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This feeling is not outside.。

“What kind of work?
The big shed at home is enough.,If you won’t go,Your mother is crying every day.,Do you think about your mother, think you think every day??”
“knew,Then I will go back and pack it.。”
Li Hui Feng saw Xu Tianci’s attitude,I always feel that the other party has changed a lot.。
Especially the eyes of the eyes,This is not in the beginning of the beginning.。
He is a matter of concern that the other party really going back will do some crimes.。
After packing it,Xu Tianfei deeply looked at Li Hui Feng Road:“Lee,Thank you for helping me quit the drug addiction.,But what you do to me, I also want to ask back.,You have to be a heart earlier.。”
“Hey-hey,welcome any time,But I am ugly in front,If you dare to do illegal things,Dare to play people in the village includes my parents’ bad idea,I guarantee that you can’t ask for life.。”
This is that Xu Laifu’s face is not any hesitation.。
I may also give Xu Laofu some face before.,But now Li speaks from the wind but not considers.。
Because the previous Xu Tianci is not evil, there are still many people who can stop。
But now Xu Tianci’s physical,And the eyes in the eyes,I am afraid that once it is evil, it is a consequence of unpacking.。
Especially before Xu Tianci also wants him,His family,These things have been remembering in Li Hui’s heart.。
Xu Tianci heard that Li Hui Feng this,Face is also a hard time。
His indeed shadow is a shadow of Li Hui Feng.,Especially before Li speaks to him when he is addicted.,Those who want to think about it now is indeed that life is not as good as death.。
Even the time he felt a problem.,The advantage is that Li Hui Feng’s orchard fruit is eaten, and immediately refreshed.。
“Xiao Li,He will not,And I will give it to you in the future.!”
Although Xu Laifu is also a little unpleasant,But after all, Li Hui Feng has now grown into his existence.,Even really,He is really a good thing for his village head.。
“dad,I don’t need him to help.,I am going to find a bodyguard for this situation. It can be strong than follow him.。”
“Hey-hey,You casually,But I warned you not to play my loved ones and my mind.,Otherwise, you should know。”
Li Hui’s attitude towards Xu Tianci is also very disgusted.。
When I followed him, I was still good.,Now, after half a year of precipitation,Xu Tianci feels yourself,I want to bully him.,But he is no longer the previous one.。
Song Ting saw this scene,Some can’t help but:“Who do you don’t accept?,Never go to the ratio,If you fight outside, you can really be caught.。”
Xu Tianci heard this,Immediately。
“I am afraid that some people don’t dare.。”
“Hey-hey,Xu Tianci You don’t have to,Let it go,Just, I also see what extent you are.,Let you have such a visit。”
For Li Hui Feng,Xu Tianci laughed directly。
“You just need to know how to crush your extent,I will not ask for us when I was packed.,After all, you have also packed me.,Weak meat,Natural Selection,It’s so simple。”
“Let it go,These words are nonsense for me.。”
Song Ting saw two people agreed,Let people go in the battlefield immediately。
At the same time, let the colleagues around you will look at it.。
See what is a real master。
Li Hui has always been a master. She is known.,Three five times invitation to each other to teach experience,I haven’t been there.。
And Xu Tianci is really growing up.。
Xu Tianci does not have the so-called tricks,Routine,Some are tricking,Combat skills that make people feel difficult to guard against。
Come to the play again,Xu Tianci is also no nonsense,Pulling directly to Li Hui Feng。
The huge sound of Peng Yisheng rang with the collision of the two.。

“Chen Xiu,If you don’t explain clearly,I promise to let you go fishing in the South China Sea immediately!”

