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How much do you know in the autumn?

How much do you know in the autumn?

This weekend, we are about to usher in the autumn festival and the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. At this time, the whole world is waiting for the same day and night. After the autumn equinox, the northern hemisphere begins to grow short and long, that is, the day begins to be shorter than the night; the southern hemisphere is opposite.

After the autumn equinox, what should you pay attention to in your health care?

After the autumn equinox, the health should pay attention to the secret of Yin and Yang, and the Qiuqiu festival has really entered the autumn. As the solar energy alternates between day and night, people should also adhere to the law of balance of yin and yang in the health, so that the body maintains the principle of “Yin Pingyang Secret”.”Ask the question to the true truth” said: “I want to check the location of yin and yang, to Ping period”, yin and yang can not be biased there.

In order to maintain the balance of yin and yang of the body, we must pay attention to the following aspects: In sports, we must first prevent the invasion of external evils.

The weather in autumn is dry, and the main evil is dryness.

Before the autumn equinox, there is heat in the heat, so it is more common in Wengan; after the autumn equinox, the autumn wind hits, the temperature gradually declines, the cold is getting heavy, so there is more cold and dry.

At the same time, the changes of autumn dryness and coldness are also related to each person’s constitution and body reaction.

To prevent dryness, you must adhere to exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.

Autumn exercise, focus on the lungs and moistening, such as practicing the practice, practicing five birds, playing Tai Chi, doing eight sections, practicing aerobics.

In terms of daily life, after the autumn equinox, the yang of the natural world is converging and converging from the evacuation trend, and the living and working schedules should be adjusted accordingly. “Su Wen·Four temperament”: “Autumn March, early morning and early rise, withChickens are all around.

“Early lying in order to conform to the collection of Yin essence, to raise the “receiving” gas, everyone should start to go to bed early and get up early, avoid staying up late!

In the diet, because autumn is lung gold, sour taste astringent lungs, pungent taste divergence lungs, so autumn should be collected should not be scattered, try to eat less onions, ginger and other flavors, appropriate to eat sour and sweet fruits and vegetables.

Should drink plenty of water, eat clean, warm food, such as sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, dairy, lily, white fungus, yam, autumn pear, lotus root, etc., can use the role of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing yin and fluid.

Guangdong folks have always had the biggest moisturizing soup in autumn, which is very useful at this time, such as green radish Chenpi duck soup, Yuzhu lily pig lean meat soup, papaya corn peanut fish soup, etc. are health products.

Here, I especially reminded that the autumn chrysanthemum crab fat is the best time for someone to taste crabs.

But the crab is a cold thing, and it is not suitable for eating too much.

In terms of spiritual care, the most important thing is to cultivate optimism and maintain peace and tranquility.

The elderly can reduce their speech, go to the top, let the bad moods such as depression, sputum dissipate, and keep the mood happy!

Let’s get good health in the autumnal festival, let us spend this Mid-Autumn Festival together in a healthy and cheerful way!

(Chinese medicine department Cheng Liya)

These 9 kinds of vegetables are not cooked like poison. Don’t eat!

These 9 kinds of vegetables are not cooked like poison. Don’t eat!

Some vegetables contain harmful substances. If they think they are cooked, the toxins may not be removed. If they eat, they will get sick.

Remind you that the following vegetables must be cooked and eaten. Green beans harmful substances: Saponin causes: If the green beans are not cooked, the saponin in the beans will strongly stimulate the digestive tract, and the beans are rich in prothrombin., has a coagulation effect.

In addition, the green beans also contain nitrite and micro-protease, which can stimulate the stomach of the human body, poisoning people and producing metabolites.

Detoxification method: In order to prevent the poisoning of green beans, the green beans must be cooked and cooked.

  Harmful toxins in fungus: Causes of leaf-light-sensitive substances: Fresh fungus contains leaf-like light-sensitive substances. After eating fresh fungus, it can cause solar dermatitis. In severe cases, itching, edema and pain.

