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Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,He said to Xi Zhen:“You take a taxi back!This is not far from Mr. Yao’s house,I pass her“

“You also drink a lot,Ok?“Even though Xi Zhen said so,,But the person has gotten out of the car。She seemed to have heard Xia Jian say,The villa where Yao Junli lives,Ordinary people can’t go。 Xia Jian jumped into the car,Head off,So I drove Da Ben directly to Yao Junli’s private villa。at this time,There are very few […]

He decided to be a bad person,Even him has understood some hearts。

“Xiao Li,Don’t talk about me.,Vegetables are sold,How do you make money?? And they plant vegetables in the past are yours.,Even you sign the contract with them。” “uncle,Not talking,I really want them to sell.。” Xu Laifu heard that Li Hui Rong once again,It is also more confused.。 “Row,You can remember back early.,Originally, I still want to […]

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Four Is it a deal?

“I want to call the police。”The smelly socks were just taken off,The short young man yelled viciously,“I went to the wrong room,This bastard hits me without asking for any questions,I want him to jail!Go to jail” “Is that so?this……Mr. Lee?”A trace of vulgarity flashed in Officer Liu’s eyes。 Li Tianchou saw it,Feel bad。But you must […]

This feeling is not outside.。

“What kind of work? The big shed at home is enough.,If you won’t go,Your mother is crying every day.,Do you think about your mother, think you think every day??” “knew,Then I will go back and pack it.。” Li Hui Feng saw Xu Tianci’s attitude,I always feel that the other party has changed a lot.。 Especially […]

Bang,A big hole was smashed in the center of Zhang Mugen’s small courtyard,But the rickety old man is gone,When several old men are suspicious,Suddenly smelled a big drink,“Brother Gu be careful!”

Drink with this body,The rickety old man appeared like a ghost‘Tianzhenwei’Behind,Mouth,A blood red flame spurted,That name‘Tianzhenwei’Fortunately, my colleagues reminded me,At the end of the day, a small bronze shield was offered,Blocked most of the flames,But it was still scorched to the back of the neck by a small flame,It hurts immediately。 Flame is extremely domineering,Not […]

With the slight closing sound behind me,A rush of footsteps from near to far,To the other end of the alley。

Xia Jian panting,Only then can I see clearly,Isn’t this the front yard of Zhao Hong’s house??I was rushed by Wang Junli just now,He doesn’t know where he ran。 Zhao Hong in the moonlight,White shirt,Black pants,Beautiful。So she saved herself,Xia Jianzheng who understands the situation wants to speak。I saw Zhao Hong’s finger sticking to her mouth,Booed,Then he […]

“boss,This is new tea,So the price is not expensive,Give one hundred and twenty yuan!”Old farmers raise the price a little bit,Higher than the purchase price of tea merchants。If the tea merchant buys it,Only tens of dollars。

To know,This is dry tea,Take a large piece,To make a pound。Dozens of dollars actually won’t make much,After all, this is Baihao Silver Needle,Low yield,Higher management cost。 Populus euphratica nodded slightly,The price can be said to be cheap。If you buy it in the city,Start at 300 per catty? he knows,This tea,Is measured by year。 Under normal […]

But because people are not here yet,So these members are basically scattered and resting in twos and threes。When I saw Qin Feng coming in,Many people look at him naturally。

“Zhang Ting?Who is with him?” They don’t think Qin Feng will be a bodyguard,After all, this is a three-person team,Even if one of them is a bodyguard,One more person is definitely not。 “I’m afraid it’s a newcomer。” “Right,There are a lot of newcomers this year,I don’t know which small city it is!” “that is,I think […]

and,I still feel that someone is following me,Qin Feng came to the hospital,After parking the car,Did not sense the danger signal,But the feeling of someone sneaking at him is always there。

This feeling lasts until,Qin Feng walked into the hospital,Then I felt that the eyes that stared at me were gone。 Qin Feng shook his head and came to the dean’s office,He also has medical friends here,They are Old Zhen and Old Li。 “Zhen Lao,Li Lao……”Qin Feng saw two experts,Mr. Zhen and Mr. Li are here,There […]

This kind of murderous aura is not simply understood the desire to kill,But a cruel,The power of artistic conception with absolute faith。

Know on the whole continent,Don’t care about your state,Actually killing is not an easy task。 After all, this is to deprive others of their lives,Whether it cares or not,More or less something will gradually be hidden in my heart。 This has led to the recognition that one of the strongest artistic conceptions is the existence […]