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Let you sleep more and more, 20 bad habits

Let you sleep more and more, 20 bad habits

Sleeping is the best and most natural skin care product for women. If you have these bad habits, you can only sleep more and more old!

  Sleeping with makeup Some MM always like to remove makeup before going to bed.

The cosmetics on the skin are injected into the pores, causing the secretion of sweat glands, which is not only easy to cause acne, but also will damage the skin after a long time, resulting in an accelerated aging rate.

  Storage and sleep The human body can’t store sleep. It takes less time to sleep for a few hours in order to stay up all night. It doesn’t help much to the human body.

In fact, the human body only needs a certain amount of sleep, and it is not good for health to sleep more than sleep.

  Wearing a chest to sleep bra is protective for breast cancer, but wearing a bra to sleep in the thymus recruits disease.

In particular, it stimulates breast tumors.

According to research by experts, girls who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day are more than 20 times more likely to have breast tumors than those who wear bras or bras for a short period of time.

This is because breast cancer has been under pressure for a long time, lymphatic reflux is blocked, and harmful substances are retained in the breast.

  The main way to eliminate fatigue in the brain is to sleep.

Long-term lack of sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.

  It is very dangerous to wear some accessories to sleep. Some women do not have the habit of picking up accessories when they sleep.

First, some ornaments are metal, long-term wear and tear on the skin, unconsciously causing chronic absorption and accumulation of poisoning (such as aluminum poisoning, etc.); Second, some ornaments with luminous effects will produce radium radiation, although the amount is weakHowever, long-term accumulation can lead to adverse consequences; thirdly, sleeping with accessories will hinder the circulation of the machine body, which is unfavorable for metabolism, which is also the reason why the local skin with jewelry is prone to aging.

  Drunken sleep caused lifestyle changes, and nowadays young women have a rich nightlife, especially for some professional women, often with a drunken sleep.

According to medical research, drinking alcohol before going to bed is prone to suffocation, usually about 2 times a night, each time suffocating for about 10 minutes.

For a long time, people are prone to diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

Before going to bed, angry and angry before going to bed, increasing people’s heart rate, shortness of breath, and thousands of thoughts, making it difficult to fall asleep.

  Eat a full meal before going to bed, eat too much before going to bed, the stomach and intestines must be digested, the stomach filled with food will continue to stimulate the brain.

The brain has excitement, and people can’t sleep peacefully, suggesting that Chinese medicine says that “the stomach is not harmonious, then it is uneasy.”

Drinking tea before going to bed contains caffeine and other substances, which will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited.

Drinking tea before going to bed, especially strong tea, makes it harder for people to fall asleep.

  The pillow is too high. From a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8?
12 cm is appropriate.

The pillow is too low, it is easy to cause “slowing pillow”, or the blood infused into the mind is too much, causing the next day’s brain to swell and the eyelids to be swollen; if the pillow is too high, it will affect the smoothness of the respiratory tract, easy to snoring, and long-term high pillow, which may lead to complications.Ill or hunchback.

  When the pillow is sleeping, both hands are under the head. In addition to affecting blood circulation, causing numbness and pain in the upper limbs, it is easy to increase the pressure in the abdomen. Over time, it will produce “reflux esophagitis.”

  Because of the cold weather, many people are afraid of head cold, like to sleep with a quilt on their heads, but they don’t know how to sleep with their heads. It is easy to cause difficulty breathing, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the quilts is increased.Dropping, continuously sucking into the air, is extremely harmful to the brain.

When the time is long, it will lead to lack of oxygen, resulting in a bad sleep and easy nightmares.

Wake up may feel dizzy, weak, and languid.

  Open mouth and closed mouth is the best way to maintain vitality, and mouth breathing will not only absorb dust, but also easily cause the trachea, lungs and ribs to be stimulated by cold air.

  Sleeping against the wind, the body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes during sleep is reduced, sleeping against the wind, susceptible to cold and sick.

Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid the open air outlet, the bed should be kept away from the window, and the door should be kept at a certain distance.

  Sitting and sleeping too much, the work is tense. When I get home, I feel very tired. When I have enough to eat, I sit down on the sofa and start to doze off.

Sitting and sleeping will slow down the heart rate, make the blood vessels dilate, increase the cerebral hypoxia, leading to dizziness and tinnitus.

  Relatively sleeping family members such as husband and wife, mother and child, etc., often sleep relatively.

This will cause the gas inhaled by one party to be mainly the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party. The brain produces fresh oxygen or oxygen supply is insufficient, and it is easy to cause insomnia, more dreams, dizziness, fatigue, and apathy.