Detoxification method: Do not eat fresh fungus, eat it must be cooked, cooked thoroughly.

  White harmful toxins: Causes of oxalic acid causing diseases: spinach, bamboo shoots, white ash and other vegetables containing oxalic acid, even if you want to cool the salad, you must first boil it with boiling water to remove most of the oxalic acid rich in vegetables.

Oxalic acid will combine with calcium in the intermediate to form calcium oxalate which is difficult to absorb, which interferes with the absorption of calcium by the human body and causes calcium deficiency in the body.

Detoxification method: Be sure to use boiled water.

  The harmful toxin of broad bean: the cause of the disease: the broad bean seed contains vincin, which can cause acute hemolytic anemia (fung bean yellow disease) after eating this substance.

When eating green broad beans in spring and summer, if cooked improperly, it often leads to poisoning.

And generally after eating raw beans 4?
Incidence after 24 hours.

Detoxification method: In order to prevent the emergence of broad bean poisoning, it is best not to eat fresh tender broad beans, and must be cooked before eating.

  Harmful toxins from leeks: Causes of nitrite disease: Some substances contained in wild vegetables such as leeks and gray vegetables may be converted to nitrite during cooking.

If the body ingests excessively, it may be poisoned.

Detoxification method: Cook and eat, not to eat overnight dishes.

  Harmful causes of purslane: causes of dust and worms: Wild vegetables such as purslane contain dust and small insects, which can cause allergies.

In addition, lettuce, oysters, etc. before eating raw, it is best to peel, wash, boil and then eat, so it is more sanitary, it will not affect the taste and nutrient content.

Detoxification method: The purslane is boiled with boiling water before eating.

It is best to peel the skin before eating raw lettuce, etc., wash it, and simmer it with boiling water before eating.

  Spinach harmful toxins: causes of nitrates: spinach is easy to enrich nitrate.

Nitrate itself is very toxic to humans but is converted to nitrite by the action of microorganisms in the human body.

Detoxification method: eat only after roasting

Thin waist weight loss yoga

Thin waist weight loss yoga

What is the method of thin waist in yoga?

Is the effect good?

Let’s take a look at the common sense.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Plate Effect: This action can both tighten your mid-section and strengthen your arms, hips and thighs.

  Practice: Kneeling on the mat, hands straight down on the ground directly below the front.

The legs are gradually flattened backwards (the state of getting up and down).

Tighten your abdominal muscles, keep your body long and straight, don’t tilt or sag your hips.

Imagine a belt around the waist to help you tighten, and the muscles in the lower abdomen are also inward.

At the same time, both hands and heels force the ground.

Hold the position for 1-2 minutes (or longer, depending on your ability), then return to the squat position and repeat the action 3 times.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Side Panel Effect: This action can exercise our waist and improve balance, and it also helps breast enlargement and eliminates the milk.

  Practice: Take the flat type as the starting position, straighten the right hand support, turn the body to the side to open, the body weight is supported by the right foot, and the left foot is close together.

Tilt your left hand up and point your finger at the sky.

Tighten the lower abdomen muscles, hold the position for 60 seconds, then return to the flat plate and repeat the same movement.

Do one for each round left and right, repeat 3 round trips.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Boat Effect: This action is specifically for the inferior area of the lower abdomen, especially for those who have just given birth.

  Practice: sit on the mat, shrink and bend, and put your feet on the mat.

The upper body is tilted backwards, while lifting the legs to form a “V” shape.

The officer straightened forward and his palms turned inward.

Tighten your lower abdomen muscles while staying relaxed and relaxed, straight forward and forward.

Stretch your legs and tighten your thighs.

Keep 5 deep breaths, then lower your legs and repeat 3 times.

  Weight loss yoga thin waist: Warrior two style practice: stand on the mat, the legs are separated by about two shoulder width, the right foot is turned 90 degrees to the side, the left foot and the right foot are at a 45 degree angle.