Chen Xiu shrank his neck,Lying,This guy is so stingy,But how to explain it,Stutter in the mouth。
Fortunately, Chai Hongquan was in Tian Yinong at this time、Came out with Mr. Zhang,
387 Three more bottles
With Chen Xiu’s current treasure appraisal technology and ancient jade plug-ins,He is sure that no one on this planet can beat himself;As for the repair technology,If you use abilities, there will be no one,Even if you don’t use abilities,From Zhang、The restoration techniques learned by Mr. Chai can also rank nationwide。
But he is really bad at digging other people’s graves,Especially this kind of archaeological excavation is different from tomb robbery。
The tomb thief made a hole in,Just move things out。
Archeological digging requires ramming the soil layer by layer,Record every antiquities,Including the tomb itself is a cultural relic,Best not to cause harm。
There are too many questions,Manpower allocation、Grave structure
388 You are the one to clean up!
Chen Xiu finally couldn’t escape the experience of holding the toilet,When I drank the second bottle, I ran out of the private room and rushed to the bathroom.,Is to eat the shark fin tonight、The abalones were all vomited clean!
“Waste,Don’t order anything next time you drink、Participate、wing、Belly,I have to spit it out anyway,Two plates of white rice are enough!”
Spit out most of the alcohol in the stomach,Chen Xiu is finally more comfortable,When I came to the wash basin, I took cold water with my hand and washed my face,Even shaken it casually,I accidentally threw water drops on the face of a person who was washing his hands。
“Sorry,I’m so sorry。I am drunk,I will wipe it for you!”
Chen Xiu
389 Return of Gu Hua

“It may be halfway to run.,One way in the rivers and lakes……Previously by Cao Zhengyu,I have shocked some minor injuries,The other party also has a master,I have to call one night.。”Chu Deirers thought about it.,Still the truth。