Because each person’s sleeping habits are different, pulling quilts, kicking legs, snoring, etc., easily cause the quilt to slip, catch cold and affect sleep.

  Sleeping off the shoulders Some people sleep habits and put their shoulders on the outside of the quilt. They don’t know that the winter weather is cold, and the cold is easy to invade the human shoulder joints, causing local meridian bones and blood stasis, not easy to circulate, causing rheumatism, arthritis, joint soreness.pain.
Invaded by the cold, it is also easy to cause a cold, runny nose, causing poor breathing, dizziness and headache.
  Do not turn off the electric blanket to sleep all night to drive the electric blanket, not only makes people wake up and feel dry mouth, but also susceptible to colds.
When a person falls asleep, the ideal temperature in the bed is 33-35 ° C, and the relative humidity is 55%-60%. Under this “small environment”, a large number of blood vessels of the skin are in a contracted state, blood flow is slowed down, and the body is fully obtained.Rest and adjustment.

If the heating blanket is heated for too long, the temperature inside the bed will continue to be too high, the blood vessels of the skin will expand, the blood circulation will be accelerated, the breathing will become deeper and faster, and the ability to resist the bacteria will decrease, which may easily lead to a cold.

Therefore, the correct use of the electric blanket is to turn on the power 10 minutes before going to bed, turn off the power when it is inserted into the preheating, as long as it does not feel quenched when entering the bed.

Good fortune for a healthy life

Good fortune for a healthy life

■ Long and short sighs are good for health. Long sighs are when people encounter sadness, anxiety, grief, pain or dissatisfaction, the human body produces a physiological phenomenon.

For a long time, people think that long and short sighs are negative and pessimistic.

However, the observations of Japanese psychologists show that when people are sad and sorrowful, they sigh and sigh twice, and have a sense of calmness in calming the nerves. When they are working and learning fatigue, they will sigh and have a chest width.God’s sense of open-mindedness; that is, when you are satisfied, when you are happy and excited, you will feel a relaxed and happy moment.

Psychologists and doctors had tested their blood pressure before the athletes won the championship, and before the candidates entered the examination room, and then let them sigh a few times, and found that their systolic and diastolic blood pressures decreased.

Breathing, heartbeat is slower than before, and psychological stress is also improved.

Therefore, physiotherapists point out that before going to sports every day, there are several times to make a short sigh, which has the effect of strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving the respiratory function, which can both strengthen the spirit and promote exercise.

  ■ Walking in the rain is good for people who walk in sunny weather. In some countries in Europe and America, more and more people join the ranks of walking in the rain.

Meteorologists believe that walking in the rain has many fitness effects that are incomparable for a sunny walk.

A drizzle falls on the earth, washing dust and dirt, purifying the air, making the road cleaner and the air fresher.

In addition, when the sun is exposed before the rain and the first rain drops, the large amount of negative ions produced by the phenomenon of “airborne vitamins” is caused, and the blood pressure is lowered.

Walking outdoors with drizzle can also help to eliminate the emotional depression that is easily caused by rainy weather.

Compared to those uncovered walkers, drizzle is like a natural cold bath, which greatly enhances the body’s ability to adapt to changes in the external environment.

  ■ Evening exercise is good for health saying: “The day is in the morning.

Most people are used to exercising in the morning, thinking that this can cheer up.

However, some medical health experts in foreign countries believe that there is a great substitute for evening exercise.

After studying in a university health center in the United States, it is pointed out that all kinds of activities of the human body are controlled by the “biological clock”. Within 24 hours a day, the highest and lowest points of physical strength of human beings have certain regularity, and the physical exertion reaches the highest point.Most of the time is in the evening. During this time, the sensitivity and adaptability of the human body’s physical response peaked, and the rate of heart rate and blood pressure rose the most. During this period, exercise caused the heart rate to accelerate and the blood pressure to rise.Value is good for health.

The study also believes that the evening exercise converges from the sleep time, and the resulting fatigue can cause a faster fall.

  In addition, evening exercise is more susceptible to mental work. After a day of mental work, many things are in my mind. For example, after half an hour of dinner, choose a quiet interval, relax the waist, relax the spirit, and make the mind fresh., can improve sleep, can be described as two birds with one stone.

See: Chinese medicine prolongs the lives of the elderly

See: Chinese medicine prolongs the lives of the elderly

The 93-year-old Wang Xiuyun’s old man spent the Spring Festival safely this year.

The old man and her family said: “It is the Chinese medicine that has extended the life of the elderly!