Bend the right thigh or thigh parallel to the ground, but be careful not to exceed the foot.

Press down on the outside of your left foot and right foot, use your thighs to press and lower the strength of the lower abdomen to maintain your posture.

Open vertically to the side, then swing the left arm down to the back of the left foot and lift the right arm up over the top of the head.

Then lower the right elbow down to the upper right and raise the left arm above the top of the head.

Repeat 2 more times.

At the last time, stop in the final position for about 3-5 breaths and then return to the original position, repeating the same action in the same direction.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Scale Effect: This action not only strengthens the abdominal and arm exercises, but also strengthens our pelvic function, which is very beneficial for women.

  Practice: sit on the mat, legs up to achieve the most comfortable state, hands on the side next to the mat.

Tighten your pelvis (with your hands urinating), hold your hands and lift the entire lower body off the ground.

Keep your posture 3 breaths and then let go.

This is a challenging move. If you can’t lift the entire lower body, you can keep your feet on the ground and lift your cheekbones.

Repeat the action 3 times.

The key to health in autumn is moistening dryness: eating these 5 kinds of food can moisturize the lungs

The key to health in autumn is moistening dryness: eating these 5 kinds of food can moisturize the lungs

We all know that the biggest feature of autumn is drying.

When Li Qiuyi arrives, our body is very sensitive to the smell of autumn, the skin begins to become dry, peeling, easy to catch a cold, cough, dry throat and itching, etc. This is caused by the dry climate in autumn and low air humidity.Also known as autumn dry.

Autumn dryness is the most likely to damage the lungs, because the lungs are organs that are like dry and dry, so the most important thing to maintain in the autumn is the lungs. Autumn is also the best time to raise the lungs.

The focus of autumn maintenance is to eat more food that nourishes and moisten. So, what foods in our life are suitable for dry autumn?

1, pear pear is a common fruit in autumn, a wide variety, there are yellow pear, Fengshui pear, pear and so on, the biggest feature is that the water is abundant, can be described as a natural mineral spring reservoir, is also the best fruit for lungs and autumn dryness.

Pears have the effect of moistening and moisturizing, clearing away heat and removing phlegm, in addition to being directly eaten raw, you can also steam and eat.

Eating pears directly in the dry autumn can quench your thirst and relieve your throat.

If some people with weak spleen and stomach or debilitating cold can also steam the pears, they can penetrate the lungs and cough.

Younger children can also choose to steam and eat, eat pear meat and drink soup.

2, lotus root autumn, is the season of lotus root mining, a large number of fresh lotus roots began to go on the market, this food in the muddy water, white and fragrant, both soup or cold mixed with raw flavors have a flavor.

The most important thing is that lotus root can clear the heat and moisten the lungs, and strengthen the spleen and appetite. It is an excellent ingredient for dealing with autumn dryness.

When we can drink a cup of raw lotus root juice in the dry autumn, it can relieve the symptoms of dry throat, dry skin, constipation and other autumn dryness.

If you do not like raw lotus root, you can also use lotus root ribs soup, fried scallions and other methods of eating, can also make the spleen and spleen appetizer, nourish the lungs and moisturizing effect.

3, honey in the fall, we will feel dry mouth, thirsty, always want to drink water, and feel that drinking a lot of water can not alleviate the dry tongue.

Drinking plenty of water in the fall is right. In addition to drinking boiled water, you can also try to drink a cup of honey water every day, which will have unexpected effects.

Because honey contains a lot of glucose and fructose, it has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough. It can also make the skin moisturize and lubricate. It can be used to soak the water with honey to relieve the autumn dryness. It can also add a slice of lemon when soaking honey water.To make the taste better.

4, pomegranate in the fall, the fruit shop can see the figure of the pomegranate, but don’t underestimate the look of this style, not the fruit, open the pomegranate, which is as colorful as a gem, making people appetite increase.

