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Anthony·Fokker nodded,That’s what he meant。

Although if something similar happens,Chen Geng’s shares in this company are not much better,But what does this have to do with Fokker?I only care about my own loss。
“That’s ok,”Chen Geng readily agreed:“If the Chinese side is forced to buy Fokker’s shares at a price significantly lower than the market price,Or simply use government power to forcibly confiscate Fokker’s shares in this company,I will cover the loss of Fokker。”
I’m rubbing,You can agree to such conditions?
Anthony·Fokker looked at Chen Geng in surprise,I think Chen Geng is crazy:You are so confident in the credit of the Chinese government?Hesitated,Anthony·Fokker couldn’t help reminding Chen Geng:“I thought of these two possibilities for a while,If there are other possibilities,I will join the negotiation later,but……Mr. Fernandez,Maybe i need to remind you,The Chinese government has a bad record of similar behavior,And time is not long。”
Of course Chen Geng knows Anthony·What is Fokker talking about,He nodded:“I know,I am willing to take a gamble,But in contrast,Since I’m in my pocket for your Fokker company’s interests,I also have a few conditions。”
“You say。”Anthony·Fokker said happily。
Since Chen Geng is willing to take such a big risk to cover the interests of Fokker,It is normal for others to put forward some conditions to guarantee their own interests,I can’t take advantage of all the advantages.?
Chen Geng:“My shareholding in this joint venture company is30%。”
I heard Chen Geng’s request,Anthony·Fokker frowned immediately:The Chinese side compulsory requires its own shareholding ratio to meet and exceed50%,Now Fernandez requires him to hold shares for30%,Isn’t the share left to Fokker company limited?20%?
Technology and management methods are provided by Fokker,The products produced are authorized by Fokker,In the end, Fokker turned out to be the minority shareholder with the least shareholding?!Anthony·Fokker can’t accept this,Even if there is Chen Geng to cover Fokker’s interests,He can’t accept it,but……
“25%,”Anthony·Fokker pondered for a moment,Categorically:“Your shares cannot exceed25%,And China Capital’s shareholding ratio can only be50.01%。”
In other words,In the event that it is clearly determined that Fokker Company cannot obtain a controlling stake in the company,The limit of its own shareholding that Fokker can accept is the total equity24.99%,Although it is still the smallest shareholder,Has been infinitely close to the second shareholder,Considering that this company produces a new generationF28Aircraft Fokker can also get a license,This is already Anthony·Fokker can accept the limit。
“25%……OK,so be it,”Chen Geng can see it,This is probably the limit that Fokker can accept,He turned to the second condition:“Maintenance of all Fokker aircraft in Asia、Maintenance and overhaul business……Including engine……Must be handed to me。”

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