“Wang Xiuyun suffers from a variety of chronic diseases when she is young. From the age of 50, she coughs and wheezes every winter. After that, she often feels flustered, her heartbeat is irregular, and her stomach is often uncomfortable.I started to treat the elderly for more than a decade ago. I remember that it was a cold winter. The old man had a fever, cough, wheezing, fast heart rate, premature beats, and both lungs could smell dry and wet rales, red tongue and veins.Weak number.

I advised him to be hospitalized, and the children agreed that she was hospitalized, but the old man insisted on not being hospitalized, but had no choice but to go to the clinic.

Because patients are allergic to a variety of Western medicine, they can only be treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

I gave her a Chinese medicine, Bupleurum, Codonopsis, Danpi, Zhimu, Shengdi, Pinellia, Double Flower, Forsythia, White Flowers and so on.

After taking several doses, the patient’s condition was relieved, followed by breathing, and the dry and wet rales of the lungs disappeared. In order to consolidate the curative effect, the application of nourishing yin and clearing heat and replenishing liver and kidney Chinese medicine treatment.

  After that, the annual incidence was treated according to this method, and all received good results.

However, after entering the age of 90, the physical condition of the elderly is far less than before. Although life can take care of themselves, the activities are not convenient and they cannot go to the conference room.

I often go to the elderly to go to the doctor’s home. According to the theory of winter disease and summer treatment, in the summer, I use the Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing liver and kidney. When the condition is critical, I also use some western medicine.

  Wang Xiuyun, an old man who entered the four-room room, was very happy despite his illness, but he did not add more trouble to his children. She was also very willing to use Chinese medicine to treat her.

Daily health care must be carefully guarded against the disease

Daily health care must be carefully guarded against the disease

Cancer is a disease that everyone talks about now, with its latentity, high mortality and short survival.

In 2015, the number of new cases of cancer in China reached 4.29 million, and the ratio of male to female was about 3:2.

The current research has not been able to prove the mechanism of most cancer formation, but its formation is inseparable from daily living habits.

Let’s take a look at what is going on in daily health and keep our body away from the threat of cancer.

  Good temptation to keep you away from cancer and less to play mobile phones If you are reading this article on the mobile side, then remember to put down your mobile phone and go out to exercise after reading.

People who use their mobile phones to make or receive calls for more than 15 hours a month are three times more likely to have brain cancer than the average person.

Salespeople and merchants are at the greatest risk because they often travel on business, attend meetings, and communicate with customers or bosses on the road.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has long listed electromagnetic waves as “possible carcinogens”, including radiation from cell phones.

Therefore, it is best to play less mobile phones when you have nothing to do. You can choose to read books, music, and go out for a walk with your family. It is a good pastime.

  Being in the sun and sun can help us to supplement calcium, which is also a good way to fight cancer.

Compared with women at high latitudes, women living at a certain latitude have a dangerous alternative to ovarian cancer because the former takes a long time to receive sunlight and absorbs high levels of vitamin D, which is more conducive to cancer prevention.

Sun exposure can both prevent cancer and cause cancer. The key is to see if the sun is not right.

It is best to sunbathe from 10 am to 11 am.

Because the ultraviolet light in the sun is low at this stage, it can make people feel warm and soft, can promote metabolism, and avoid harming the skin.

15 times each time?
20 minutes.

  There is a lot of health benefits for a cup of fragrant tea. The effect of adding some ingredients is more prominent.

If the citrus fruit peel is added to the tea, the chance of suffering from skin squamous cell skin cancer will be reduced by about 70%.

The citric acid contained in the lemon has the effect of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation.

However, it should be noted that hot tea must be used, and the effect of frozen tea on skin cancer will be greatly reduced.

  Eat more garlic, friends who like to eat garlic, they have also done some anti-cancer work.

Allicin in garlic inhibits inflammation in the body and acts as an antioxidant to reduce free radical damage to human cells.

When the garlic cloves are comminuted or chopped, allicin is released and remains more when eaten raw.

  Doing housework diligently When you are riddled with family trivia, you don’t hinder changing your mood, and you may have different effects.

Spending 6 hours a day doing housework, walking or planting flowers can reduce the risk of diabetes in women by 13%.

2 activities per day.

Five hours can reduce the risk of terrorism by 8%.

However, it is worth reminding that the US Environmental Protection Agency found in a previous study that a solvent called perchloroethylene was used in the traditional dry cleaning process, which may cause liver cancer, kidney cancer and leukemia. Therefore, it is recommended to do less dry cleaning when doing housework.While using a gentle laundry detergent hand laundry.

