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“Such as Mr. Brewer,He is a famous professor at the University of Chicago Milton˙Friedman’s most beloved nephew,Friedman is very fond of him,Responsive!”

“But this time,Mr. Brewer was also the one who suffered the most,He invested in the Sakura Fund3.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Lost money。”
“I heard that the school has ordered him to fill the loopholes personally,Otherwise, not only will he be fired,And will take him to court,Now even Professor Friedman is trying to raise money for him。”
“And Mr. Aziz,He is the third son of Saudi Prince Abdul,This time he also lost nearly1.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Hold on!”
“If you can send charcoal in the snow this time,Save them from danger,Don’t you have so many contacts for free??This sale,Worth it!”
He Junliang has reached the point,Also completely touched Qiao Tianyu。
borrow《Wulin Biography》A sentence in,“Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes。”
No matter which country,Networking is always the first productive force of investment。
Have connections,You can get a steady stream of financial support;
Have connections,You can get investment opportunities that others don’t dare to expect;
Have connections,Can be unimpeded in all areas,Maximize the opportunity to make money。
Without any expansion,Networking is everything in the investment circle!
Take today’s short-selling battle,If it wasn’t because of Rubin’s connection,,Ability to borrow huge amounts of Russian financial oligarchs,Qiao Tianyu can’t win the four major hedge funds!
Called by He Junliang,Qiao Tianyu nodded immediately。
“it is good!Then do what the man said!”
“Long live!”
Wait for Qiao Tianyu to nod,The scene immediately broke out with shocking shouts,I was so scared that Qiao Tianyu called to stop。

Only the audience in the live broadcast room understands,Master Feng was impressed by Hu’s calligraphy。They believe,Waiting for the old man Zhang Zuo to see Hu Ge’s work,I’m afraid it’s not much better。

Someone is already betting in the live broadcast room,How surprised will the old man Zuo be surprised?。
“I bet the old man won’t be surprised,I can ruin you。”
“A pack of spicy strips,The old man will be dumbfounded。”
“A castle!If you win,I gave Hu brother a castle。”The castle is a gift of 520 yuan,In the eyes of many anchors,Already considered a big gift。
“A castle,Screenshots taken,Leave evidence,No hob***。”
Populus euphratica,Said quickly:“Master Feng,You this……”
Master Feng doesn’t care:“Xiao Hu,this time,Or let’s write《Han Shi Post》?”
《Han Shi Post》Is it?That’s a big page!Original work by Su Shi,Seventeen lines of running script,129word。This work,Known as the third line book in the world,Currently kept in a museum in Taiwan Province。
Zhang Zuo depressed,I thought they just wrote a few words,Won’t use too much ancient paper。
Words from Han Shi Tie,Then you need a big one to deal with,He couldn’t help but glance at his own pattern paper,The biggest ones,I have to contribute one?
The pattern paper he found,Best quality,Undoubtedly the biggest ones,It’s probably from the previous palace。
Populus is eager to try:“I try,Don’t know if it will work。”
then,Populus began to pick a brush that he held more easily,Start to stain,Recall《Han Shi Post》Content。
This work,It was Su Shi’s largest text prison in the Song Dynasty“Wutai Poetry Case”Rejected,Relegated to Huangzhou League Training Deputy Envoy,Feel lonely in spirit,Unhappy,Poor life,Poems written during the cold food festival in the third year of being demoted to Huangzhou。
Poems written in a bleak and melancholy,Calligraphy is also in this mood and situation,Feeling。Ups and downs throughout,Fast and steady,Happily dripping,In one go。
Recalled,Adjustment of status,Populus began to write:

Chen Limu can hear a pillar of the chair,Shaking all over,Ye Xingkong quickly comforted her a few words,He decided not to talk anymore。

