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Besides, there is no warning,Ready to kill as soon as he comes up,Obviously the patrol that appeared here was prepared by Zhang Qiang.。Or,These people are Zhang Qiang!

This situation is a bit delicate!
Because if the official people are selfish,It’s not an exaggeration to kill all the people on their side。How to do?Qin Feng is also very anxious,Pretend to be lying on the ground,But the brain is spinning fast。
No weapons on his,It’s hard to compete with the official staff。Even because the Patrol Hall is officially dispatched,Even if you want to say they are not compliant,But who would believe what a gangster said?The masses cannot believe!
Now Qin Feng and his group seem to be passive。
Just at this moment,The patrol car suddenly exploded。
Qin Feng was stunned,How to say?It was made by the blasting mercenary group?
However, Qin Feng heard a familiar voice not far away,“Master, hurry up!”
It’s the voice of flying knife king Wang Fei,Before, they not only solved the gang of blasting mercenary group,At the same time, the group’s“equipment”All paid。
Otherwise, they won’t be able to continue playing sniper confrontation with the other side just now.!
And now the sudden appearance of the patrol has disrupted their plan,They didn’t even expect that the other party would pour Qin Feng to the ground。
When I understand,Wang Fei and Chen Feng lost their blasting equipment without saying a word.,And then blew up one of the patrol vehicles。This will give Qin Feng a chance,So that they can quickly retreat from a nearby location。
of course,There must be a fight in the middle,And Qin Feng didn’t dare to hide anything,Throwing Knife。Now he can no longer manage the situation afterwards。
At least I have to leave here alive.。
Fortunately, Chen Feng and Wang Fei are now“equipment”Extremely sophisticated,There are even a lot of grenades。Now they are like a group of thugs fighting against the patrol。

She has spoken very bluntly,Hope the other party can be afraid。

Qizhi put away his smile,Shook his head,Tao:“Of course I am not a fool!but,You still can’t go!Because you are not fighting these bad guys,But my face,Smashed my sign。If I just let you go,I would rather not open this store。”
Speaking of which,Qizhi beckoned,A group of black men came in from the door,Everyone is as vicious,Angry。
402Where did the brothers in the dormitory have seen such a posture?,All of them turned pale,Soft feet,I can’t even stand straight。
How many of them can toss,It’s just a student,Where is the opponent of these gangsters,Regardless of momentum or experience,All far away。
Xiao Qu’s brows are getting tighter,She did not expect this store to have such a big background,The guy in front of you,Know so much about the situation in the compound,It’s definitely not a gangster,Maybe some big family raised the white gloves,And it’s the one that can’t be sold at any time。
“It’s a big deal to lose some money for you!I can ask them to apologize!”Xiao Qu rolled his eyes,Indifferent。
This chick is very clever,Things are wrong at first sight,Bow your head immediately,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses。
Qizhi chuckled,Shook his head:“no need to say sorry,Your little girl’s house,It’s not you who hit someone。As long as you don’t make trouble,I don’t want to provoke you。”
“That won’t work!I brought them,I let them do it!You want to move my little brother,Then I lose face!”Little fun really is a moral responsibility,Awe-inspiring。
“I’m afraid I can’t help you!I said it before,You don’t make trouble,I won’t move you。If you have to make trouble,Don’t blame me for breaking the rules!”Qi Zhi gritted his teeth viciously。
Xiaoqu still needs to talk,But Lu Menglin patted the shoulder from behind。
“You sit down first,I have a chat with him。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Xiaoqu’s eyes rolled,Even she is a little curious,The boss faced this situation,What can be done。
Qi Straighten his head,Looking at the delicate boy in front of you。

Deng Jiajia also bit her lip,Said:“Shall I go home and call someone to go?My uncle was beaten by them,I called my family over,May be able to help。”

