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“You don’t want to be?The Beigong family is very weak right now,If we don’t take over,Other families will definitely be there!By then your relatives and friends in the family,Maybe it will be uncomfortable。”Lu Menglin reminded me with a smile。

Bei Gongya was shocked again,I thought if I didn’t agree,,Don’t say friends and family are uncomfortable,I can’t get out of this yard by himself! Let’s talk about the dead dao friend, not the poor dao,Lao Tzu took over the Bei Gong clan,Plenty of training resources,Puppet,Maybe a few years later,Lao Tzu is also on level 40,Then […]

Arrive at the industrial park,Walk around the studio,Look from a distanceXtNetwork Technology Industrial Park Studio,Reminiscing about the employees there,Bumps at work,Those people, those things are coming out,Joy, anger, sorrow and joy are very beautiful,Recalling、Smiled and shed tears。

then,Go to the place of residence,Mid-Levels Apartment in Industrial Park。The scenery along the way is still,Maybe due to changes in personnel,What I see and what I feel will be different,Even the spirits of the plants and trees that jump into your eyes will be different,Feel depressed、decadent。 Get off at the same station in the past,Walk […]

Although this is a bit poisonous,But Mengdie still smiled secretly。

She met Murong Qianxue when she was in Bincheng,I think I’m inferior to each other in appearance or temperament,So after all, I’m not worthy of the man in front of me。 Since you can’t live together, then you can enjoy the wine with fun。 This is the cleverness of Mengdie。 “Since it is a friend,This […]

First0015chapter Nason˙Rothschild is here

was founded in1848Chicago Board of Trade,Address is located on Jackson Boulevard in downtown Chicago141number,Is the world’s largest futures and options exchange。 Here are more than3600ACBOTmember,transaction50Different futures and options products,Hundreds of millions of contracts are traded each year,The underlying financial value reaches tens of trillions of dollars。 Ten o’clock in the morning,Under George’s guidance,Qiao Tianyu grandly […]

Deng Jiajia also bit her lip,Said:“Shall I go home and call someone to go?My uncle was beaten by them,I called my family over,May be able to help。”

Wang Xiaomei shook her head,Giggled:“you’re so dumb!Look at your uncle,Where is the injury!They won’t admit it!And all these people’s hands are broken,Such a big thing,It’s useless if your family comes!” I heard what Wang Xiaomei said,Even Lu Menglin couldn’t help being a little surprised。 This black-skinned girl has very good brains!Calm and worry about things,Unexpectedly, […]

This is why Qin Feng uses one“Are you sprinkling”Look at Liu Xing。

“What to do,This is also very operational, OK??Besides,We don’t have to use it first after we get the fake identity,We can test it first,Maybe we can get what we want through fake identities.?”Liu Xing explained seriously。 What he said,Qin Feng thought for a moment,Suddenly I feel that what the other party said is not unreasonable。 […]

Hua Tsai is the audience who said before that he lives not far from the flea market on Huxin Road,Seeing Brother Hu made tens of thousands in less than half an hour,Not heartbeat is fake。

Thought for a while,He picked up Qian Bao,Hurry out。 On the road,He is still speaking in the live broadcast room,Said that I would go find Brother Hu now,Learn something from Brother Hu on the spot、Hug thigh。 “If Hu Ge pointed out one or two,Make some small fortune,That’s the best。”Hua Zai spoke to everyone。 The audience […]

“Didn’t you say that it should have arrived yesterday??Why haven’t you arrived yet?”

“What’s the situation?How long do i have to go!I’m so bored!” Tu Shanming’s constant thoughts,All kinds of monsters,Everyone didn’t stop him,Why does this guy be energetic?! And marching in the desert,The most boring thing is not the long way,But monotonous,Look around,It’s all full of yellow sand。 When first arrived,I still feel a bit desolate and […]

A lot of understanding of the truth,Ways of doing things will slowly mature。

In addition,There are strange things,Tian Lu can’t understand,such as,Every time she walks out of the office,It’s good to check the discipline,It’s okay to arrange jobs for employees,Several times in a row,in the afternoon4:00Many minutes,More than an hour before get off work hours,Xu Fenxue, director of the writing department, left。 According to the staff accidentally revealed,Xu […]

After the applause,The host started to introduce again:“The one below,Is the vice president of our sponsor today,Everyone welcomes the visit of Vice President Li。”The host finished,The lens gives a,Looks like there are women in their 50s。

I saw that Vice President Li didn’t have a trace of face,Seems very reluctant,I saw it on her face“Menopause”Three words。 Almost another fifteen minutes have passed,The host put all the guests,The judges introduced one by one。 Director of Honghai TV,The secretary general of a company, etc., a total of 13 people。 “All the guest judges […]