But Chen Limu doesn’t follow,Let him go on。
Ye Xingkong can’t help it,Had to follow the instructions。
“It turns out that the legend on the gray planet is true,Who drinkxue,Will slowly become another person,After this,I slowly become like Ke Lan。but,Ke Lan doesn’t mind。”
“How is my son now?”Chen Limu is probably most concerned about his son’s safety or life and death。
“You want to mourn,I spent a while with him,He finally passed away to save me,Sorry。”Ye Xingkong lowered his head and lowered his eyes,Sad。
“he died?This is not true,What you said is not true,I believe in saving people,but.?”Chen Limu said excitedly,But I have to believe in my heart。
“Ke Lan to save me……”Ye Xingkong feels a little can’t go on,Eyes full of tears。
“Have a good mother,There must be a good son,On Earth,I will take care of you on behalf of Kelan,Treat you。”
“I would like to know,How did Ke Lan fall into the cliff,He has always been so kind。”Chen Limu’s eyes are moist,The last picture of Ding Kelan’s life came to mind,Is her imaginary misery。
After hearing what Ye Xingkong said,,Chen Limu is all sad,Feeling exhausted。It turns out that my children will encounter this situation。
Chen Limu raised his resentful eyes,Sigh:“Butterflies will fly,Ye will eventually fall。This is Ye’s fate、This is the line of butterflies。”
suddenly,She got a rush,Somewhat unwilling,Like praying:“Can you help me?Take me to see Ke Lan anyway,Can’t see people alive,I’ll see you too.!”Originally decisive,But can’t go on。

and,I still feel that someone is following me,Qin Feng came to the hospital,After parking the car,Did not sense the danger signal,But the feeling of someone sneaking at him is always there。

This feeling lasts until,Qin Feng walked into the hospital,Then I felt that the eyes that stared at me were gone。
Qin Feng shook his head and came to the dean’s office,He also has medical friends here,They are Old Zhen and Old Li。
“Zhen Lao,Li Lao……”Qin Feng saw two experts,Mr. Zhen and Mr. Li are here,There are also a few who seem to be the director of the hospital。

Qin Feng,You came!”After Zhen Lao and Li Lao saw Qin Feng,Both eyes are glowing。
“I’m fine today,Come and see the old man,Are you in a meeting,I’ll wait outside。”Before Qin Feng noticed him,,The two old men and the two doctors,Frowning,It seems that something is not going well。
“Qin Feng,Speak the truth,I wanted to find you yesterday,Thinking of you recently,And just came back,I’m afraid you can’t rest well,Didn’t call you……”Old Zhen looked at Qin Feng and said。
“what happened,What happened?”If Qin Feng told Elder Zhen to cook for his family last night,,Not resting,I believe Mr. Zhen must regret not calling himself yesterday。
“That’s it,look,This is the patient who came yesterday!”Saying that Mr. Zhen took out the brain that was shot beforect’S film,And the report from the doctor。
“Zhen Lao,Just tell me,I don’t understand these things very well。”Although Qin Feng knows a lot,But he is not a doctor after all,So I don’t bother to look at things that I don’t know very well。
“Director Zhu,Tell Qin Feng what happened。”Mr. Zhen and Director Zhu said。
“what!That’s it,This female patient is called Wang Yuanyuan,There was a car accident last night,No trauma but severe head injuries,Intracranial hemorrhage,The person was in a deep coma when they arrived……”

Although this is a bit poisonous,But Mengdie still smiled secretly。

She met Murong Qianxue when she was in Bincheng,I think I’m inferior to each other in appearance or temperament,So after all, I’m not worthy of the man in front of me。
Since you can’t live together, then you can enjoy the wine with fun。
This is the cleverness of Mengdie。
“Since it is a friend,This for you!”
A piece of jade token,This jade is not ordinary jade,I heard that only one place in Dahua can produce,Excellent quality,Less orders of magnitude。
More importantly, the words on it,Represents the power it possesses。
“Brother Xia,If you need help,You can go in any branch of the fight,Just show this,They will understand!”
“Such an important gift to me,You want me to owe you more?”
Mengdie’s mischievous smile,Showing the expression that his mind was discovered。
“Damn,I’m kindly sending benefits,There are so many wicked eyes!”
Mengdie said,Whether Xia Chenglong wants it or not,Put it directly into his pocket。
They didn’t speak,But watching the stars in the distance quietly together,Enjoying this hard-won peace。
Know midnight,Many flashing lights gradually dim,The city has finally become much quieter,And it got cold outside。
Mengdie rose to a lazy waist:“All right,Thanks a lot,Master Longwang accompanied the little girl to enjoy the moon,Grateful!”
“you are welcome,you deserve this。”