Wang Xiaomei shook her head,Giggled:“you’re so dumb!Look at your uncle,Where is the injury!They won’t admit it!And all these people’s hands are broken,Such a big thing,It’s useless if your family comes!”
I heard what Wang Xiaomei said,Even Lu Menglin couldn’t help being a little surprised。
This black-skinned girl has very good brains!Calm and worry about things,Unexpectedly, there is such a piece of jade in this country place,I really underestimated her before。
Three Talking Room,Abnormal noises came from several directions around the construction site。
There are sirens from far away,There is the brake of the vehicle,And obviously more than one。
There was a large mess of footsteps coming from nearby,It sounds like a large number of people are coming up,Surround this construction site。
First appeared at the entrance of the site,It’s a group of people with colorful hair,They are all seventeen or eighteen-year-old young punks,With a cigarette in his mouth,I took all kinds of guys in my hands。
Machete and iron rod,There are also a few dazzling boning knives in your hands,This kind of big killer stabbed him,It’s just a big hole in the opposite direction。
obviously,These punks were called by someone to start the battle。
Big buddies who have been in the arena all year round know,Not afraid of old fritters,I’m afraid of being stunned。
The old fritters know the weight,Even if you kill people, you will know,Click until。The one I’m most afraid of encountering is this kind of seventeen or eighteen year old stunned green,do not understand anything,The kind that rushes to life。

In a rage,Wherever you step is crushed,Whether it’s a forty-two level warrior,Or a forty-level Taoist priest,Whether it’s invisibility or magic shield,In front of the cold young man,Nothing works,Can’t even stop him for half a step。

Those two gangsters never had the courage to kill Mi Xiao Chong,Because of the person in front of you,It’s horrible,One of them simply dropped the knife,Plop,Kneeled to the ground。
And the other person sees his companion kneeling,Scared his face as earthy,Take another look at the miserable situation around,So I also dropped the long sword in my hand,Knelt down。
“I do not know anything,It’s them,Called me over。Spare!”This man is trembling,Vibrato。
“roll!”Drinking a voice from Lu Menglin’s mouth。
Those two are like Bong Lun Yin,Turn around and run,I can’t even pick up weapons。
Mi Xiaochong is ashamed,Muttered with his head down:“Brother Wuhao,I,I’m so useless。”
Lu Menglin shook his head,The expression on his face is still cold,Lightly:“Step back。”
Mi Xiao Chong,Know something different,Immediately buried his head and ran behind Long Zhanye。
what!what!Two screams came from a distance,I was shocked to hear。
Are the two people from the rivers and lakes just now,Master Wu Hao obviously let them go,But they still screamed。
Someone,Someone is behind the garbage mountain!
Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming looked up at the same time,Concentrate,Feel the breath over there。
It seems,Master Wuhao is one step faster than them,I already know there are people behind the garbage mountain,That’s why Mi Xiaochong hides behind,So as not to get caught。
as expected,A large number of people came out from behind the garbage mountain。
This time, it’s not the mobs just now,But a regular army with bright armor。
Nearly a thousand troops,Half of the temple guards,They are wearing the special cyan and red armor of the temple,Very recognizable。
And the other half,It is one of the six guards of Tianzun God City,Bai Huwei。They are the army horses responsible for guarding the city and maintaining public order in the city,Unexpectedly, five hundred riders came all at once。
Whether it’s the white tiger guard in front of you,Or those guardians of the temple,Makes people feel chills。

