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“boss,This is new tea,So the price is not expensive,Give one hundred and twenty yuan!”Old farmers raise the price a little bit,Higher than the purchase price of tea merchants。If the tea merchant buys it,Only tens of dollars。

To know,This is dry tea,Take a large piece,To make a pound。Dozens of dollars actually won’t make much,After all, this is Baihao Silver Needle,Low yield,Higher management cost。 Populus euphratica nodded slightly,The price can be said to be cheap。If you buy it in the city,Start at 300 per catty? he knows,This tea,Is measured by year。 Under normal […]

But because people are not here yet,So these members are basically scattered and resting in twos and threes。When I saw Qin Feng coming in,Many people look at him naturally。

“Zhang Ting?Who is with him?” They don’t think Qin Feng will be a bodyguard,After all, this is a three-person team,Even if one of them is a bodyguard,One more person is definitely not。 “I’m afraid it’s a newcomer。” “Right,There are a lot of newcomers this year,I don’t know which small city it is!” “that is,I think […]

and,I still feel that someone is following me,Qin Feng came to the hospital,After parking the car,Did not sense the danger signal,But the feeling of someone sneaking at him is always there。

This feeling lasts until,Qin Feng walked into the hospital,Then I felt that the eyes that stared at me were gone。 Qin Feng shook his head and came to the dean’s office,He also has medical friends here,They are Old Zhen and Old Li。 “Zhen Lao,Li Lao……”Qin Feng saw two experts,Mr. Zhen and Mr. Li are here,There […]

This kind of murderous aura is not simply understood the desire to kill,But a cruel,The power of artistic conception with absolute faith。

Know on the whole continent,Don’t care about your state,Actually killing is not an easy task。 After all, this is to deprive others of their lives,Whether it cares or not,More or less something will gradually be hidden in my heart。 This has led to the recognition that one of the strongest artistic conceptions is the existence […]


First246chapter Wolfsburg:“Kid,Pick me up!” Chen Geng soon felt the pressure of Wolf Castle! When Rosemary went to China for negotiations,Negotiations with major production equipment providers have also started simultaneously,In this economic downturn、Major automakers have begun to reduce production capacity、When the original plan to increase the production line was also suspended,For major equipment providers,Of course it’s […]

Xie Lisu suddenly changed her face,The atmosphere is a bit solemn。

Xie Lisu is not to be outdone,Also growled:“How do you know that he cannot come back after an accident,You didn’t find him,I’m back in doubt,Do you know what happened to him??” Xie Lisu stared at Ding Keyu’s eyes,A series of roars。 Ding Keyu avoids her eyes,Said:“Can’t I see Ding Keyu’s heart for you?,you know,I’ve seen […]

“Qin Feng,What do you mean?on.

———— Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Four Bad news Qin Feng ducked and hid directly behind Yang Xi,At the same time I couldn’t help but say,“Fortunately, I didn’t let you be the head of the Zeng family,Just your face,Even if you become the owner of the family, you will kill the Zeng family。Ugh,You said everyone […]

This Lu Menglin is too courageous!I don’t know how to write dead words.?

Such a big egg,The creatures inside are extremely powerful without even thinking about it,In case he wakes up,Who can handle it if you figure it out? And even if everyone is lucky enough to deal with the monster in the giant egg,But you packed the little ones,If you provoke the big one,It’s not the same! […]

As you do,I’m afraid it won’t be interesting to come out today。Everyone accompany you to read the file here。

There is joy on Zhao’s face,Fang Buddha didn’t hear the old man’s complaint,Not finished yet,Call Hu Yang immediately。 “Hey!Xiaohu!This technology is very important,Although it is decades ago,But decades ago,This is just an idea,Not yet achieved。And today,That’s different。Some sensitive things are involved,I will discuss with you,Can you……” He said a lot,Probably means,That cutting-edge technology,In the past […]

“But as far as i know,since1992Since the pound crisis,The world economy continues to stagnate,The economic situation of the major developed countries in the world is not optimistic。”

“Therefore, despite the fact that Saudi Aramco has continuously delivered crude oil and its products to major developed countries in recent years,But the money didn’t come back,Instead, he earned back a lot of corporate acceptance bills from major developed countries.。” “Of course,These companies are mainly large oil companies in major developed countries such as the […]