“That dog slave!Seeing that I rescued my mother、Go back to the palace,Don’t tell him in the emperor and mother!”Yun Luo mentioned this,A very indignant。
“what?and many more,Passerby……That is the Chu, the day!”Yun Rome has also reacted。
I don’t say much to this Chu Deirens.,But do not look at Yun Luo,At the time,Cao Zhengyu can open the place where there is too much。
certainly,His eunuch,Finally is processed,Still want to see if the emperor and too willing to deal with him。
But I want to come……Now the emperor or too,It should be a thought of using him.,It is not necessary to make him hurt the bones.。
Yun Luo looked at the Chu Deirers,After that, stand up,Sit down the Chu Deirers to the bedside:“You come to the interest rate,Benshow master helps you protect the law,When we rescued the mother,My royal brother will have a reward!”
Said that Yun Luo really really protects the way,Standing one side,Left、Right,Very alert。
Chu Deman:……
“Not necessarily,Don’t get up,Solve the shadow from the window。”Chu Deeng reminded。
According to her“alert”s level,I really can be discovered by the enemy,Chu Deirers even at the interest,I can also find it.。
at this time,I only listen to the female groan of a burst.——This is the sound simulation of Ju Chu deer.,Now delay“Play”come out。
Chu Deirers don’t help but have a red face,Yun Luo does not understand what is going on,But it is also a little embarrassment,Be with:“What do you send such a unspeakable voice??”After that, I can’t help it.,On the other side of the Chu Debanese, I took the quilt to sit on the wall.。
Fortunately, Chu Dee is only interest-shouldered.,Do not need to be closed,otherwise……In this sound,The probability of the magic in the fire!
The vast shock is easy to alleviate,Originally a light injury,“Small chaos”have“Congenital strength”Base,Abrasive some congenital gas,Soon, it is stable。
Meridian injury,Mainly manifested“Dream god”superior,After all, the Chu Deiren was ambulous and got to meet Cao Zhengyu.。
The fairy is not able to say that it is not good for injury.,But can only be said to be general……
When it is labor,Needless to concentrate more,Usual interest rate,Come to the milder injury,Chu Deirers still have idle,See also“King Kong is not bad”and“Dafa”。
King Kong is not bad,Can act at the same time“body”、“gas”,In other words, it is internal strength.,At the same time, it can take the internal force of cultivation.,Act on the practice。
After cultivating to the big,There will be“Technique”Nature——That is“Transform”。
Shaolin“Kim is not bad”Two yards,Even without reaching,Cannot transform,King Kong’s no bad skills,Also often,does not exist“Kim is not bad”That kinds of defects that must be powered to resist attacks。
Until“Trend”、Even“Heart”Aspect,Not necessarily,Just temporarily can’t see,Need yourself to understand。
Dafa,Deer is expected,Also act at the same time“body”and“gas”,And after the completion,There will be“Technique”Nature——Usual suction is not considered“Technique”,Just as the absorption effect of Beiming,It belongs to the internal strength itself,But the whole person is sued into itself,at“Technique”Category,Also need to be large。
And the two are quite opposite,Jin Jigang is not bad, it is the main practice.,The practice is just to provide King Kong for the practice.,And the law of law is mainly based on internal power.,Practice……But it’s better for better“Smell”,Attack and defense,No Diamond is not bad。
The ancient tee is very meaningful,will“Dafa”Defects,Also written on the loose,Otherwise, the Chu Deiren Single Subject,I can’t see anything.……
In fact, these two martial arts,They are all three hundred years ago.“Tianchi strange man”Stay,I wanted one person to be alone.“body”、“gas”Two largemen,Therefore, the collection of life,Created these two martial arts。
In the end because“Dafa”Defects,And lost the opportunity of 天!
The idea of Tianchi strange man is very good.,What I want“Crashing,Lift the world”,Come to achieve the extent to which the 叩天门。
Here, this created this can plunder everything《Dafa》!
That is,But there is a problem,That is“Dafa”Overbearing,Theoretical part of the enemy’s partial veins、Qualification、Even blood,Can absorb some part。
Although this skill is extremely horrible,However, there is a big problem……
If the human body is a gold mine,Need to practice a real gold,Can be further,That day, the pool is originally desirable.“Unlimited fuel”Let’s take the merits to practice the real gold。
However, this Sweet Dafa,But while fueling,Make itself“Gold mine”More and more,Never practice……
When the ancient three-way practiced“Dafa”Later,Always control,There is no sucking skill,It is in the sky、After 叩天门 无 无,I took the masters of all majority.,To sum up all martial arts。
Why is this,Temperament,Not“Dafa”Also passed to him!
But for Chu Deirers,Ancient three links have not reported what is expected,Sure“Dafa”Also gave him,Anyway, the side effects also told him.,With“King Kong is not bad”Nature,Chu Deirers also sucked his pass……

“Uncle(Cui Jishu),What happened to the end?,Why are you so panic??”