“bossPlease say。”Statham and Laleford said in unison。

“Based on your managers over the years and your knowledge reserves、Your age,honestly,It may be difficult for you to learn how to manage a business well,So if you don’t mind being emptied,I suggest you find a well-known accounting firm to cooperate,Annual financial、Review the investment status to ensure your interests,Give me the company’s strategic development,Hand over the daily management of the company to those professional managers。
And you,Take out the annual dividend,Hand it over to a professional financial management company to help you manage、planning。
This annual dividend,In addition to setting a certain percentage for your personal enjoyment,You can leave the rest to them,Invest in you、Do financial management,Increase money,And you can enjoy life to your heart’s content……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged:“of course,This is just my personal suggestion,Do you want to do this?,Or maybe you like the fun of managing a company,It’s up to you to decide……”
Chen Geng just finished speaking,Statham:“boss,We have decided,Just do as you said!”
Lalefort explained:“You are right,It’s okay for us to fight and kill,Learn how to manage a company……honestly,These things are like those damn mathematical formulas to us、The same physical formula,Don’t understand,In this case,Then why don’t we choose an easier way?。”
Although I have never been short of money with Chen Geng over the years,Statham、Lalaifort and other veterans know very well,It’s not just the material for business management,In that case,Then why not likebossAs said,Find a reliable accounting firm to supervise the company’s finances,Then give the money to the investment and financial institution you trust,Then enjoy the leisurely life of financial freedom,Just wait for your financial supervisor to report to yourself on your financial status and asset status on a regular basis.?
Statham went on:“butboss,We don’t trust those vampire bastards on Wall Street,We only trust you,If you want to find a financial institution we trust,We will only give you the money。”
Lalefort nodded repeatedly:“Yes,boss,We only trust you。”
“Ok,”Chen Geng shrugged:“If this is your choice,Of course I have no objection……But I still suggest you to discuss with the old brothers after you go back,at least,Don’t make decisions for other brothers。”
This is also!
Laleford and Statham looked at each other,Nodding at the same time。
Talking Kung Fu,A dirty one、A seven or eight-year-old boy with an envelope in his hand swiftly ran up to Chen Geng and his party,But before he came to Chen Geng,Was stopped by the security staff in front……Faced with this obviously abnormal situation,If Chen Geng, the security personnel with high annual salaries, still react,Chen Geng should consider whether he wants to change。
The little Thai boy with an envelope in his hand points to Chen Geng,Pointed to not far behind,What did you say to Statham and the translator who rushed past?。
A moment later,Stan turned back,He said to Chen Geng with a slightly solemn expression:“boss,The kid said that someone just gave him100Thai Baht,Let him give you this letter,This one……”

You must know that Cen Wen searched for a lot of money from them before the final battle in the Golden Triangle.。

But who thought,One turn,He actually put the money“give away”To the people at the spider headquarters。
Qin Feng said at this time,“That one,We will definitely give the money,I think this is good,Go and kill the gods。We directly pay you 100 million!”
Of course Qin Feng just said casually。In fact, he can’t even make 20 million,Let alone one hundred million。
only,If Yinsang can help participate in the battle of the god level,Maybe things will turn around?At least Chu Xiao will not be able to hold it long when he sees a person,If there is another heavenly class joining to help,May be able to share some pressure?
Although according to Qin Feng’s estimation,Even if the two heavenly powerhouses face the gods, they are still very suspended。But after all, Tian-level can be regarded as a helper.?the most important is,After letting Yinsang join the battle,Qin Feng has time to wrestle with Cen Wen,Then he collected 20 million dollars and gave it to this person。
To know,Although Cen Wen said that the money in the bank account was taken away,But he still has some real estate left on the island country.。So squeeze,Should still be able to squeeze out some money。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Three Unexpected
Just as Qin Feng was thinking about how to get some money out of Cen Wen,Chu Xiao actually angered directly,“Get out,I can do it myself!”
It is clear,Chu Xiao didn’t want anyone to help。He has to face the pressure of God level alone,Only in this way may he feel the stimulation of breakthrough。after all,If it is a joint,That’s not what he meant。
Since I chose to attack,Then don’t want anyone to intervene。
Hear words,Yinsang is a little depressed,He walked directly back to Qin Feng。
“boss,He won’t let me pass!”
Qin Feng is also quite embarrassed,After all, he didn’t expect Chu Xiao to be so excited。
Cen Wen interrupted at this moment,“Ha ha,If you know that I promised him to tell him a lot of information about spiders in exchange,And he rushed to deal with the god-level powerhouse without even communicating with me。It is clear,He just wants to break through himself!How can you let others join the battle at this time??”
Although Qin Feng knows that the other party still makes sense,But he felt that Chu Xiao should not be able to break through in this duel。If it’s really that easy to do,There will be no more than seventeen members in the entire God-level community。of course,Many elders from hidden families have not counted them,But according to Qin Feng’s calculation,Even people from all over the world are included,The number may be dozens of people,Not even more than three digits。
Chu Xiao,Is a pyramid-like figure under these dozens of people,This is actually pretty good。

