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And this time,Meng Youzhi was still very proud。

But now,Meng Youzhi also discovered this scene。 “strange,His speed,How could it be so fast?” this matter,Meng Youzhi didn’t expect it at all。 But seeing here,In fact, deep down in Meng Youzhi’s heart,Even more shocked。 despite this,But from the current situation,these questions,Actually it’s much worse than expected。 “Haha,No time to toss with you,I go first。” Wang […]


First37chapter Help and horror In the periphery of the worm’s nest,Li Ming fights and retreats。 More and more insects and beasts gather。 Eighteen insects and beasts with bodies comparable to world gods join forces。 unfortunately,Body comparable to world gods,Its threat is much smaller。 Facing the joint siege of eighteen insects and beasts,Li Ming is not […]

“Let the people who are coming back,Fight each other,A lot of blood is needed here,Not more combat power。”An elder watched the speed of the altar erection,Make a gloomy and cold voice。

“Not bad。”Another old priest nodded,The blood-red eyes are beating with extremely feverish emotions,“But this amount is still far from enough,Dear children,We need stronger declarations and summons。” “In mortal world,We can’t use the secret method,Can only seek help from Totem。” “Totem is a powerful force given to us by ancestors,Not easy to use,But we can burn […]

“Uncle(Cui Jishu),What happened to the end?,Why are you so panic??”

Cui Jishu’s most famous things,That is, I played the East Wei filial piety,Gao Cheng“Dog feet”Witness of allusions,Experienced a lot of things。Press,Unless the city is broken,Otherwise, he will not panic.。 “today,Feng Yujie Wang was praised to help it.!But,Ziyang Zhengshi,But no response!” Cui Ji Shuqi low voice:“Gao Zhaolin has not yet in the city,What happened like this,Is […]


patLow knocking keyboard,Just when nothing,Liao Wenjie is overlying white eyes,Who is the upper society?? But turn around,Customers of heavy glory mental hospitals,Everyone is worth,Said there is a top society,There is no problem。 “Beauty,You are lucky,Today, I will enjoy the face, please eat the night.……Hey,Ager,What do you pull?,Didn’t you see that I am bubble??” “Not ink,Keep […]

He is the only star。。。Thought of here,He is determined,At the same time, mental power controls some metal fragments to float。

“stop~”Rodney shouted。 Next moment,The boy in beast robes hit Rodney in the head。 After a while,Rodney separated two ordinary human teenagers and two orc teenagers who were fighting。 As a spiritual teacher,He is still very strong,Suppressing four apprentice-level warriors is still very easy—of course,His left face is swollen or something must be fake,Slandered by others。 […]

Then there was a bang,Not just those squatting in the lobby of the bank,Even Evincent was taken aback。

“what do you mean?” Evincent knows why,But the tone is still very scared。 “Compared to millionaires,I want to be a multi-millionaire!One is dead anyway,What does it matter if you die one more?” The man kicked his only remaining companion,Then point the gun at Evincent。Although I still can’t see the face,But there is already the pride […]

Don’t you hate everything that dad arranges??this time,Why do you listen to him?Or did you see the handsome and handsome Yunhe,Heart moved?

what is your purpose?Use Yunhe,Into the upper class social circle,Still really fell in love with him?Since childhood, you have been conspiring,Yun and Brother must have been fooled by you,I won’t let you succeed! When the car drove into the clubhouse,Lu Xin has controlled his emotions,Not so excited anymore,She is Miss Lu Family,Is everybody,Have a good […]

“bossPlease say。”Statham and Laleford said in unison。

“Based on your managers over the years and your knowledge reserves、Your age,honestly,It may be difficult for you to learn how to manage a business well,So if you don’t mind being emptied,I suggest you find a well-known accounting firm to cooperate,Annual financial、Review the investment status to ensure your interests,Give me the company’s strategic development,Hand over the […]

“Rest assured young man,I said I won’t do it to you。Besides, you should know,If i want to kill you,Just waved。”Master Cha shook his head,“My age,No longer suitable for killing。This time to see you,in fact.Forget it,It’s a bit difficult to explain,Come with me!”

Qin Feng frowned slightly,Because he doesn’t know what medicine is sold in this old man’s gourd。 “okay,Let’s go!” Old man waved,Then a car drove over。 Qin Feng really feels inexplicable! But he never thought,Because the driver is actually a girl。And looks young,I don’t even know if I’m an adult。 The green breath spreads over the […]