Cui Jishu’s most famous things,That is, I played the East Wei filial piety,Gao Cheng“Dog feet”Witness of allusions,Experienced a lot of things。Press,Unless the city is broken,Otherwise, he will not panic.。
“today,Feng Yujie Wang was praised to help it.!But,Ziyang Zhengshi,But no response!”
Cui Ji Shuqi low voice:“Gao Zhaolin has not yet in the city,What happened like this,Is it still not surprising??”
Feng Yi County,High Run,Gao Huan fourteen。But more especially,His mother is Zhengda, the sixth room, Zhengshi, Zhengyang.!
Um,This woman has also been traradious with Gao Cheng,Could not be。
Yang Yuxi,I haven’t spoke a few seconds.。
Gao Huan’s son,Now fight,“Accident”dead,Dead,Antiprac,A lot of seven seven eight eight。Gao Run is now seventeen years old,Mother family is also more powerful,It is a person who can take a look at it.。
certainly,Nowadays, the high party,I have been cleaned,Such identity,It may be much greater than the blessing.,Just these things,It is Gao Boyi needs to worry.,Instead of him。
Gao Boyi is still a bottom line,A few prostitutes of the ocean,Everything lives well,It is the son of Gao Cheng’s son with Gao Huan.,Washed a lot。
It’s hard to say that these are coincidental,It should be a promise of Gao Bao to the high ocean.。What is the binding force for the dead demand?,This Yang Wei doesn’t know。
can only say“Three feet of life with god”,Such a belief is constrained by Gao Boyi.,perhaps。
“Zheng’s actually did not ask you??”
Yang Wei asked with confusion。
邺 城 中,Cui Ji Shu,Not very busy,Completely different from Yang Wei。He still has a different identity,That is the contact between the official and the family.。
Original,Gao Biyi and Li Sali,Cui Ji Shu’s line bridge,It’s hard to say that this is not the authority of Li Zuli and Gao Ocean.。
What is the coincidence in the world?,Because you are a high-German private child,People do not help you?
All seemingly coincidental,Both is a horizontal arithmetic calculation。
Now Gao Lun Hear,Fuyang Zheng did not come to Cui Jihu……This is some intriguing.。
“Zi Yan,This is quite unusual,Have you found you??”
Cui Ji Shuping always smiles,It seems that it looks very serious now.。
Yang Wei shook his head,I have been busy this time.,Many new politics should be promulgated。Gao Baoyi, although this is outside,The government is not idle.,Many conceptions are sent to Shangshitu in the form of a document。
Then Yang Wei refinered“filter”Later,Some of them are better,Directly become a government document promulgation。There are some bad practice.,It is the collation,Waiting for Gao Bo Yi and will then resolve。
This model is strange??
In fact, it is not surprising.。
Because the Gao Huan is doing this.!
Gao Huan has picked up a bunch of people in the Oversion,Chen Yuankang、Yang Wei、Cui Jihu and even ancestors and others,Both the backbone of the Bawen Government。
They have their own ideas,Then be a bureaucratic body that issued a policy to Yucheng.。
That is, Yang Wei is now staying.,Then Shang Book House will oversea(Talking more words)Refined into specific regulations,Then implement in the East Wei nationwide。
Where do you want to come to the money?!
Don’t underestimate this bureaucraciness,No this institution exists,Normal operation of a country,I really want a big problem。
only,I used Yang Wei’s idea in the overtemon.,Nowadays, it is an official of the refinement.。Power is getting smaller,The workload is still big, I don’t know how many times.。
It’s really what people feel!
I used to be in the oversea,Chen Yuankang and the ancestors and others can complete the government work in minutes.,Then several people gave a wandering everywhere,Drinking flowers,gamble,Woman hooked up,In addition to killing fires, do not do,Other bad things are all!

Bang,A big hole was smashed in the center of Zhang Mugen’s small courtyard,But the rickety old man is gone,When several old men are suspicious,Suddenly smelled a big drink,“Brother Gu be careful!”

