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Monthly Archives: September 2021

“Correct,We just said nothing,You take it seriously!”

“……” These women! Chen Xiu smiled helplessly,This acting is a bit too bad,If you really don’t care about yourself,Why are there tears in my eyes。 “Lily,We go midnight,Too lazy to care about him!” “Correct,Just after the fight was sweaty, I came to hug and hug,stinky!” Li Lili and O Sheng went out together holding hands,He […]

he knows,Wang San is just a runner,Not the main character behind the scenes,He has to wait for everything to be arranged, and then slowly settle accounts with Wang San,It’s not that the time has not arrived。

“You speak very easily,You have to eat,Can you tell me back then,I can give you money,Now make me like this,My mom died too,You tell me this?”Zhu Yi said bitterly。 “I know i’m sorry,I also have difficulties,If i don’t do this,I can’t keep my own life。”Wang San said in a low voice,indeed,He didn’t want to kill […]

Facing the tough attitude of the waiter。

Two people are also a glimpse。 I can’t help but have a little false.。 They didn’t expect this to eat two thousand pieces.。 I didn’t think this time will be mistaken.。 “Don’t you have two thousand dollars?? Little means for us。” “that is,Who is my cousin?,Xu Ru,There is more than this number in a sentence.? […]

“How did she know this?”Xia Jian asked strangely。

Yao Junli smiled and said:“Ouyang said that when they were in Pingdu,Two people have known each other a long time ago。This time Qin Xiaomin was transferred to the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles,They have an intersection in work,Slowly the two people become familiar again。So Qin Xiaomin got drunk once,I told it all invisibly” […]

This feeling is not outside.。

“What kind of work? The big shed at home is enough.,If you won’t go,Your mother is crying every day.,Do you think about your mother, think you think every day??” “knew,Then I will go back and pack it.。” Li Hui Feng saw Xu Tianci’s attitude,I always feel that the other party has changed a lot.。 Especially […]

“Chen Xiu,If you don’t explain clearly,I promise to let you go fishing in the South China Sea immediately!”

Chen Xiu shrank his neck,Lying,This guy is so stingy,But how to explain it,Stutter in the mouth。 Fortunately, Chai Hongquan was in Tian Yinong at this time、Came out with Mr. Zhang, ———— 387 Three more bottles With Chen Xiu’s current treasure appraisal technology and ancient jade plug-ins,He is sure that no one on this planet can […]

“It may be halfway to run.,One way in the rivers and lakes……Previously by Cao Zhengyu,I have shocked some minor injuries,The other party also has a master,I have to call one night.。”Chu Deirers thought about it.,Still the truth。

“That dog slave!Seeing that I rescued my mother、Go back to the palace,Don’t tell him in the emperor and mother!”Yun Luo mentioned this,A very indignant。 “what?and many more,Passerby……That is the Chu, the day!”Yun Rome has also reacted。 I don’t say much to this Chu Deirens.,But do not look at Yun Luo,At the time,Cao Zhengyu can open […]

“Uncle(Cui Jishu),What happened to the end?,Why are you so panic??”

Cui Jishu’s most famous things,That is, I played the East Wei filial piety,Gao Cheng“Dog feet”Witness of allusions,Experienced a lot of things。Press,Unless the city is broken,Otherwise, he will not panic.。 “today,Feng Yujie Wang was praised to help it.!But,Ziyang Zhengshi,But no response!” Cui Ji Shuqi low voice:“Gao Zhaolin has not yet in the city,What happened like this,Is […]

Bang,A big hole was smashed in the center of Zhang Mugen’s small courtyard,But the rickety old man is gone,When several old men are suspicious,Suddenly smelled a big drink,“Brother Gu be careful!”

Drink with this body,The rickety old man appeared like a ghost‘Tianzhenwei’Behind,Mouth,A blood red flame spurted,That name‘Tianzhenwei’Fortunately, my colleagues reminded me,At the end of the day, a small bronze shield was offered,Blocked most of the flames,But it was still scorched to the back of the neck by a small flame,It hurts immediately。 Flame is extremely domineering,Not […]


patLow knocking keyboard,Just when nothing,Liao Wenjie is overlying white eyes,Who is the upper society?? But turn around,Customers of heavy glory mental hospitals,Everyone is worth,Said there is a top society,There is no problem。 “Beauty,You are lucky,Today, I will enjoy the face, please eat the night.……Hey,Ager,What do you pull?,Didn’t you see that I am bubble??” “Not ink,Keep […]