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This magical blood test black technology,Has been preached,Become a great invention that changed human health medicine。

Entrepreneurship icon from Silicon Valley,Ms. Elizabeth, known as the female version of Jobs, will lead her team to the Seoul Stadium,Preach their great inventions to audiences across Asia。
What an exciting time this will be!This one claims to be able to change the world,A technology team that changes the history of human health,Choose Seoul, South Korea to hold this unprecedented grand press conference,In the minds of Korean people,Itself is a high recognition of South Korea’s strength,Greatly enhance their national confidence and cohesion。
obviously,South Korean political officials also think so,So they are on the issue of this technology conference,Maintain a high degree of cooperation,Green light all the way,This is why the press conference can be in such a short time,The scene is so grand,The main reason for the great momentum。
The feedback from the U.S. and Europe is always positive,This Ms. Elizabeth has received investment from several world-class super-rich,Including big figures in American politics。
Not hard to guess,This lady elizabeth,And her star team,Will become like Mr. Jobs,Have the influence to change the world。
And the important point is,They are too rich,Specifications and venues selected for this new technology conference,All top,The most expensive!
Just the investment before and after this conference,Has reached tens of millions of dollars,For government officials in Seoul,,It’s also a visible income,Enough to silence most of the opposition。
And according to gossip rumors,At the press conference,This company hopes that the company will pick lucky audiences on the spot,Give away part of the company’s original shares。
This news greatly aroused the enthusiasm of Seoul people,Because everyone knows,The prospects of this company are destined to be brilliant,If you can hold the original shares of the company,Even just a little bit,Probably in just a few years,Will become an unimaginable wealth。
All the people who knew the news flocked to it,Hard to get a ticket at the scene,Unusually hot。
now,There is one hour left before this great press conference,The huge electronic timing screen in the center of Seoul Stadium,Countdown has started。
Compared with the enthusiasm of ordinary people,The reaction of South Korean political and business circles seems much calmer。

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