Drink with this body,The rickety old man appeared like a ghost‘Tianzhenwei’Behind,Mouth,A blood red flame spurted,That name‘Tianzhenwei’Fortunately, my colleagues reminded me,At the end of the day, a small bronze shield was offered,Blocked most of the flames,But it was still scorched to the back of the neck by a small flame,It hurts immediately。
Flame is extremely domineering,Not only melted the small bronze shield completely,And the small part of the old man’s body quickly jumped to other parts of his body like a living thing,A piece of coke,No life,How can the old man beat,Flame is tenacious,Just in the blink of an eye,One third of the old man’s body was burned to black charcoal,Crying out,But gradually lost strength。
“‘Demon Blood Fire’!What kind of monster are you?”An old man glared,And the other two‘Tianzhenwei’Then he walked around behind the rickety old man silently,Attack again from left to right。
The rickety old man sneered,Body shake,Gone again,Li Tianzhi observes carefully,This old man’s body is better than his‘Phantom kill’Even weird,There is no afterimage,The trajectory of the body shape is extremely difficult to judge,This is only a very short distance within three or four feet,If longer,Is it still so sharp?
But this time the one who questioned angrily‘Tianzhenwei’Be prepared,Throw a bronze mirror,The mirror was only half the size of a palm at first,In mid-air, it suddenly becomes the size of a water tank,And suspended there,Does not drop,The appearance of the rickety old man,Just detoured behind the old man in sheepskin jacket,With the guidance of the bronze mirror,Another‘Tianzhenwei’Quick response,A purple pill came out,Go straight to the front door of the rickety old man。
The old man seems very afraid of this purple pill,Unable to repeat the trick,Had to hide away again,The purple pill seems to have lost its goal,But after a half-round volley, it suddenly exploded,After a dazzling flash,The rickety old man staggered and showed his figure,Unkempt and unkempt,Embarrassed,Half of my face is dark。
‘Tianzhenwei’They are really old monsters who have lived for more than two hundred years,Capable people,I don’t know how to make these things,Purple pill like**general,Can actually search for targets automatically?
Li Tianzhen was stunned,This showdown between the two sides,Pattern,Wonderful and dangerous coexist,Beg yourself for not acting rashly,Otherwise, you will definitely suffer,His cultivation is strong,But messy combat skills,Fragmented,And there is little experience and experience,This time, it’s so insightful,The world is big,Variety of magical powers are endless,Not to be underestimated。
Even in the world five years later,The cultivation bases of supernatural powers and gods encountered by Li Tianzhen are much higher than those in the small courtyard,But I still have a deep understanding of this battle at Zhang Mugen’s family.,Harvest,Not inferior to him fighting the preacher,He knows very well,This is due to the process of awakening like a jump,Overlooked a lot of things,Especially the basic knowledge is still a lot worse。
Thinking,The situation changes again,As the rickety old man was injured and fell into a hard fight,Zhang Mugen suddenly exerted force,Transformed into a big Peng,The sharp claws volleyed into the head of the giant wolf,Giant wolf howling up to the sky,Reluctantly strengthen the shape in the fierce struggle,Turned into a bull,In order to use rough and hard bones to resist sharp claws。
unfortunately,Dapeng’s power is stronger,The claws still hold the bull’s head firmly and press down,Seeing the constant exertion,The claws must be completely inserted into the head of the bull,It also means completely strangling Zhang Shungen,At this moment,A long roar came from the entrance of the village,All the magicians present were shocked,This howling is purely from mental power,Ordinary people can’t hear,But the magicians can really feel。
Howling is full of vitality,Long lasting,Li Tianzhen looked around,A faint gray line came from afar and rushed into the village entrance,I arrived at Zhang Mugen’s house in the blink of an eye,A head crashed into the barrier set up by the rickety old man,Like no one,The gray line turns into a gray shadow,Quietly past the Dapeng that was fluttering its wings and landed and appeared,He is another old man with wrinkles and bark,The facial features look like someone Li Tianzhi has met,With a long goatee,Very conspicuous。