Pomegranate is also sweet and sour, it can also relieve the dryness caused by autumn, has a good moisturizing effect on the body, and pomegranate has a strong anti-oxidation effect, which can delay skin aging.

5, carrots and carrots can be safe, increase appetite, rich in vitamin A, have a moisturizing effect, strengthen the skin, prevent rough skin caused by autumn dryness.

The old man has to do a few more things to increase his life for 20 years.

The old man has to do a few more things to increase his life for 20 years.

Health and longevity are our common goals. A series of studies have shown that people who are outgoing and hobbyist are more likely to live longer.

The following are the 10 digits of the longevity.


I feel that I am 13 years younger than my actual age.

A survey of 500 elderly people over the age of 70 shows that feeling 13 years younger than the actual age is an important factor in longevity.

Jacques Smith, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, said: “Thinking that you are young and healthy will enhance people’s optimism and confidence in overcoming difficulties, which in turn can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and ultimately reduce the risk of illness.


Keep up with fashion.

According to a US survey, many centenarians send e-mails, lose friends through Google search, and even date online.

Researchers have pointed out that the latest technology is enough to help the elderly remain intellectually active and contribute to social empowerment.


Menopause begins after the age of 52.

Multiple studies have shown that menopause naturally means an increase in life expectancy.

According to Jane Meinkin, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Yale University School of Medicine in the United States, the prolonged menopause can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease in women.


Daily intake is low.

American researchers have found that people with a daily migration limit of 1400 kcal to 2,000 kcal have the same heart function as those younger than 15 years old.


The pulse is 15 seconds 15 times.

The resting heart rate of an adult is 60-100 beats per minute. The less the heartbeat, the healthier the body.

Dr. Leslie Cao, director of the Women’s Cardiovascular Center at the Cleveland Clinic, said that a slower heart rate means that your heart does not have to work too hard to complete the task of delivering blood.


Do not fight.

A 18-year study found that normal people have three times the life expectancy of patients with severe sleep apnea syndrome.


Abdominal diabetes after menopause.

According to a study by the American Institute of Aging, women with excessive waists are at a 20% higher risk of death than the average person.


High levels of vitamin D in the blood.

Dr. Aditech Kinder, assistant professor of surgery at the University of Colorado at Denver Medical School, said that vitamin D should be kept at least 30 micrograms per milliliter of blood.

Vitamin D not only reduces osteoporosis, but also reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and infectious diseases.


Cheerful personality.

A recent Swedish study shows that people with a cheerful personality are about 50% less likely to suffer from dementia and are less susceptible to external stress.

This is related to the low level of cortisol in their brains.

There are a variety of measures to reduce the level of leather alcohol, some common meditation, drinking black tea, taking a nap.


Run for 40 minutes a day.
After a 21-year follow-up survey of runners and non-runners, California scientists turned into a 40-minute daily life extension for middle-aged people and a stronger cognitive function.

What should the elderly eat after a fracture?

What should the elderly eat after a fracture?

Because of the age, the bones in the bones will also be lost. In addition, the legs and feet are not very convenient. It is very prone to fracture accidents. The fractures of the elderly are longer than those of young people, so in addition to taking medicine and necessary treatment.In addition, the diet should be more conditioning, today we will look at the elderly fracture to eat what is good.

  1 after fracture?
At 2 weeks, the blood stasis in the fracture site, the meridian is impassable, and the blood stasis is blocked. In this period, attention should be paid to promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood.

The patient’s fracture site is painful, and the appetite and gastrointestinal function are reduced. Therefore, the diet should be based on light appetizing, digestible, and easily absorbed foods, such as vegetables, eggs, soy products, fruits, fish soup, lean meat, etc.Mainly stewed, avoiding the hot and sour, hot, greasy food of fried fried oysters.

According to the yellow bean bone soup, it belongs to the proportion of fatty nourishment, contains trace impurities, is not easy to digest and absorb, and has the effect of inducing dry stool. It is best not to eat at this stage.