Xie Lisu suddenly changed her face,The atmosphere is a bit solemn。

Xie Lisu is not to be outdone,Also growled:“How do you know that he cannot come back after an accident,You didn’t find him,I’m back in doubt,Do you know what happened to him??”
Xie Lisu stared at Ding Keyu’s eyes,A series of roars。
Ding Keyu avoids her eyes,Said:“Can’t I see Ding Keyu’s heart for you?,you know,I’ve seen you for the first time,I am deeply attracted by you,Inextricable,See you and Ke Lan together,I just bury this love in my heart,Have you never felt my love?”
Xie Lisu’s mouth is like a machine gun,Seriously:“I always think of you as my brother,There has never been any love between men and women,I hope we can also exist in this relationship in the future。otherwise,I will not be able to face you from now on,You won’t do that makes me not want to see、People who don’t want to care,right?”
Ding Keyu with inked face,Stop talking。
Xie Lisu looked at the watch on her wrist,Facial expressions eased a bit,Said with a slight smile:“I’m leaving,Hope to see you next time,We can still get along like a brother and sister。”
Ding Keyu stood in place,My eyes move with Xie Lisu’s moving figure。
He wanted to keep her for dinner,He wanted to accompany her to where he wanted to go,I wanted to send her back to the apartment。
But now Xie Lisu is so determined to separate the relationship between the two,How can Ding answer the call?,How to further the following kind behavior?
Seeing Xie Lisu is going out,Ding Keyu took her arm,Said:“I will take you back to the apartment。”
Xie Lisu retracted her arm,Look at Ding Keyu,Poker face,Cute before、Miss charming,Replied coldly:“no need,I want to be quiet,one way or another,Still have to thank you,Brother Ke Yu,Today at Sheng Blu-ray TV,I’m still very happy,I go first,keep in touch。”
Ding Keyu sees Xie Lisu’s words for this purpose,Can’t go on,Going on will only“Injury”。

The situation on McDonnell’s side is similar,In order to cut costs,In addition to the fuselage and nose assembly,Like an engine nacelle、Engine hanger、Vertical tail、Horizontal tail、Flap、Fairing and other components between the wing and the fuselage,All have OEMs that have cooperated for many years to help produce,Among them are many companies from China,Like last year,Shen Fei started to manufacture for McDonnell DouglasMD-80Horizontal tail,Xifei started to manufacture for McDonnell DouglasMD-80Vertical tail……

Thinking of Xifei and Shen Fei,Chen Geng’s heart moved,Asked little MacDonald:“Mike,If you let Xifei and Shen Fei of China as an OEM for youDC-10withMD-11Body components,Is there any problem with the US government??Ok,I remember you said,Xifei and Shen Fei made it for youMD-80The quality of the vertical and flat tails are good?”
Let Huaxia OEM for McDonnell DouglasDC-10withMD-11Body components?Little MacDonald hesitated,,Did not directly answer this question,But a heart move,Said:“This one……I can’t tell,As you said,Xifei and Shen Fei OEM for usmd-80The quality of the vertical and flat tails is very good,OEM for usDC-10Vertical tail and flat tail,Technically speaking, the problem should not be big,But you also know,DC-10After all there is a military version,That isKC-10Aerial tanker,I am a little worried about the attitude of the military,More worried that Boeing might be in trouble。”
Will Boeing be in trouble?In Chen Geng’s opinion, this is almost certain,No other reason,Even if it’s to trouble McDonnell Douglas,They will do it too。
As for the reason?DC-10The military version is the U.S. ArmyKC-10Aerial tanker,If Huaxia is in contact withDC-10Vertical tail and flat tail assembly,It is possible for China to understand the core military secrets of the US military,Is this reason enough??
Although McDonnell Douglas found Huaxia foundry to be an improved dual-issue versionDC-10Flat tail and vertical tail components,But for the military,One“May leak military secrets”Enough to stop this。
All this sounds very reasonable, right??But Chen Geng was not caught by Little MacDonald!
Boeing and the military have a lot of friendship,Could it be that McDonnell Douglas and the military are two parallel lines?The military wants to sell Boeing a face,Don’t you want to sell your face?
Chen Geng knows very well,The reason why little Macdonald said that,Is nothing more than realizing that I want toDC-10withMD-11After the fuselage components are handed over to Huaxia’s corporate foundry,I hope to fix the military side by myself,I don’t want to waste my favor。
But this situation can be seen through,Since you are not in a hurry,Then I am in a hurry?
Pretending not to understand the hint in little Macdonald’s words,Chen Geng smiled:“So,forget about it,Can’t do it slowly。”
Take it easy?
How does this work?!
Little Macdonald was a little worried,He just about to speak,Can’t help but look at Chen Geng’s smiling face again,Suddenly reacted:This bastard is watching his joke。
The old face blushed instantly。
Since Chen Geng is not fooled,Little MacDonald immediately took out the second set of rhetoric he had prepared,He frowned and sighed:“such,I’m afraid to go to the Pentagon to find out the situation,If the military’s attitude on this matter is not very firm,Then try to operate,Fernandez,Even if Huaxia can provide enough modification and assembly in half a year,We can’t complete the corresponding amount of modification……”
This is a problem,Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“Let your people send me a modificationDC-10List of required hardware,Let me see if Fokker can take part of the modification work。”