patLow knocking keyboard,Just when nothing,Liao Wenjie is overlying white eyes,Who is the upper society??
But turn around,Customers of heavy glory mental hospitals,Everyone is worth,Said there is a top society,There is no problem。
“Beauty,You are lucky,Today, I will enjoy the face, please eat the night.……Hey,Ager,What do you pull?,Didn’t you see that I am bubble??”
“Not ink,Keep up with。”
“Life Events,How can I call ink??”
Lyon dissatisfied,He seespatLong and the god,Explain that this plate is also his dish。
Women’s bathroom,Wang Manager opens the door with the key,Zhang Dao Changlong Tiger walks into,Pull out a yellow,The sky is scattered.。
Floating,He hick, I didn’t know what punch.,Then light a red candle,Drive knee,Two fingers clamping a yellow paper,Currently spend the spell。
I didn’t think about it this time.,Liao Wenjie stands outside the female defense,Listening to this spell is【Net world】Same,Is one of the Taoist eight gods。
Three times,Zhang Dao is already full of sweat,He stepped up,Push the block door,Throw yellow paper into the toilet。
“Wang Manager,Fortunately,This evil ghost has been taken by me.。”
Gun appearance on yellow paper,Implion, the manager, see a clear,Zhang Dao is closing to the toilet cover,Press the switch to turn it away。
“Zhang Dao is good,You have worked hard,Body is okay.?”
Wang Manager is shocked,There is a ghost on the yellow paper,We can think about it.。
“Not,Our monk,Ornamental,Although I hurt the foundation,It’s also necessary to raise for half a year.,But as long as you can reduce this evil ghost,What is the sacrifice?。”
“Taoist high!”
Outside the door,Liao Wenjie,Copy the copy,Zhang Dao, who is definitely used in the words of Zhang Dao。
He saw that Lyon bored to blow bubbles,Into the elbow:“did you see,The liar is the same as you,Use the toilet。”
“How can it be the same?,I rushed to the government,There is a big brother to receive,He rushed to the sewer,Water pipe worker is going to do。”
The two have a match with a match.,Looking at Zhang Dao Chang and Wang Manager,At the same time, look at the last block of the bathroom。
“I go to the door,You are in this,Don’t let her ran。”
“嘿嘿 嘿,Running and chasing it more stimulating!”
Liao Wenjie deeply nodded,The devastoses of this building are clearly exceeded,The whole cruel,Also scare these ghosts。Let them don’t think about harm all day,People are not a person,More than they are too much。
“Hey,Zhang has already finished collecting,You still don’t have anything?”
“Flash,Don’t be。”
Liao Wenjie poured open open,Start with one hand,Attendance,A money sword falls in the hands。
He went to the last block of the bathroom,Lake up, open the door。
Sudden,Temperatures,Lightbeat,Female ghosts in the virtual truth, waving fire ax,According to Liao Wenjie’s brain。

Twenty-two Cosmos is actually very young,Just finished the second stage of development,Even before reaching the pinnacle of civilization,Hard to accept,It’s like a normal life’s death halfway through.,Or get sick、accident,Or be murdered,No other reason。

