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Then there was a bang,Not just those squatting in the lobby of the bank,Even Evincent was taken aback。

“what do you mean?” Evincent knows why,But the tone is still very scared。 “Compared to millionaires,I want to be a multi-millionaire!One is dead anyway,What does it matter if you die one more?” The man kicked his only remaining companion,Then point the gun at Evincent。Although I still can’t see the face,But there is already the pride […]

Don’t you hate everything that dad arranges??this time,Why do you listen to him?Or did you see the handsome and handsome Yunhe,Heart moved?

what is your purpose?Use Yunhe,Into the upper class social circle,Still really fell in love with him?Since childhood, you have been conspiring,Yun and Brother must have been fooled by you,I won’t let you succeed! When the car drove into the clubhouse,Lu Xin has controlled his emotions,Not so excited anymore,She is Miss Lu Family,Is everybody,Have a good […]

“bossPlease say。”Statham and Laleford said in unison。

“Based on your managers over the years and your knowledge reserves、Your age,honestly,It may be difficult for you to learn how to manage a business well,So if you don’t mind being emptied,I suggest you find a well-known accounting firm to cooperate,Annual financial、Review the investment status to ensure your interests,Give me the company’s strategic development,Hand over the […]

“Rest assured young man,I said I won’t do it to you。Besides, you should know,If i want to kill you,Just waved。”Master Cha shook his head,“My age,No longer suitable for killing。This time to see you,in fact.Forget it,It’s a bit difficult to explain,Come with me!”

Qin Feng frowned slightly,Because he doesn’t know what medicine is sold in this old man’s gourd。 “okay,Let’s go!” Old man waved,Then a car drove over。 Qin Feng really feels inexplicable! But he never thought,Because the driver is actually a girl。And looks young,I don’t even know if I’m an adult。 The green breath spreads over the […]

She has spoken very bluntly,Hope the other party can be afraid。

Qizhi put away his smile,Shook his head,Tao:“Of course I am not a fool!but,You still can’t go!Because you are not fighting these bad guys,But my face,Smashed my sign。If I just let you go,I would rather not open this store。” Speaking of which,Qizhi beckoned,A group of black men came in from the door,Everyone is as vicious,Angry。 402Where […]

The situation on McDonnell’s side is similar,In order to cut costs,In addition to the fuselage and nose assembly,Like an engine nacelle、Engine hanger、Vertical tail、Horizontal tail、Flap、Fairing and other components between the wing and the fuselage,All have OEMs that have cooperated for many years to help produce,Among them are many companies from China,Like last year,Shen Fei started to manufacture for McDonnell DouglasMD-80Horizontal tail,Xifei started to manufacture for McDonnell DouglasMD-80Vertical tail……

what? Thinking of Xifei and Shen Fei,Chen Geng’s heart moved,Asked little MacDonald:“Mike,If you let Xifei and Shen Fei of China as an OEM for youDC-10withMD-11Body components,Is there any problem with the US government??Ok,I remember you said,Xifei and Shen Fei made it for youMD-80The quality of the vertical and flat tails are good?” Let Huaxia OEM […]

“What do you think of authorized production?”Xu Guang asked:“hangAMCThe standard,Early adoptionCKDProduction model,Gradually increase the level of localization in the later stage,After each productionAMCPay a certain authorization fee。”

“can,”Is this the cooperation model between Jinmen Automobile Manufacturing Plant and Dongying Dafa?,Chen Geng nodded happily:“I’ll explain this to Mr. Welch later,Don’t worry about the price。” With Chen Geng’s words,Xu Guang was relieved immediately。 ……………………………… Inspected in a circle,Little MacDonald is very satisfied with this trip to China,You can tell from the red light on […]

and so,Lu Menglin decided to keep a low profile,Not to the last minute,Never reveal strength easily。

“Aoki will recruit elite soldiers this time,Below level 34,Can go back!”With the first sentence of the wooden knife,Among the two hundred people present,Most people shook their heads and said nothing,Turn around and leave。 This sentence is easy to say,But even Liu Wenzhang was taken aback。 The strength of this Aoki Club,Very tough!No recruitment below level […]

“rest assured,You are the first person I get close to on earth,Took me in,And teach me the food, clothing, shelter and transportation,So kind to me,I won’t treat you like。”Feynak said when he was so scared to appease。

Feynak stood up,Paced around the house for a week,Said:“But if you grow up like a blood drunk,Lost the ability to speak。To pass a special opportunity,Break through language functions,To communicate with humans。” The scene of him falling to the earth appeared before Zhang Cheng,The spacecraft he was on was criticized in all directions,Only a blood body […]

In the ward,Xiang Chen, who just finished sharing the spoils with Mo Mo,After all, I got a lot of income,Later when I was exploited by Xiangyang,My life is better。

“Yo!Two bosses visiting,Any advice?Did you lose the hotel money??” Seeing Li Zhaoxing and Li Tianxing’s belly,Xiang Chen’s face is listed with a smile。 Mo Mo usually laughs out of public,Unless you really can’t help it。 Seeing Li Zhengyang deflated,Mo Mo can no longer maintain the seriousness on his face,Laugh out loud,This made Li Yangyang’s face […]