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Ye Xingkong lowered his head and typed a few lines:I greeted Sheng Blu-ray’s logistics office,They are hiring a doorman,There are requirements and conditions,If you want to go,As an indicator of special recruitment,See what Tian Jin said?

First126chapter Settle down
Tian Lu stared at Ye Xingkong in surprise,Ye Xingkong smiled confidently at her。
Time of crisis,Ye Xingkong will always lend a helping hand。Let Tian Lu be grateful。
Tian Lu said:“Sheng Blu-ray is so difficult to enter a company,How do you convince the logistics office to open the back door for Tian Jin。”
Ye Xingkong still smiled lightly,Like telling her,Own way。
The picture goes to the morning,Ye Xingkong did everything possible for Tian Jin to retreat,According to Tian Jin’s actual qualifications,Find the logistics office for him,Found that the door position is more suitable for him,Many responsibilities are to go to the underground garage to direct and coordinate parking vehicles in and out,No need to use your brain。
Ye Xingkong made clear the ins and outs of things with Xiao Bi,I hope Xiao Bi can help me,Go to the head of the logistics department in charge of the vehicles。
The head of the vehicle is a pudgy,It’s a special person who wins,Sophisticated man,Xiao Bi whispered to Chunky,Who is the person standing in front of you。After explaining your intention,I stuffed another card for Dumpty Dumpty,Humpty Dumpty naturally collects money and speaks well,Besides, the person in front of you is the top of the Ding family,Although I don’t know how high his status is,Listen to Xiao Bi,Naturally you cannot offend people。
So Chunky walked to Ye Xingkong with a smile,Slightly short of breath,Said like a promise:“Tian Jin,People young,College student again,Human part,What we lack is this kind of people,You told him to come over these few days,I came to communicate with the logistics office、make arrangements for,Don’t worry。”
Ye Xingkong glanced at Xiao Bi,Xiao Bi erected one behind Chunky“OK”Fingers,Then he nodded satisfactorily to Chunky。
At the end,Chunky smiles happily,Send Ye Xingkong and Xiao Bi away。
Benefit fee for chunky squeezed hands,Happy。

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