This is why Qin Feng uses one“Are you sprinkling”Look at Liu Xing。

“What to do,This is also very operational, OK??Besides,We don’t have to use it first after we get the fake identity,We can test it first,Maybe we can get what we want through fake identities.?”Liu Xing explained seriously。
What he said,Qin Feng thought for a moment,Suddenly I feel that what the other party said is not unreasonable。
Use fake identities to facilitate them,even.
Thought of here,It doesn’t seem to be inoperable。
and so,Qin Feng said,“that,Meet each other first?It’s better to keep this person in our hands。of course,The premise is that he has real ability!”Qin Feng looked serious。
Of course he understands that some of these false witnesses are even liars。After all, what they did was illegal,So even if they scam money and ran away,You seem to be really helpless。
After all, if you really report,The official staff may be able to catch the faker back,But it may be impossible。You know that agents are not omnipotent!But the opposite,You, who are planning to use fake documents, are in trouble。This is also a civil crime,so,Some criminals use this mentality to cheat。
of course,Qin Feng thinks Liu Xing wouldn’t be so heartless,To the point where a former nobleman is going to be deceived by a liar,It’s shameful to say it。Liu Xing is not so stupid,So it should have been understood through some means or methods。
“Well, it’s already arranged。Just think about it
Better tell you,That’s why I came to you!”
“Row,Then go over now!”Qin Feng naturally didn’t want to waste time after he understood。
Okay,The location agreed by Liu Xing and the other party is a bar in Dongcheng。
of course,Now this bar can be considered within the sphere of influence of the Fengmeng,It’s just that not many people know。
But this is exactly what they want。

Voices of comfort are constantly ringing around,Naturally no one will grab this terrier and make a joke。

“I tried,still alright,The rest of the brothers!”
He Hongyuan organizes his clothes,Looks like a full meal。
Behind He Hongyuan,Is an obscenehLaughing man。
The day Gao Lan is the least willing to remember,She didn’t know how she spent it,I just remember that one man after another kept leaping towards him,No matter how she struggles,All in vain。
The thing Gao Lan wants most now is to call the police,But what Gao Lan didn’t know was,Is the worst day in her life,In the police station, it was also caused by a person。
As a member of the exhibit department,Even though I serve the people everywhere,But they never thought that one day they would become a first-line fighter。
Is indeed always ready,Not afraid of any challenges,But what I didn’t expect was,Debut of the police officer of the Evidence Division,Encountered Waterloo。
All graduated from police academy,Have learned fighting and Sanda,But why did you lose to a yoga practitioner??
The person in front of him who is constantly playing with important exhibits does not know which country he is from,After all, people from that continent all look the same。
I was a little unhappy before going into a coma,But fortunately, I heard my own reinforcements。
Finally held on!The brothers in the evidence department closed their eyes in peace。
Chapter 398 No ordinary
Select alarmiObserve this profession,Basically, it has nothing to do with the words An’an,Except for the exhibit department,The same room is less than 30 square meters,guniThe comrades in the tool room can still make up some pictures,Look forward to it when maintaining guns,And the exhibit department faced a pile of sealed exhibits,At most, I have had eye addiction。
Why the policeiObserve that this profession is so dangerous,But there are still people who continue to choose to join?
Except for that duty and responsibility,It’s nothing more than a little heroic dream。
No darkness,It’s because someone is walking forward silently,But this is not a big evidence department,But sealed the lofty ambitions of the three young people。
Zhang Pingfan is the only single dog in the exhibit department,The duty of this kind of work also falls on him.。

“Master Zhou,Old and incompetent,Made you suffer!”

