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Learned from pain,Biao Qi waited for the opportunity to create conflicts,Stir at any time,The messier the better。On the other hand, it has begun to quietly transfer assets overseas.,Get your wife and kids out first,I can’t escape Jin Chan,It is impossible to leave the brothers who have lived and died for many years regardless。

“Mahjong did not move this time,Really made me look down on him。”Out of god for a while,Biao Qi suddenly sighed。 ———— Chapter Sixty Four Car dealer fight Just get busy,Time will pass quickly。Li Tianchou shuttles back and forth in the workplace,I haven’t exchanged a few words with Peng Weihua,The morning time flies by。 What’s good […]

Although slightly,But the fragrance of the fragrance and delicious, the taste of the mutton soup, the taste of the mutton soup.。

Especially after the entry throat, the warm feelings instantly let the ridges hot sweat.。 Fit a special pepper,The taste is also changing,This change is more cool than before。 Soon the audience in the live broadcast,Ma Xiaoliang put a full bowl of mutton soup.。 The lamb inside is also a bit of eating.。 After eating,Ma Xiaoliang […]

Xia Jian was in a daze,I recovered my mind immediately。He laughed and said:“All new,very good,Thank you for your hard work”

Xia Jian lifted his suitcase and entered the door,He was about to turn around when closing the door,But Lu Xiuli flashed,Squeezed in from outside。 This woman walked over very generously,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,She sat on the sofa,Cocked Erlang’s legs。Two white and beautiful legs,Exposed from under the robe。 Lu Xiuli did not wear […]

“How did she know this?”Xia Jian asked strangely。

Yao Junli smiled and said:“Ouyang said that when they were in Pingdu,Two people have known each other a long time ago。This time Qin Xiaomin was transferred to the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles,They have an intersection in work,Slowly the two people become familiar again。So Qin Xiaomin got drunk once,I told it all invisibly” […]

Twenty-two Cosmos is actually very young,Just finished the second stage of development,Even before reaching the pinnacle of civilization,Hard to accept,It’s like a normal life’s death halfway through.,Or get sick、accident,Or be murdered,No other reason。

The initial extinction process created the illusion that the universe was sick,Only now has Chi Guoguo’s murder intentions revealed,Li Tianzhen has good reason to think so,The planner behind the scenes is the murderer,Big hand,Unheard of,Kuo Qimo and Shifang Jun have no such skills,Even the unfathomable giant star beast is not qualified,Is the murderer chaotic? Li […]

Qin Xiaomin saw that the two old men pinched up again,Feel a little funny,But she dare not laugh。

Just as they talk,There was a sudden noise of motorcycles outside the gate。Xiao Chenchen, who was playing with Tong Jie, suddenly lost his toy,While running towards the gate,Shouting:“Yo!Dad is back!“ Soon,I saw Xia Jian walking in with Xiao Chenchen。Xiao Chenchen held a lot of delicious spiritual food in her arms,No wonder this little guy likes […]

But the people from the union headquarters are here,This is too unexpected。

Although the Tujia in Lingxiao City,But overall by the Warrior Association,Tujia,Fighting conference and union composition。 Since the union can exist side by side,Needless to say the strength,His Yuan family is naturally far behind。 And this person turned out to be the strength to enter the Holy Realm,Such a trivial matter leads to a saint martial […]

“Such as Mr. Brewer,He is a famous professor at the University of Chicago Milton˙Friedman’s most beloved nephew,Friedman is very fond of him,Responsive!”

“But this time,Mr. Brewer was also the one who suffered the most,He invested in the Sakura Fund3.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Lost money。” “I heard that the school has ordered him to fill the loopholes personally,Otherwise, not only will he be fired,And will take him to court,Now even Professor Friedman is trying to raise money for […]

If the Su family just restored the glory of the old family,Then there is another family in Jinling,Is the real big winner。

The Jinling Zhang family was originally a third-rate family at best,Because the second son Zhang Bo’s disabled body miraculously recovered,And his wonderful performance on Guanyunping,No doubt,He and Lu Menglin who defeated the Ming clan are friends of life and death。 and so,Zhang Bo is highly rated in the eyes of many caring people,Naturally, the value […]

In a rage,Wherever you step is crushed,Whether it’s a forty-two level warrior,Or a forty-level Taoist priest,Whether it’s invisibility or magic shield,In front of the cold young man,Nothing works,Can’t even stop him for half a step。

Those two gangsters never had the courage to kill Mi Xiao Chong,Because of the person in front of you,It’s horrible,One of them simply dropped the knife,Plop,Kneeled to the ground。 And the other person sees his companion kneeling,Scared his face as earthy,Take another look at the miserable situation around,So I also dropped the long sword in […]