  Walking in the afternoon is life, and soothing exercise is suitable for most people.

Taking a 30-minute walk after a meal or walking for four hours a week can reduce the risk of ulceration by half.

The Harvard School of Public Health’s long-term study of 70,000 people also found that by walking for an hour a day, you can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by half.

The timing of the walk is also very important.

According to a study by the University of Birmingham, morning is not the best time to exercise, and the physical fitness of the person has not met expectations.

For the average person, the physical fitness around 16 o’clock can be optimal.

  Eating unhealthy eating habits early and eating has a lot to do with cancer, and we deserve to be more careful.

A survey found that 30?
40-year-old gastric cancer patients have a habit of eating before eating, and found that they all have the habit of eating supper, and 38 of them have irregular dinner time.

Because the life span of gastric mucosal epithelial cells is very short, about 2?
It will be regenerated once in 3 days.

This regeneration process is generally carried out during the nighttime flow channel break.
If you eat frequently at night, the gastric mucosa cannot be repaired in time.

If you often eat some fried, grilled, waxed food, the carcinogen inside will damage the stomach.

  Avoid sleeping late and now hurt your body for your career. If you spend money in the future, you can’t buy it back.

The British Scientific Cancer Research Center surveyed more than 1,000 cancer patients aged 30-50 years around the world and found 99.

3% of people stay up all night, and will not rest until the early hours of the morning.

Because during the day and night, the biological clock will be distorted and reorganized, nighttime lighting will destroy the formation of melatonin, which is an important part of protecting the body’s immune function, so it is easy to find leukemia, lung cancer, prostate cancer and so on.
Adults must guarantee 6 per day?
8 hours of sleep time, although Xi has greatly asked young people to “go to sleep at 12 o’clock”, but from a scientific point of view, the best time to sleep is 21?
22 points.

If you haven’t fallen asleep after 23 o’clock, it’s hard to fall asleep after 24 o’clock.

For older people and insomniacs, the situation is easier.

  There are many problems that need to be paid attention to in terms of physical health, and these are just the results of recent investigations.

If you want to be truly healthy, you need to get rid of the bad habits that are essential to your health. At the same time, bargaining here is not as proactive as seeking health. This is the best way to cure diseases.

Pay attention to the five dangerous periods _1 that are the most fat

Pay attention to the “five dangerous periods” that are most prone to getting fat

Although most people have a certain increase or decrease in weight during their lifetime, American fitness experts warn that the following five “dangerous periods” are particularly prone to gain weight, so it is necessary to pay extra attention to the daily life of these periods.
  1 New marriage period Statistics show that within half a year of marriage, the average weight of the bride or groom can be increased by 3-5 kg.
This is because new people tend to be emotionally lingering, and the time spent on bed and day-to-day “bubbing” is greatly increased, while the time for outdoor activities and sports activities is reduced.
In addition, the pace of life in the past may be broken with the establishment of small families, and the young couples are too rich in the food they start when they start their new life – all of which naturally creates favorable conditions for getting fat.
  2 Dietary recurrence Many dieters did not lose weight after dieting. In disappointment or frustration, they abandoned the diet plan and restored their original eating habits.
If the diet is like two days of fishing for two days, it will cause the weight to rise.
In view of this, dieting must lose patience and perseverance.
  3 Promotion Period When you are “high”, there will be people who will make a feast for you.
Under the control of your optimistic attitude, your appetite will be even stronger.
In addition, higher positions also mean that you will face more strange colleagues and subordinates, and you have to take more responsibility, which may bring you mental stress, and this pressure will often surprise you more.Drink and eat more snacks!
  4 Lactation The postpartum lactation period is actually the most dangerous period of women’s blessing, and the flesh is often ugly concentrated on the buttocks and thighs.
This is because breastfeeding mothers stop other activities on the one hand to take care of the baby too much, and on the other hand intake nutrients are often too rich.
To control the body shape, you should minimize the intake of high-fat foods, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to the nutrients needed for breastfeeding.
  5 Smoking cessation period About 85% of quitters can increase their body weight by 5-7 kg after successful smoking cessation, among which women are more obvious.
Although the added body is muscle rather than fat, experts still advise smokers to refrain from the urge to eat snacks, because regular meals can effectively suppress hunger.

Teach you the trick to save insomnia and torture your dreams

Teach you the trick to save insomnia and torture your dreams

There are many reasons for insomnia, which are summarized in the following aspects: First, the spiritual factors: the modern life is fast-paced, the competition is fierce, and various contradictions are gradually increasing, which makes people’s spiritual situation in a highly nervous state.Concerns, depression, nervousness, etc. continue to occur, and the symptoms of insomnia naturally arise.

