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Xie Lisu suddenly changed her face,The atmosphere is a bit solemn。

Xie Lisu is not to be outdone,Also growled:“How do you know that he cannot come back after an accident,You didn’t find him,I’m back in doubt,Do you know what happened to him??”
Xie Lisu stared at Ding Keyu’s eyes,A series of roars。
Ding Keyu avoids her eyes,Said:“Can’t I see Ding Keyu’s heart for you?,you know,I’ve seen you for the first time,I am deeply attracted by you,Inextricable,See you and Ke Lan together,I just bury this love in my heart,Have you never felt my love?”
Xie Lisu’s mouth is like a machine gun,Seriously:“I always think of you as my brother,There has never been any love between men and women,I hope we can also exist in this relationship in the future。otherwise,I will not be able to face you from now on,You won’t do that makes me not want to see、People who don’t want to care,right?”
Ding Keyu with inked face,Stop talking。
Xie Lisu looked at the watch on her wrist,Facial expressions eased a bit,Said with a slight smile:“I’m leaving,Hope to see you next time,We can still get along like a brother and sister。”
Ding Keyu stood in place,My eyes move with Xie Lisu’s moving figure。
He wanted to keep her for dinner,He wanted to accompany her to where he wanted to go,I wanted to send her back to the apartment。
But now Xie Lisu is so determined to separate the relationship between the two,How can Ding answer the call?,How to further the following kind behavior?
Seeing Xie Lisu is going out,Ding Keyu took her arm,Said:“I will take you back to the apartment。”
Xie Lisu retracted her arm,Look at Ding Keyu,Poker face,Cute before、Miss charming,Replied coldly:“no need,I want to be quiet,one way or another,Still have to thank you,Brother Ke Yu,Today at Sheng Blu-ray TV,I’m still very happy,I go first,keep in touch。”
Ding Keyu sees Xie Lisu’s words for this purpose,Can’t go on,Going on will only“Injury”。

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