,Why did you suddenly ask for a price increase50%?”
“ABBThe explanation over there is because the price of raw materials has risen due to the oil crisis,So they have to raise the price……”
“Shit!”Rosemary hasn’t finished,Chen Geng couldn’t help cursing:“This can also be related to the oil crisis?”
Even if it is really related to the oil crisis,But the biggest influence on the price of welding machines is copper,Not only did the international copper price not rise,But fell a little,ABBUse this reason to increase the price of your own welding machine,It’s really nonsense。
Rosemary nodded,He also feltABBThe argument is so painful:“Not onlyABB,Krupp also。”
“Krupp?The price of their stamping machine will also increase50%?”Chen Geng’s brows are frowning even harder。
“Is not,”Rosemary said darkly:“Krupp said,There is something wrong with their business statistics,Our order will be delayed for half a year at the earliest.……”
Chen Geng suddenly raised his hand to stop Rosemary’s words:“Needless to say。”
Looking at Rosemary,Chen Gengdao:“These equipment providers suddenly trouble us at this time,And the time is so consistent……”
Rosemary nodded:“Yes,Except for the wolf castle behind,I can’t think of any other reasons。”
No verification required,this matter,No one can do it except Wolfsburg。

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