“Rest assured young man,I said I won’t do it to you。Besides, you should know,If i want to kill you,Just waved。”Master Cha shook his head,“My age,No longer suitable for killing。This time to see you,in fact.Forget it,It’s a bit difficult to explain,Come with me!”

Qin Feng frowned slightly,Because he doesn’t know what medicine is sold in this old man’s gourd。
“okay,Let’s go!”
Old man waved,Then a car drove over。
Qin Feng really feels inexplicable!
But he never thought,Because the driver is actually a girl。And looks young,I don’t even know if I’m an adult。
The green breath spreads over the whole picture all at once。
Qin Feng shook his head,He was already shaky, but he had to fight hard at this time,In short, the tea master in front of you and the childlike girl are not necessarily good people,Otherwise, why don’t you help him treat the injury??
Unfortunately,Even if Qin Feng thinks he has a strong will,But when I was sitting in the car, I didn’t know what scent was,Just passed out。
When Qin Feng regains consciousness,He found himself lying on。
“and so,what happened?The old man said he was taking me to see something,Come here??”Qin Feng is getting more and more confused,I always feel that many things are beyond expectations。
Who is this tea master??
“Woke up?”
Only then did Qin Feng discover,There are other people in the room。
“Cen Wen,You bastard still?”
Cen Wen is sitting on a small stool in the corner,It feels like an uncle in the countryside。
“Ugh,How can you scold me like that?We are all good brothers,Playmate from childhood to big!”Cen Wen smiled,Like a dog leg。
What Qin Feng admires most is Cen Wen’s point,The speed at which he changes roles is called a fast。with
It’s also fast to accept changes in roles,Shangneng talks with the head of state about mountains and rivers,I can flatter the bullies。
Qin Fengqi returned,It’s really impossible to be far away from this shameless guy。

If the Su family just restored the glory of the old family,Then there is another family in Jinling,Is the real big winner。

