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Chen Limu can hear a pillar of the chair,Shaking all over,Ye Xingkong quickly comforted her a few words,He decided not to talk anymore。

But Chen Limu doesn’t follow,Let him go on。
Ye Xingkong can’t help it,Had to follow the instructions。
“It turns out that the legend on the gray planet is true,Who drinkxue,Will slowly become another person,After this,I slowly become like Ke Lan。but,Ke Lan doesn’t mind。”
“How is my son now?”Chen Limu is probably most concerned about his son’s safety or life and death。
“You want to mourn,I spent a while with him,He finally passed away to save me,Sorry。”Ye Xingkong lowered his head and lowered his eyes,Sad。
“he died?This is not true,What you said is not true,I believe in saving people,but.?”Chen Limu said excitedly,But I have to believe in my heart。
“Ke Lan to save me……”Ye Xingkong feels a little can’t go on,Eyes full of tears。
“Have a good mother,There must be a good son,On Earth,I will take care of you on behalf of Kelan,Treat you。”
“I would like to know,How did Ke Lan fall into the cliff,He has always been so kind。”Chen Limu’s eyes are moist,The last picture of Ding Kelan’s life came to mind,Is her imaginary misery。
After hearing what Ye Xingkong said,,Chen Limu is all sad,Feeling exhausted。It turns out that my children will encounter this situation。
Chen Limu raised his resentful eyes,Sigh:“Butterflies will fly,Ye will eventually fall。This is Ye’s fate、This is the line of butterflies。”
suddenly,She got a rush,Somewhat unwilling,Like praying:“Can you help me?Take me to see Ke Lan anyway,Can’t see people alive,I’ll see you too.!”Originally decisive,But can’t go on。

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