More commonly, temporary psychological fluctuations, such as emotional instability, depression, excessive excitement or anger can cause insomnia.

This is the most common cause of insomnia.

  Second, physical factors: physical overwork or physical illness, such as pain, itchy skin, cough, high blood pressure, wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea and so on.

Such insomnia is often accompanied by disease and is closely related to the outcome of the disease.

  Third, environmental factors: such as changes in living habits, replacement of residence, sound and light stimulation.

  Fourth, chemical factors: taking excitatory drinks (alcohol, coffee, strong tea) before going to bed, drugs (Ritalin, amphetamine, ephedrine, ginseng) and smoking are also the causes of insomnia.

  It should be pointed out that the above factors tend to work synergistically to make the symptoms of insomnia more serious and even prolonged.

For example, business people face a shopping mall that is more “cruel” than the battlefield. Emotional changes are inevitable. Sometimes it looks like a mountain, but the heart has already gone to the sea. It often takes a business trip, and the accommodation environment changes frequently. For entertainment, smoke.The wine can’t be opened, so in order to be awake, coffee and strong tea are inseparable.

The four factors that cause insomnia, which accounted for three, naturally became the “hardest hit” for insomnia.

  Insomnia can make people feel tired during the day, restless, general malaise, listlessness, slow response, headache, inability to concentrate, its greatest impact is mental, and serious will lead to schizophrenia and depression.

So how can we improve insomnia?

The key is to start with everyday habits.

  First of all, we must maintain a good attitude of optimism, face the pressure correctly, and avoid psychological imbalance caused by setbacks.

At the same time, develop good sleep hygiene habits, such as keeping the bedroom clean, quiet, away from noise, avoiding light stimulation, etc.; avoid drinking tea and drinking before going to bed.

The bedroom should be dark enough because darkness can help the pineal gland to produce pineal voxels, a hormone that guides people to sleep.

In addition, it is also possible to create a conditioning mechanism that is conducive to falling asleep.

If you take a hot bath for half an hour before going to bed, soak your feet, drink a cup of milk, etc., as long as you stick to it for a long time, you will establish a “reflection condition for falling asleep.”

For patients with severe symptoms, you should go to a neurologist or a sleep professional clinic for help. If necessary, take a sleeping pill or a medicine for treating anxiety and depression under the guidance of a doctor.

  In the view of Chinese medicine, many insomnia is caused by liver problems such as liver deficiency or liver yang. Therefore, conditioning the liver is especially important for treating insomnia.

There are a large number of drugs in traditional Chinese medicine that have the effect of calming and calming the nerves, such as Schisandra, Lily, Longan, Lotus, Suanzaoren, Wheat, Poria, Mulberry, Ganoderma Lucidum and American Ginseng, etc.

These Chinese herbal medicine pieces can be purchased at pharmacies, and it is convenient to brew.

Inconvenient people can also drink some health and healthy liver tea, the formula of which has Gynostemma, Ganoderma lucidum, medlar and other ingredients to help nourish the heart and nourish the liver and soothe the nerves.

In addition, Yangsheng Jiangha Tea has a good taste. It can be used as a tea instead of brewed in boiling water. It has a good auxiliary protective effect on the liver for a long time.

Teach you a few tricks: identify the true and false Chinese medicine

Teach you a few tricks: identify the true and false Chinese medicine

Many patients have been treated with common Chinese medicine, but they do not know that the Chinese herbal medicines on the market are not mixed well, and some drug dealers are shoddy and even fake.

People who go to pharmacies to catch Chinese medicine may want to keep a mind, eyes, hand touch, nose sniffing, mouth taste, and simply identify the pros and cons of the medicine.

  If there are conditions, you can use the “fire test, water test” Chinese herbal medicine to distinguish between true and false.

For example, saffron, you can use the water test, put a saffron saffron in a transparent glass, the cup rushes into the cold water, the water slowly turns yellow, and pulls a yellow line along the saffron, if there is a small horn shape belowThis is the distance of saffron.

The fake saffron is often invaded with iron red, and some are also sprayed with sugar water, which can increase weight.

  A saffron safflower weighs about twenty or thirty kilograms. If a sack of safflower is about 50 kilograms, it must be mixed with fake.

In addition, if the grass red flowers are not mixed, the hand feels very soft, like a cotton touch, very comfortable.

If you grab your hand and put it in your hand, there is something hard inside, which is an extension of the holiday.

  Eating fake adult medicine that is adulterated will not only have no effect, it will start.