The initial extinction process created the illusion that the universe was sick,Only now has Chi Guoguo’s murder intentions revealed,Li Tianzhen has good reason to think so,The planner behind the scenes is the murderer,Big hand,Unheard of,Kuo Qimo and Shifang Jun have no such skills,Even the unfathomable giant star beast is not qualified,Is the murderer chaotic?
Li Tianzhen fought a cold war for no reason,There is another possibility,The first 21 universes that have been annihilated have accumulated countless evil spirits,But can have such powerful means,In addition to the original chaotic rough stone,Li Tianzhen can’t think of any other superpowers,There may be such a strong one among the star beasts,But to the rules、Especially the mastery of the underlying rules is still much worse。
When Li Tianzhen enlightened Taoism in the view of Liuyun,widely read,Zeng crudely involved some classics about the cycle of life and death,After the death of a creature,There are three types of soul destinations,Or annihilate,Or reincarnation,The third is very special,Immortal soul。
Regardless of ordinary creatures,Or a super capable magician,The souls of the dead have great resentment,Long-term stay will form evil spirits,Although immortal,But suffer endless suffering,There are few days in the heaven gate。
But if it comes to a suitable new environment,Evil spirits formed by ordinary creatures can attach to other creatures,And gradually eroded the opponent to regenerate,So as to get rid of suffering,Only temporarily,Not a real freshman。
The evil spirits formed by supernatural powers can directly take away other creatures and regenerate,The more capable supernatural beings have the divine soul,If environment permits,Can directly absorb the aura of heaven and earth,Recreate the soul,The ability to rebirth is stronger。
It’s not hard to understand,All the dead spirits locked in the gate of the heavens have broken free,The impulse to break out of the gate of heaven,The chaotic rough stone that was once in vain may have stronger desire in this regard,Even at all costs,Do not know why,Li Tianzhi has this instinct。
So sort out,A lot of detailed logic makes sense,But there are contradictions in the general direction,Since the evil spirits want to rush out of the cage,Why is the gate of heaven locked up?The dead chaos rough stone won’t do this,Who broke a gap afterwards?
The only explanation is,It must be the will of Chaos to make and lock the gate of heaven,And what knocked open the gate of heaven was the dead chaos rough stone,As for why the evil spirit has not been able to get out,The answer lies in the horrible dark space behind me。
The first thousand and ninety chapters weakness
Figured out a lot of questions,I feel at ease,Although isolated from the outside world,Li Tianzhen’s source of power is extremely limited,But it is imperative to explore the space behind you,Just need to be extra cautious。
The trouble right now,It’s still how to move in this extremely cold space,Li Tianzhen tried several methods,Found it hard to trick,The weird feature of instant freezing can’t be avoided.。
He just walked on his legs,A few steps will spark the flame,So it can last,Just can’t hide,It’s also quite exhausting,Lost the support of the huge external system,Some adventure。
The cold space is extremely quiet,If Li Tianzhi intentionally blocked the sound of footsteps,Then the surroundings are as quiet as death,The occasional flash of flame can illuminate the nearby scene,Except darkness,If you identify carefully,There is a faint blue fluorescence under the feet,Like the veins of plants,I don’t know what material the surface is。
Li Tianzhen did not deliberately destructive temptation,Feeling and sensing the ground only by the touch of the sole,It’s still cold first,Like the polar ice,The cold is always looking for gaps and trying to get into his body;Followed by a sense of heaviness,The ground seems to have a strange suction,Makes him feel difficult,As the guardian of the rules,Conceivable,If it is faced by ordinary supernatural powers,I’m afraid it has been sucked on the ground and turned into a lump of ice。
Kuchimo and the river of blood can flow unimpeded here,There must be some way to avoid freezing and adsorption,The blood river comes from the gate of heaven,Naturally familiar with the environment,And the group of energy, light and shadow sacrificed by the star beast should have also played a big role,Li Tianzhen suddenly felt,He seems to be missing some abilities and attributes,It just became the key weakness and was restrained by the gate of heaven。
All the way,Observe all the way,Li Tianzhi gradually adapted to the unique environment of the dark space,No longer the same as when I first broke in,Just go deeper,Except for the ice cold getting worse,Li Tianzhen smelled a strange smell,This rare smell has a very cold breath,Although still very dim,But it has made him uncomfortable,Not just rancid,It’s not a simple hell。
This smell has a lethal power that cannot be underestimated,It made Li Tianzhen feel unhappy、anger、Heartache,Even lost and decadent,And make his thinking become dull,Although it’s only a minor change,But his strong perception still captured these very negative things,And be warned。
It’s not too bad,Li Tianzhen quickly distinguished that extreme resentment and hatred were mixed in this cold breath,This should have settled down over the years、The unique taste of evil spirits,Go deeper,Li Tianzhen has already realized it very clearly,But why is it just emotions??

Just leave silently!

Hidden merit and fame!
“You call a driver,I took a taxi back!”Fang Yu said。
Ready to get off!
Praise for Gou Hui,Don’t care!
“Well……You go back first。Get together again……”
Gou Hui hasn’t finished yet。
Fang Yu disappeared into the vast night。
Never seen again。
Gou Hui speechless。
Really a ruthless man!
Never say goodbye。
quickly,Gou Hui’s driver came。
Sent her back!
“Why are you coming back now……Why did you go today?”
Gou Hui just went back,I saw my father look unhappy。
“father,What’s wrong with you?So angry……Is the business going down??I’m still in poor health recently?Not as good as,I’ll take you to check it tomorrow,how is it!”
Gou Hui came to Dad’s side,Said with a smile。
“Did you go out with someone else today?”
Gou Shengtian said coldly。