  Therapeutic side: 10 grams of 30 grams, 10 grams of angelica, 1 meat pigeon, a total of stewed rotten, soup meat into the, once a day, 7 consecutive times?
10 days.

  2 after fracture?
At this time of 4 weeks, the patient had some adaptation to the action and filling after the fracture. The pain at the fracture also had some relief, and the swelling due to congestion gradually subsided, and the appetite gradually recovered.At this time, the diet should be properly increased in nutrition, and the need for recombinant osteophyte growth can be added to the initial recipes, such as bone soup, Tianqi chicken, fish, eggs and animal liver to replenish more vitamin A., D, calcium and protein.

Appropriately eat more green pepper, tomatoes, leeks, vegetables, cabbage, radish and other vitamin C-rich vegetables to promote osteophyte growth and wound healing.

  Therapeutic side: 10 grams of angelica, 15 grams of broken bones, 10 grams of continuous, fresh pork chops or 250 grams of steak bone, stew for more than 1 hour, soup meat, for two weeks.

  More than 5 weeks after the fracture, the local fissure of the fracture was basically absorbed, and the growth of the epiphysis was started and transformed from the epiphysis to the bone tissue.

The patient’s appetite is wide open, there is no contraindication to the diet, and any high-nutrition food and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron can be eaten.

The traditional medicine of the motherland has done a lot of research on this. It is believed that this recipe can be matched with old hen soup, pork bone soup, sheep bone soup, deer soup, stewed water fish, etc. Those who can drink alcohol can supplement the eucommia sinensis, chicken blood.Rattan wine, tiger bone papaya wine, etc.

  Therapeutic side: 10 grams of medlar, 15 grams of broken bones, 10 grams of continuous sputum, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

The bones are broken and the slag is first fried to the slag, and then the remaining 2 flavors of porridge to eat.

1 time a day, 7 days for a course of treatment.

3 intervals per 1 course of treatment?
5 days, available 3?
4 courses.

  With regard to the elderly fractures introduced by the above experts, what to eat for the fracture patients has a great nourishing effect, and there are also obvious changes in the recovery period of the patients, so the elderly who have fractures must try.

There are 9 major misunderstandings in the diet of the elderly.

There are 9 major misunderstandings in the diet of the elderly.

Families with elderly people in the family will pay more attention to their diet. The elderly suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fat, so many housewives waste less oil, less salt and less meat when making headaches.When the elderly eat these foods, they feel that there is no oil and water. Some old people have become less fond of eating. Is such a light recipe really beneficial to the health of the elderly?

Xiaobian introduces you to the 9 major mistakes in the diet of the elderly, and see if your family’s recipes are the same?


Diabetes patients eat less staple food as possible.

  Experts suggest that the total energy absorbed by food should not exceed the standard, and the staple food should account for a certain proportion.

  The primary principle of diet for diabetics is that the total energy of the food does not exceed the standard.

From this point of view, if you take too much food containing protein, traces and other nutrients, even if you do not eat staple foods, it does not meet the patient’s dietary standards.

  The main component of the staple food is metabolites. Trace metabolism requires the participation of metabolism. If you eat less or not eat staple food, trace metabolism will be affected, and ketone bodies will be produced in the body. In severe cases, acidosis and other problems may occur.


Gout patients can’t eat eggs and drink milk.

  Expert advice: control total energy, absorb low-lying food.

  In order to control the condition, patients with gout should strictly control their diet.

The first big principle is to control the total energy intake of food, to be familiar with the sputum content of various foods, to eat less or not to eat high-purity glutinous food.

  Eggs, milk are the only animal foods with low strontium content, converted into grains, and a large number of vegetables and fruits are also low-lying foods. In the case of maintaining the total energy, the appropriate amount of gout patients during acute attackFor the above foods, the remission period can be relaxed a little.