Some people take Chinese medicine, there are grass safflower in the prescription, if the stomach hurts after taking the medicine, it is very likely that the grass safflower is inserted with iron red.

  The following describes several methods for the identification of Chinese medicines that should be mixed with fake fakes: White Snake: The snake body of the real product is translucent, the lines on the back are clear, and the black color is bright.

The fake snake body is not clear, and it is not brilliant.

  Sha Yuanzi: Its root is kidney-shaped, smaller than Xiaomi, and must be observed with a magnifying glass.

The shape of the fakes is generally smaller, and the insiders must be carefully identified.

So be careful that drug dealers put together similarly shaped counterfeits.

  Cordyceps sinensis: It is a precious medicinal material.

However, some drug dealers add lead in the Cordyceps sinensis or add dirt to the outside, causing weight gain.

Cordyceps itself is a fungus, very light, and the weight of lead or mud increases.

  Macaroni: The whole body is white, lighter than cotton.

The counterfeiters add starch, lead, etc., and infiltrate into the medicine, one kilogram can become a few kilograms.

  Honeysuckle: When the counterfeiters often lick the honeysuckle tide, add starch to the inside to increase the weight.

  Gastrodia: The “Tianma” made by the counterfeiters.

  Hawthorn: According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Hawthorn can only contain 3%?
5% of the core.

Now that the price of medicine has risen, the counterfeiters have added the amount of nuclear to 30%. As a result, the dealers of fake medicines have earned black money, but the benefits of Chinese medicine have not been guaranteed.

These three types of food have been pulled into the blacklist by pain doctors. Don’t eat any more uric acid.

These three types of food have been pulled into the “blacklist” by pain doctors. Don’t eat any more uric acid.

Gout is a recurrent inflammatory disease caused by increased anabolic metabolism of sputum, excessive uric acid production or poor uric acid excretion, and uric acid crystals deposited in joint synovium, bursa, cartilage and other tissues.Sexual disease.

When the disease does not occur, some people are fine. They can’t find anything wrong with the hospital. They just tell you that the uric acid is high, and the other is fine. But when the attack is so painful, it will make people feel bad, and the joint will deform and even develop intoKidney failure.

In fact, gout has a close relationship with diet. For those with high uric acid, there must be taboos on the diet.

These three types of food have been pulled into the “blacklist” by pain doctors. Don’t eat more uric acid. It is a common practice in our diet to broil meat or bone into soup.

However, in such a delicious soup, since the cockroaches in the meat and bones are dissolved, the cockroach content is very high.

They are easily broken down into uric acid in the body, causing a rapid increase in uric acid in the blood, increasing the burden on the kidneys and causing kidney disease.

2, bean products tofu, soy milk, dried fragrant and other soy products, nutritious, many people love to eat.

However, patients with soy gout can not eat.

Because the amount of strontium in soy products is too high, for those who have a simple sputum metabolism or a high blood uric acid concentration, never eat.

Otherwise, it is easy to cause kidney disease, and in severe cases, it can cause kidney failure.

3, seafood seafood is rich in nutrients, meat is delicious, but among them shellfish (蛤蜊, scallops, etc.) and limbs (shrimp, crab, etc.) contain relatively high oysters, drink beer to eat this type of seafood comparisonIt is easy to suffer from gout. Dalian and Qingdao are the places with the highest prevalence of gout in the country. This cannot be said to have an important relationship with their eating habits.

All of the above three types of food are sorghum foods, so for people with high uric acid, such foods need distance.

What is the high uric acid population suitable for?

People with high uric acid should stay away from kidney failure. Remember to eat 3 kinds of foods. 1. Eat alkaline foods and alkaline foods. It can alkalinize urine, promote uric acid excretion, and provide the vitamins needed by the body.

Common fruits and radishes, cabbage, broccoli, etc. are all alkaline foods, which can be eaten properly.

Thoroughly and appropriately eat the monkey mushroom Chama ancient powder with good uric acid-lowering effect.

Monkey mushroom Chama ancient powder supplemented with organic active alkali, long-term consumption can promote uric acid excretion, alkalinize urine, avoid formation of uric acid stones.

Different from traditional medicine, this is a kind of vegetable in Xinjiang, without any substitution, and does not hurt liver and kidney.

However, this vegetable is far from the place of origin and is difficult for mainlanders to eat.

Therefore, modern people match it with 42 kinds of alkaline ingredients, scientifically matched, and use the broken wall technology to polish the Chamagu breakfast powder.

