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Su Xuehen even thought,Could this be a trick to pick up girls??

But if this is the case,Then his methods are too earth-shaking。
At the campus anniversary festival,He killed the villain with his own hand,Superintendent Lien is here,Dare not do anything to him,Can only leave the scene sadly,The energy in this boy may not be too strong。
But it is this powerful force that is suffocating,Su Xuehen had a sense of rejection invisibly,Let her just want to stay away from the envelope of this powerful force,To return to a simple and peaceful life。
That’s why she instinctively resisted him,Don’t want to have too much contact with him。
And this feeling is extremely contradictory,On the one hand, I faintly feel that he seems really familiar,On the one hand, there is some fear,It seems because of his coming,Will get yourself involved in something more terrifying。
“Ok!I don’t know why you don’t remember the past,but it does not matter,I just wanna tell you,I have the power to protect you!You don’t have to be afraid of anyone。I will not bother you anymore,You go back。Goodbye!I’ll see you tomorrow。”Lu Menglin is in a bad mood,Still composure,Waved and smiled。
Su Xuehen nodded,Turned around and walked into the house。
She didn’t see,The boy behind him looked slumped,As if lost。
now,Lu Menglin is upset,Su Xuehen amnesia?How is this possible?And she is not just ordinary amnesia,This is like the memory is covered。
Is the girl who went in really not Su Xuehen?Is another girl who grew up in deep city?
Do not,wrong!impossible!She is obviously Su Xuehen,And even the name is the same,How can there be such a coincidence in the world!
There must be something,I don’t understand yet,Not mastered!Must figure this out!

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