The Jinling Zhang family was originally a third-rate family at best,Because the second son Zhang Bo’s disabled body miraculously recovered,And his wonderful performance on Guanyunping,No doubt,He and Lu Menglin who defeated the Ming clan are friends of life and death。
and so,Zhang Bo is highly rated in the eyes of many caring people,Naturally, the value of the Zhang family in Jinling soared,Faint has been among the top giants in Jinling。
And the most talked about is,This Mr. Zhang Bo got a blessing in disguise,The relationship with Su Yunlei, the successor of the Su family, is getting deeper,Forge a good relationship,Two strong teams join forces,Increased influence in Jinling area。
After returning to Liufang
,Lu Menglin met Mao Yongfei,And thank him for protecting his parents。
Pretending to be the leader is naturally overjoyed,Go back to Myanmar contentedly。
And all this,Father Lu Youshan and mother Chunqin don’t even know,They only know that the legendary theme park project has restarted,Will soon enter the formal operation stage。
And Liufang people also because of this exciting news,Relapsed into joy。
In fact,Most people can only see the appearance of things forever,Without knowing the change,It means how many people paid what price behind。
Good news came one by one,Chen Jiannan, the pirate prince in Somalia, finally got in touch with the mainland。
Nan Ge is fierce,Still undiminished at sea,He is in the waters of Somalia,With a hard enough fist and a strong personal charm,Actually succeeded in conquering several pirate teams,There is even more black-skinned brother under his hand。
Every day, Nan Ge will teach the black-skinned boys to learn Chinese on the robbed ocean freighter.,what“Big brother,Happy new year!”,“Hi”Auspicious words,I was so overwhelmed by them,All the lips are slipping。
Because Chen Jiannan told them,I have invested in a foreign teacher training school on Hong Kong Island,Many of the trainers inside are South African mercenaries who have retired from the battlefield,These people earn a lot of money on Hong Kong Island,Life is very comfortable。
I heard those little Somali pirates eagerly,They have been floating at sea for too long,How can I be comfortable back on land,Besides, Hong Kong Island is famous for its prosperous civilization。
Just think of the drunken gold fans on Hong Kong Island,They are so excited,Full of endless desire。
And these pirates are not without their own news channels,They are well informed,It’s easy to know from underground news channels,The Nange they followed,He is the real big brother on Hong Kong Island,Very famous,Both black and white can be eaten well。
Not only that,People and Liu Niu’er, the big guy in the Golden Triangle, are good buddies of the same generation.,Famous throughout Southeast Asia,This trip to sea,He brought a lot of elite fighters from the Golden Triangle around him。
And most importantly,Nan Ge also took them to rob Ming’s ocean freighter,That’s a big guy no one dares to mess with。
I thought everyone was going to hide and seek in the sea and the navies,I don’t know if there is another news,Brother Nan’s good brother,On the other side of the sea defeated the powerful Ming family。

Although Goldman Sachs、Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, the three major Wall Street investment banks are not too many stocks,Add up to4600Ten thousand shares,Not as much as the Songkan Group stocks that the Horizon Fund has just sold。

But I explained it more than once before,As the largest investment banks in the world,They never fight alone!
To know,Behind every major Wall Street investment bank, there are countless investment institutions and investors following at every step.,In other words, the actions of these major Wall Street investment banks have attracted the attention of the world.。
The investment institutions and investors behind the Wall Street investment banks have always believed in a belief,That is to follow the boss to eat meat。
In fact, the truth is very simple,Those big investment banks have the best traders and actuaries in the world、Risk Prevention and Control Division,The investment choices made by big investment banks are definitely better than those of small investment institutions。
So whenever these big investment banks have any wind in the world’s major financial markets,He does not have those investment institutions and investors behind him, he will follow the wind,Follow those big investment banks to do transactions,And doing so will often bring very good returns to those investment institutions and investors。
So in a certain sense,Every investment behavior of every major investment bank,Are actually leading the direction of world investment。
Today is no exception,Seeing the boss of the five major investment banks on Wall Street、The second and fourth are dispatched together,One after another stand up and short the share price of Songkan Group,This is for those investment institutions and investors who follow suit,They undoubtedly believe that the share price of Songkhan Group will fall sharply!
So those who follow the trend of investment institutions and investors have nothing to say,When I came up, I went to short the shares of Songkan Group。
therefore,Because Songcan Group“Guard fund”Strong entry,There was only a brief standoff on the US Nasdaq securities trading market.。
But soon with the sudden entry of the three major investment banks on Wall Street,Countless investment institutions and investors who followed suit quickly followed suit,The second wave of Sonkan Group’s stock selling orders hit again like a tide。
This also makes the original confrontation between long and short sides,Soon because of the disparity in strength between long and short,And quickly became a one-sided situation。
With more and more stock sell orders,Songcan Group50Billion dollar“Guard fund”Exhausted soon,What followed was that many parties in the stock market were completely unable to withstand the strong attacks of the short parties.,Quickly defeated。
And Songkhan Group’s stock price also plummeted again,Quickly by35The dollar fell to30USD per share,25USD per share.And didn’t mean to stop at all。
See this scene at this moment,Crumpsoe show is extremely quiet,No one sends any time,Especially the so-called“patriot”,I can’t believe this scene。
Dignified one of the largest corporate groups in Thailand,Songcan Group, a giant that dominates the entire Southeast Asian entertainment industry,It was completely defeated by Qiao Tianyu’s zero fund in just three minutes!