People with high uric acid and gout insist on drinking a cup of monkey mushroom Chama Gu powder every morning. The effect of reducing uric acid is very good. At the same time, this compound breakfast powder protein saponin and bioflavonoids can effectively protect the kidneys and prevent kidney stones andDepletion and so on.

2, eat more diuretic food diuretic food can help uric acid excretion, promote the formation of urine, bring out excess waste and impurities in the body.

Patients with high uric acid can drink soda, apple cider vinegar, drink more water, and of course eat dilute food such as melon, radish, lettuce and so on.

3, eat more fresh vegetables and vegetables, low levels, intake of fiber, easy to produce satiety, is very important to maintain health.

At the same time, potassium ions in vegetables contribute to the excretion of uric acid.

Therefore, people with gout should eat more vegetables than normal people, and half of the vegetables they eat every day are dark vegetables, some tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, etc.

Slimming and confident

Slimming and confident

For women who are more mature, weight loss is simply the pain of their hearts!

Moreover, the more full-bodied, the more you eat the fragrant incense, where it is, let the thin people envy.

  When fat people generally eat big meals, they all decide to start losing weight tomorrow, and they can eat and eat now!

If you ask when ordering: Do you eat garlic and white meat?

Love to eat!

Eat red dates pig hand?

Love to eat!
Eat fried milk?

Love to eat!
Eat eight treasure rice?

Love to eat!
Would you like some ice cream after dinner?

Don’t ask, love everything!

In fact, for fat people, drinking cold water will grow meat and absorb it!

Haha, thin people can’t compare!

  But the fattest person is the most scary and thin person. When I try clothes in the store, it is regrettable. Why don’t you lose weight earlier?

The eyes of the shopping guide Miss are really poisonous, the mouth is hurting, and I haven’t waited for you to touch the clothes. Her chin is lifted, her eyes are stunned, and the cold words have been shot like a knife: “Who wears it?

is it you?

You can’t wear it!

No your number!

The maximum waist is 2 feet 2.

“What people say what clothing!”

When the waist of the squat is 1-9, the pocket is also awkward, and when the waist is strong, there is no suitable clothing for sale.

Find out what friends I met, and when I heard that I was doing clothing, I immediately suggested that I should be a middle-aged full-fledged costume. There must be a market!

Coughing, but the clothing dealer always eyes on those slim and exquisite people, especially the clothes with thin waist, it is aimed at the fat man’s throat!

It’s no wonder that who let me live in the Tang Dynasty?

  I have a colleague, Mr. Zhang, who is sick and sick. When she was young, she was beautiful. She had completely changed her body since she gave birth to a child. She also loved the Jiangmi strips of rice fragrant village, peanut cake, rose cake, and liqueur.

She has to go shopping every day to go shopping, she said when eating: “I have to lose weight, eat less.

“But the snacks don’t stop for a moment, so they can never be reduced.”

Later, she listened to other people’s suggestions to climb the mountain. On the road, I met several like-minded people. After a few steps, I panted and panted for a long time. When I saw the thin people who walked easily, some people were discouraged: “I said, let’s alsoDon’t bother, the melon seeds can’t grow cucumbers!


Or do the “winter melon” honestly!

  The most unusual thing is that whenever a fat person faces a big meal of delicious food.

His lover will always stop and care: “You can eat less!”


“Do you want to lose weight?”

“I don’t even have the freedom to eat?”””is not what it means!

“Then you are too fat?”

“Don’t you say that you want to lose weight?”

“I am testing you, and you really feel that I am fat!”

Ok, you!

“Haha, in fact, women say that they are fat, in order to seek comfort, not the specific advice and supervision of who really wants!”

Really unreasonable!

  Fat people do not want to work hard, eat diet pills, dizzy!

Drink slimming tea, diarrhea!

Swimming, hungry recovery eat more!

Don’t eat with your stomach, walk lightly and boring!

The so-called not eating the staple food to lose weight is the best, the results of a few days down, I saw the bricks feel like a cake, thinking about eating all day long, what ambitious ideals are gone.

Eat, for fat people, that is a pleasure!

Where did the genius come from?

Is it falling from the sky?


It is eaten!

  Therefore, fat people do not have to feel inferior. As the saying goes: the heart is wide and fat, the fat person must be able to open it, the smile is always open, the annoying thing does not go to the heart, open one eye and close one eye, often forgetThings are ugly, easy to win the trust of others, both ends are happy, haha!

Especially at critical moments: earthquakes, rescue disasters, desert camping, etc., the cockroaches stored in fat people come in handy!

  However, there is no absolute thing in all things. At very moments, when fat people have low moods, it is easy to become thin when they are long.

