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Although Goldman Sachs、Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, the three major Wall Street investment banks are not too many stocks,Add up to4600Ten thousand shares,Not as much as the Songkan Group stocks that the Horizon Fund has just sold。

But I explained it more than once before,As the largest investment banks in the world,They never fight alone!
To know,Behind every major Wall Street investment bank, there are countless investment institutions and investors following at every step.,In other words, the actions of these major Wall Street investment banks have attracted the attention of the world.。
The investment institutions and investors behind the Wall Street investment banks have always believed in a belief,That is to follow the boss to eat meat。
In fact, the truth is very simple,Those big investment banks have the best traders and actuaries in the world、Risk Prevention and Control Division,The investment choices made by big investment banks are definitely better than those of small investment institutions。
So whenever these big investment banks have any wind in the world’s major financial markets,He does not have those investment institutions and investors behind him, he will follow the wind,Follow those big investment banks to do transactions,And doing so will often bring very good returns to those investment institutions and investors。
So in a certain sense,Every investment behavior of every major investment bank,Are actually leading the direction of world investment。
Today is no exception,Seeing the boss of the five major investment banks on Wall Street、The second and fourth are dispatched together,One after another stand up and short the share price of Songkan Group,This is for those investment institutions and investors who follow suit,They undoubtedly believe that the share price of Songkhan Group will fall sharply!
So those who follow the trend of investment institutions and investors have nothing to say,When I came up, I went to short the shares of Songkan Group。
therefore,Because Songcan Group“Guard fund”Strong entry,There was only a brief standoff on the US Nasdaq securities trading market.。
But soon with the sudden entry of the three major investment banks on Wall Street,Countless investment institutions and investors who followed suit quickly followed suit,The second wave of Sonkan Group’s stock selling orders hit again like a tide。
This also makes the original confrontation between long and short sides,Soon because of the disparity in strength between long and short,And quickly became a one-sided situation。
With more and more stock sell orders,Songcan Group50Billion dollar“Guard fund”Exhausted soon,What followed was that many parties in the stock market were completely unable to withstand the strong attacks of the short parties.,Quickly defeated。
And Songkhan Group’s stock price also plummeted again,Quickly by35The dollar fell to30USD per share,25USD per share.And didn’t mean to stop at all。
See this scene at this moment,Crumpsoe show is extremely quiet,No one sends any time,Especially the so-called“patriot”,I can’t believe this scene。
Dignified one of the largest corporate groups in Thailand,Songcan Group, a giant that dominates the entire Southeast Asian entertainment industry,It was completely defeated by Qiao Tianyu’s zero fund in just three minutes!

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