But don’t ignore the high-purity glutinous foods in vegetables, such as mushrooms, asparagus, bean sprouts, seaweed, broccoli, etc.


People with diabetes eat more coarse grains.

  Expert advice: mix the thickness and keep the total energy absorbed.

  Both coarse grains and fine grains are food. If you do not control the grain size, eating too much coarse grains will also produce excess energy and excessive blood sugar.

The content of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients in fine grains is less than that of coarse grains, but it is easy to digest and absorb. Although the micronutrients in coarse grains have less loss, they will affect the absorption due to the supplemental fiber contained in them.

Therefore, we propose to eat the right amount of coarse grains, instead of simply focusing on eating coarse grains and giving up fine grains.


Put more salt in the dish and eat the salty dish.

  Expert advice: high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes, gout patients diet to do less salt.

  Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and gout are metabolic syndromes. Although different diseases have targeted dietary principles, the common dietary principle that these patients should follow is low sodium.

The main component of salt is sodium chloride, excessive intake of sodium, people are prone to edema, which is also the main cause of high blood pressure, high blood pressure can cause high blood lipids, coronary heart disease, kidney disease and other diseases.


Eating meat will implant more feces and cholesterol, and eating meat is more beneficial to your health.

  Experts suggest that it is not advisable not to eat meat, and meat dishes are more reasonable.

Meat is the main source of high-quality protein and essential fatty acids in the human body. Protein, like traces and proteins, is an indispensable nutrient in the human body.

  In terms of the type of meat, fish and beef contain the least amount of meat, followed by chicken, duck and goose, and pork has the highest trace content.

In order to reduce the burden of eating meat, the elderly are paying attention to the type of meat at the same time, while eating meat can be combined with some light vegetables, the diet is very good, less meat and more vegetables.


Twist, cake and other high-oil high-sugar snacks as snacks.

  Expert advice: When snacks are not desirable, they can occasionally be used as staple foods.

  In addition to a few, high-oil and high-sugar snacks such as twists and cakes are mainly thin slices, which can provide body energy, but the nutritional value is minimal.

Frequently consider snacks, almost no impact on the meal, but also easily lead to excess energy absorbed by the body, if the excess energy is not consumed, it will be converted into adults in the body, which is high blood pressure, high blood fat, high cholesterol, diabetes, goutPatients with metabolic syndrome, as well as obese and overweight people, are particularly disadvantageous.

  When you want to eat these foods in particular, you can eat them as a small amount of meals, and reduce the amount of staple food such as rice and steamed bread in the main meal, so that it can be put into the pile, and put less oil in the cooking.
Frequently eat leftovers that are not heated or hot.

  Expert advice: the leftovers should be eaten less and hot.

  The various nutrients in the food will be transferred to the extended time and gradually reduced. The longer the time, the more the loss.

Relative to vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients, protein and glucose loss is relatively small, but the continuous storage of food, it is necessary to prevent protein deterioration, slight rancidity, mildew.

  In addition, the probability of producing nitrosamines in leftovers will increase with the extension of the time. If it is not hot enough when eaten, it will easily breed microorganisms such as bacteria and cause diseases.

Liu Peng reminded that the gastrointestinal function of the elderly is relatively fragile, try not to eat leftovers.


Drink bone soup to supplement calcium.

  Experts suggest: Drinking bone soup has a low calcium absorption rate and is also likely to cause heavy metal element deposition.

  Bone soup contains a certain amount of calcium, but the absorption rate is high and trace food. Therefore, drinking bone soup is not a good calcium supplement method, but it is also easy to deposit heavy metals such as lead and mercury on bones.


Fruits that are not sweet on the palate have low sugar content.

  Expert advice: Fruits that are not sweet to eat may also contain high levels of sugar.

  In general, fruits that taste sweeter are more sugary than those that are not sweet.

The level of sugar in the fruit needs to be determined by professional methods.

