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“Guo Zijian。”

“……Guo Zijian!”
Chen Xiu wanted to capture Guo Zijian out of anger,But Ou Sheng’s talents are assembled,The Guo family has surrounded the hotel。
“This thing is wrong,Someone secretly tricked!”
Not long after I encountered the attack,Guo Zijian was kidnapped here,This is too coincidental。
“I don’t care about anyone,What should we do now!”
Ou Sheng looked at the black man wrapped in white towels,If she was on Hong Kong Island, she would still dare to fight,Although the number of people is at a disadvantage,But the power of Ou’s family on Hong Kong Island blew a whistle,It’s not a problem to get 10,000 hands。
It’s a pity that this is Australia Island,In Australia,The Guo family can blow a whistle,Tens of thousands more can come。
The room door suddenly opened,He Shouheng hurried in。
“I have assembled all the security personnel of the casino,Can block them for a while。”
“Brother Chen,I prepared a big flight at the dock,You and Miss Ou first、Dr. Lai went back to Hong Kong Island to hide for a while。”
Chen Xiu was moved,He Shouheng assembles manpower and conflicts with Guo Qilin,Arranged to escape again,This is undoubtedly an official war with the Guo family。
To know what、The interests of the Guo family are complicated,This is not as simple as dying dozens of horses。
“I am leaving,How do you explain to Guo Qilin?”

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