I have seen too many fat people because of emotional trauma (lost love, husband’s extramarital affairs, divorce, widowed) and a few pounds of weight loss, this method is the most effective, but no one wants to try it.

  Fat people are most worried about three highs (high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar), which is known as one of the most profitable industries in the world. It is also said that fat is because of genetic decision, then we are looking forward to cutting the lean gene.Give us a while, then we must give him (her) the fat gene, let him (her) smile open!

The stomach is not good, eat more cabbage

The stomach is not good, eat more cabbage

Core Tip: What is good for the stomach?

Many “old stomach problems” with poor gastrointestinal function are often subjected to various injuries, which cannot be eaten, and they do not dare to eat.

Cabbage is known as a natural “stomach dish”, so if you have a bad stomach, you can eat more cabbage, so you can recommend 3 healthy cabbage recipes and fresh healthy cabbage.

  The large amount of cellulose contained in cabbage can enhance the synthesis function, promote the initial peristalsis, and lower the plasma level, which is conducive to hormone secretion and help healing.

  Cabbage is one of the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization and is also known as the natural “stomach”.

The vitamin K1 and vitamin U contained in it can fully resist gastric ulcer, protect and repair gastric mucosa tissue, and maintain the activity of gastric cells to be vigorous and reduce.

  Cabbage is very helpful for weight loss.

Each 100 grams of cabbage contains only 25 calories and contains very low sugar.

Therefore, cabbage can stabilize blood sugar levels, and after eating this vegetable, it will not feel tired, so as to achieve the purpose of diet and weight loss.

  Recommended recipe: Mix purple cabbage raw materials: 500 grams of cabbage, 200 grams of sugar, 100 grams of white vinegar, spicy oil, sesame oil, salt, garlic, a small amount.

  Practice: 1, shred, it is best to add a little green pepper.

  2, cold, is thrown into the cold water to wash.

  3, adjust the juice, add vinegar, spicy oil, sesame oil, salt, garlic in a small bowl.

  4, mix, this is simple, evenly spread the adjusted juice into the chopped shredded pork, and then mix well.

  Efficacy: The stomach is not good, patients with stomach ulcers eat more cabbage.

Cabbage is mixed with honey every day, which has the effect of promoting ulcer healing.

  Note: There are almost no exceptions in kale, so it is best to use olive oil when cooking.

This is because the various fat-soluble vitamins contained in cabbage can be absorbed and utilized by the body with the help of such unsaturated fats and oils.

  Hot and sour cabbage material: 500 grams of cabbage, 1/2 of carrots, 2 small cucumbers, 2 red peppers, 1 piece of ginger, 3 grains of garlic, 1 tablespoon of peppercorns Ingredients: A: 3 tablespoons of salt,B: 3 tsp of olive oil, C: 1 tbsp of sesame oil, 6 tablespoons of sugar and vinegar, seasoned with salt.

  Production: 1, cabbage sprinkled into pieces: carrots cut filaments; cucumber cut oblique; red pepper cut oblique; tender ginger shredded; garlic chopped.

  2, marinated cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and A material for 1 hour, then wash the salt, then squeeze the water into the deep basin, add garlic, pepper and ginger.

  3, the pot is hot, add genetic oil and scented peppercorns, then pick up the olive oil, C material into 2, about 1-2 hours after eating.

  Cabbage dumplings raw materials: 500 grams of flour, 250 grams of water.

2 cabbages, vermicelli, shrimp skin.

  Ingredients: salt, chicken essence, seafood soy sauce, oyster sauce, thirteen incense, broth, onion ginger garlic, sesame oil, vegetable oil.

  Practice: 1. Put the flour and water into a dough and set aside to wake up.

  2, first sprinkle the cabbage diced with a small amount of salt for a while, squeeze into excess water.

Add all the ingredients to dress up.

  3. Remove the awake flour from the sputum and spread the granules to the surrounding area.

Wrap the stuffing and close the mouth.

  4, add steam in the steamer after boiling, 8-10 minutes will be good.

  How to choose high quality cabbage?

  The good quality cabbage leaves are dry, fresh and shiny, the ball is firm, uniform, not broken, no bolting, no mechanical injury, clean spherical, no pests and diseases, no dead leaves, can carry 3?
4 pieces cover the green leaves.

  The secondary cabbage is not tight, not fresh or the water is wilting, the outer leaves turn yellow or a small number of insects bite the leaves.

  Inferior cabbage leaves are welded or bolted, with mechanical injury or protruding leaf rot, serious pests and diseases, and insect feces.