According to the results of the measurements, the sugar content of cherries, kiwis, apples and pears is lower than that of bananas, lychees, pineapples and the like.

How much do you know about specialty rice?

How much do you know about specialty rice?

When you cook with tea, you can get colored, fragrant, and delicious meals. The most amazing thing is that the tea is cooked, and it has many benefits such as greasy, cleansing, food and disease prevention.

  Tea cooking and cooking with tea can get color, fragrance and delicious food. The most amazing thing is that the tea is cooked and greasy, cleansing, food and disease prevention.

According to research by nutritionists, rice cooked in tea can prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent strokes, fight cancer and prevent cancer, and prevent dental diseases.

Cooking method: first 1-3 grams of tea, soak for 4-9 minutes with appropriate amount of boiling water, take a small piece of clean gauze, filter the tea to remove the residue and use it (overnight tea should not be used); then rice into the potWash and pour the tea into the rice cooker so that it is about 3 cm above the rice level and cooked.

  Pig liver and kidney rice cut the pig liver, kidney (de-fat to the parotid gland) into small pieces, mix with the appropriate amount of seasoning and marinate, then spread to the cooked rice, simmer and cook.

For liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knee pain, dizziness and darkness have therapeutic effects.

  Jujube black-bone glutinous rice will be chopped with red dates, and the black-bone shredded rice will be cooked in a pot together with glutinous rice.

It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and nourishing the strong spleen, and can treat the spleen and stomach weakness and the lack of appetite caused by lack of blood.

  Potato and beef rice will be potato, fresh beef into meat, add ginger juice, peanut oil and other spices and mix well, spread to the cooked rice, slow-cooked and mixed food, with cold and stomach, Buzhong Yiqi, strong tendonsBone and edema, dehumidification and other effects.

  Bone soup, glutinous rice, washed and shredded meat bones, add onions, ginger, pepper, salt and rice wine and other spices, first boiled into bone soup; then remove the bones and spices in the soup, and then into the rice,Can be boiled into bone soup rice.

This rice is fragrant and delicious, soft and palatable, containing protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

  Milk risotto mixes the milk with water and puts it into the pot with rice to make milk rice.

Milk risotto has a soft, white, creamy flavor.

It is good for nutrition, but it can treat vain, lack of blood, skin, nausea and constipation.

  Pumpkin cooked rice will be washed, cut into cubes, boiled and cooked, add appropriate rice, cook a meal or porridge, served as a meal.

For those who like sweet taste, it can satisfy the desire of mouth, increase the intake of dietary fiber, supplement carotene, and can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which is effective for keeping skin delicate and protecting eyesight.

  Pork ribs steamed rice, wash the ribs, cut into small pieces, add oil, salt and other spices and mix well, spread in the bowl or dish bottom, then wash the washed soaked rice on the ribs, steamed into the boiling water pot until the meat rotten rice cooked.

The flavor of this meal is fragrant, and it is a good meal for young people and the elderly.

The effect of swimming to lose weight is not good, what is going on?

The effect of swimming to lose weight is not good, what is going on?

While swimming to lose weight, also pay attention to dieting from the consumer body, swimming can be a very good exercise.

Because the heat rate of water to trace amounts is 26 times that of air, that is to say, at the same temperature, the heat energy consumption of people in water is more than 20 times that of land, but why is it that people lose weight by swimming?

  For major sports and weight loss problems, we must first understand the mechanism of exercise and energy consumption.

During exercise, energy expenditure is completed in three stages, namely glucose metabolism, micro-metabolism, protein metabolism, and weight loss through slight consumption.

  Swimming is at the beginning, in the anaerobic phase.

The energy consumption is mainly based on the anaerobic glycolysis of sugar. The movement at this stage is very intense. People breathe short and have insufficient oxygen supply.

After continuing to exercise, the human body began to enter the period of aerobic exercise.

In the next hour, during moderate exercise, the energy supply is powered by the aerobic metabolism of sugar.