Qu Tian leaned slightly against Zhou Ziyi,Express my apology,As for the wound on Zhou Ziyi’s back waist,Qu Tianyi didn’t want to watch it again。
“None of your old business,We want a quiet environment,Your room is downstairs again,Can perceive the danger here,It’s not easy,Thanks a lot this time,Without you,May suffer a big loss!”
Zhou Ziyi waved to Qu Tianyi not to worry,Haven’t waited until Zhou Ziyi to say anything,Long Qi exclaimed,I ran out with my eyes covered。
The men in the room are a little embarrassed,Especially Zhou Ziyi who hasn’t put on clothes yet,His face was blue and white,The capital shame is written on the face。
Qu Tianyi’s breath is slightly heavy,Obviously, Xiang Chen’s behavior made the old man very angry。
I want to persuade Zhou Ziyi not to be afraid of anything,Just let it go,But thinking of myself, the horse lost its forehead,Promise at this time,Almost equal to big talk。
In my room,Feel the change upstairs,Qu Tianyi knew that an unexpected guest had arrived in Zhou Ziyi’s room,I pressed my breath for the first time and touched it,But Xiang Chen seems to have the ability to predict,When I fell,Out of the way。
Last time I was in Li’s house in the magic capital,This time in front of Zhou Ziyi,Both times it was Xiang Chen that made Qu Tian lose face,Maybe you don’t feel so angry when you are old,But this does not mean that the old family is not angry。
I want to chase Chen Chen,But I’m afraid that this is Xiang Chen’s move away from the mountaindhtw.Plan,For a time, Qu Tianyi was a little bit confused about where to go。
“Zhou Gongzi,If I just rest in the living room,Before escorting you back to Beijing,I’m trying my best to keep you safe!”
When talking,Qu Tianyi blushed slightly,But what was said was loud and loud。
“Lao Qu should live in my room, right!I can do it in the living room!”
A few people will naturally not let Qu Tianyi sleep on the sofa in the living room,Cai Kunpeng volunteered to let his room out。
“Qu Lao,If Xiang Chen really wanted to kill someone,At your discretion,What do you think is the chance of this person surviving?I hope not to lie to me!”
Zhou Ziyi can still feel the pain on his butt,Zhou Ziyi looked at the ground,Asked in a low voice。
“I can keep him,But i can’t stop him,At his peak,I’m afraid even if it is teaming up with Tianshu and Diyou,Only 50% sure!”
Qu Tianyi tells the truth,Even if it hurts。
“I know!”
Zhou Ziyi’s tone is very calm,There is no regret or indignation after learning the results。

Su Xuehen even thought,Could this be a trick to pick up girls??

But if this is the case,Then his methods are too earth-shaking。
At the campus anniversary festival,He killed the villain with his own hand,Superintendent Lien is here,Dare not do anything to him,Can only leave the scene sadly,The energy in this boy may not be too strong。
But it is this powerful force that is suffocating,Su Xuehen had a sense of rejection invisibly,Let her just want to stay away from the envelope of this powerful force,To return to a simple and peaceful life。
That’s why she instinctively resisted him,Don’t want to have too much contact with him。
And this feeling is extremely contradictory,On the one hand, I faintly feel that he seems really familiar,On the one hand, there is some fear,It seems because of his coming,Will get yourself involved in something more terrifying。
“Ok!I don’t know why you don’t remember the past,but it does not matter,I just wanna tell you,I have the power to protect you!You don’t have to be afraid of anyone。I will not bother you anymore,You go back。Goodbye!I’ll see you tomorrow。”Lu Menglin is in a bad mood,Still composure,Waved and smiled。
Su Xuehen nodded,Turned around and walked into the house。
She didn’t see,The boy behind him looked slumped,As if lost。
now,Lu Menglin is upset,Su Xuehen amnesia?How is this possible?And she is not just ordinary amnesia,This is like the memory is covered。
Is the girl who went in really not Su Xuehen?Is another girl who grew up in deep city?
Do not,wrong!impossible!She is obviously Su Xuehen,And even the name is the same,How can there be such a coincidence in the world!
There must be something,I don’t understand yet,Not mastered!Must figure this out!