“Hey!Urge manager,Are the things I want ready??We will use it tonight。Chance is for you,Don’t blame me if you can’t catch it”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。

Huoying smiled happily:“President Wang is relieved,The quotation and atlas you wanted was delivered to my hotel by someone last night,I was about to call you to talk about it,Your call came,It really makes sense”
“Don’t be poor,Which hotel do you stay in,We will meet in a while”Wang Youcai said very calmly。
Huoying said with a smile on the phone:“Which hotel you and Xiao Li slept in?!Even the room number has not changed,You come here quickly!”
Wang Youcai listened,Immediately hung up。He walked quickly out of the alley,Stop a taxi on the side of the road,Go straight to the hotel where Cuiying is staying。This ghost place,He did come,But how did you get in,He really doesn’t remember at all。
When Wang Youcai rushed over,It seems that Huying Ying just got up soon。The quilt on the bed is in a mess,And this woman’s hair is still a little wet,It feels like it’s just washed。
“You just woke up!”Wang Youcai asked suspiciously,He twisted his ass and sat on the sofa。
Huh hehe smiled and said:“What is impossible,Nothing to do anyway,I might as well sleep a little longer”
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“I have nothing to do to find me!I have nothing to do at night”Wang Youcai said,Smirk。
Reminding Ying to pour tea to Wang Youcai,Said with a smile:“sure!It depends on the sincerity of Boss Wang。If you made this list for me,I will come to Pingdu,When nothing to do at night,I will definitely find Mr. Wang the first time”
“That Guangtu is happy。I told you,This price must be grasped well。tonight,Several of our shareholders will evaluate your offer together。Actually successful,Then it’s up to you”Wang Youcai has been hanging around for a long time,Speak naturally a lot。
Huying put the brewed tea on the coffee table in front of Wang Youcai,And then twist,Very generously sitting next to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai reached out,Put his arms around Ziying’s neck。This woman has a good face,No resistance,Like the relationship between them,It seems that I have reached this point long ago。
“President Wang!Our prices are naturally well controlled,But you still have to speak at the critical moment”Urge the warbler to exhale like silk,Very softly。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“This is natural。But we should do things with conscience,Hope to cooperate in the long term,This is the most important。Don’t make a one-off deal”
“President Wang。I’m not only thinking about buying equipment for your hospital,More importantly, the supply of medicines in your hospital,This is my real purpose”That’s all for Huying,Can’t help but smile。
Wang Youcai’s hand from Huying’s neck,Slid all the way to her waist,Then he squeezed slightly and smiled:“The ideal is full”

“Guo Zijian。”

“……Guo Zijian!”
Chen Xiu wanted to capture Guo Zijian out of anger,But Ou Sheng’s talents are assembled,The Guo family has surrounded the hotel。
“This thing is wrong,Someone secretly tricked!”
Not long after I encountered the attack,Guo Zijian was kidnapped here,This is too coincidental。
“I don’t care about anyone,What should we do now!”
Ou Sheng looked at the black man wrapped in white towels,If she was on Hong Kong Island, she would still dare to fight,Although the number of people is at a disadvantage,But the power of Ou’s family on Hong Kong Island blew a whistle,It’s not a problem to get 10,000 hands。
It’s a pity that this is Australia Island,In Australia,The Guo family can blow a whistle,Tens of thousands more can come。
The room door suddenly opened,He Shouheng hurried in。
“I have assembled all the security personnel of the casino,Can block them for a while。”
“Brother Chen,I prepared a big flight at the dock,You and Miss Ou first、Dr. Lai went back to Hong Kong Island to hide for a while。”
Chen Xiu was moved,He Shouheng assembles manpower and conflicts with Guo Qilin,Arranged to escape again,This is undoubtedly an official war with the Guo family。
To know what、The interests of the Guo family are complicated,This is not as simple as dying dozens of horses。
“I am leaving,How do you explain to Guo Qilin?”