It will not be consumed in this hour.

If you continue to exercise, you will begin to consume sputum by unfortunate aerobic metabolism.

Therefore, swimming begins to produce weight loss after at least one hour of continuous exercise. Some people do not have enough exercise time or exercise enough to achieve results.

  While swimming to lose weight, you should also pay attention to dieting.

However, people have an “over-recovery” phenomenon after exercise.

Simply put, the human body needs to accept more energy than before in order to adapt to the next level of exercise. This is a self-protection measure of the human body.

Therefore, after swimming, people often eat well and sleep well, and they consume more calories, even more than they consume.

Therefore, not paying attention to dieting, especially after the exercise is stopped, it is most likely to make the weight exceed the original level.

This is an important reason why many people lose weight during exercise.

  Therefore, people with weak constitutions can quickly become strong through short-term unremitting swimming exercises.

Obese people are often more likely to be hungry after swimming and absorb more energy.

Swimming seems to be more suitable for people who want to make themselves stronger, but not suitable for people who use it to lose weight, especially those who exercise irregularly.

  In fact, as long as you compare the swimmers, you will find that the swimmers who have seen them are thin.

Both men and women, the general shape is fuller, the skin is smooth and round, this is the performance of the subcutaneous coward.

The full massage effect of water and the temperature of water lower than the human body are easy to promote the growth of human skin.

Meridian massage creates perfect hip shape


Meridian massage creates perfect hip shape

According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, the “meridian” of the acupoints in the series, the internal organs and the external organs, and any meridian complexes will affect the operation of the organs. On the contrary, the impact or function of the internal organs will also be low.Will cause the meridian to sinter.

  How to shape the beautification of the hip line by means of meridian pressure?

Basically, it is mainly to massage the “Bagua” acupoints of the bladder and the “ring jump” points of the gallbladder.

  The Eight Diagrams Acupoint is located on the “Recommended Point” bone hole above the tailbone below the lumbar vertebrae. As the name suggests, there is a coaxial acupuncture point.

The ring jump points are one on each side, each in the middle of the connected top end, which are particularly effective for large, flat front ends.

Since the acupuncture points are located at the top of the human body, another person is needed to assist with the acupressure massage. When the massage is performed, the finger pressure is slowly pressed down. After stopping for three seconds, the force is relaxed. Each acupoint is repeated eight times, especially when the acupressure is necessary.Achieving the feeling of acid, hemp, rising, pain, and heat will achieve the effect.

  Therefore, to improve the problem of headache drooping, it is very important that a point is “supporting”.

There is one on each side of the acupuncture point, which is located at the center of the horizontal stripes at the bottom of the two hip and hip lines.

Massage support not only has the effect of dredging and activating, but also stimulates the contraction of the gluteus maximus. After five minutes of finger pressure by the expert, there will be a slight feeling of raising the buttocks.To split the force into two segments, first press the hole point vertically, then push the force upwards to fully achieve the effect.

This acupoint can also treat acne, sciatica, constipation and other diseases.

  In addition, you can also use a sport that is easy to practice and save money to make your hip line more attractive, that is, “walking on tiptoe.”

Taking the toe-to-tip walking method of relaxing the toes can stimulate the Yongquan point at the sole of the foot, which can be done when watching TV at home on weekdays.

This acupoint is related to the secretion of kidney function and female hormones. It is quite helpful for the complete development of secondary sex. It can start from two to three minutes when you practice. If you are used to it, you can do it for fifteen minutes each time.

  In order to solve the problem of sagging the front end, it is also effective to change the extension of the tiptoe movement: initially, the body is straight and the feet are close together.

Then, while inhaling and rubbing the toes, the willpower is concentrated on the big toe and the second toe, and the heel is lifted to the distance of about one and a half fists from the ground, and the anus is tightened.

Finally, exhale, slowly lower the heel, and the anus relaxes.

Repeat the process of repeating the lame to lower the heel eight times.