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Twenty-two Cosmos is actually very young,Just finished the second stage of development,Even before reaching the pinnacle of civilization,Hard to accept,It’s like a normal life’s death halfway through.,Or get sick、accident,Or be murdered,No other reason。

The initial extinction process created the illusion that the universe was sick,Only now has Chi Guoguo’s murder intentions revealed,Li Tianzhen has good reason to think so,The planner behind the scenes is the murderer,Big hand,Unheard of,Kuo Qimo and Shifang Jun have no such skills,Even the unfathomable giant star beast is not qualified,Is the murderer chaotic?
Li Tianzhen fought a cold war for no reason,There is another possibility,The first 21 universes that have been annihilated have accumulated countless evil spirits,But can have such powerful means,In addition to the original chaotic rough stone,Li Tianzhen can’t think of any other superpowers,There may be such a strong one among the star beasts,But to the rules、Especially the mastery of the underlying rules is still much worse。
When Li Tianzhen enlightened Taoism in the view of Liuyun,widely read,Zeng crudely involved some classics about the cycle of life and death,After the death of a creature,There are three types of soul destinations,Or annihilate,Or reincarnation,The third is very special,Immortal soul。
Regardless of ordinary creatures,Or a super capable magician,The souls of the dead have great resentment,Long-term stay will form evil spirits,Although immortal,But suffer endless suffering,There are few days in the heaven gate。
But if it comes to a suitable new environment,Evil spirits formed by ordinary creatures can attach to other creatures,And gradually eroded the opponent to regenerate,So as to get rid of suffering,Only temporarily,Not a real freshman。
The evil spirits formed by supernatural powers can directly take away other creatures and regenerate,The more capable supernatural beings have the divine soul,If environment permits,Can directly absorb the aura of heaven and earth,Recreate the soul,The ability to rebirth is stronger。
It’s not hard to understand,All the dead spirits locked in the gate of the heavens have broken free,The impulse to break out of the gate of heaven,The chaotic rough stone that was once in vain may have stronger desire in this regard,Even at all costs,Do not know why,Li Tianzhi has this instinct。
So sort out,A lot of detailed logic makes sense,But there are contradictions in the general direction,Since the evil spirits want to rush out of the cage,Why is the gate of heaven locked up?The dead chaos rough stone won’t do this,Who broke a gap afterwards?
The only explanation is,It must be the will of Chaos to make and lock the gate of heaven,And what knocked open the gate of heaven was the dead chaos rough stone,As for why the evil spirit has not been able to get out,The answer lies in the horrible dark space behind me。
The first thousand and ninety chapters weakness
Figured out a lot of questions,I feel at ease,Although isolated from the outside world,Li Tianzhen’s source of power is extremely limited,But it is imperative to explore the space behind you,Just need to be extra cautious。
The trouble right now,It’s still how to move in this extremely cold space,Li Tianzhen tried several methods,Found it hard to trick,The weird feature of instant freezing can’t be avoided.。
He just walked on his legs,A few steps will spark the flame,So it can last,Just can’t hide,It’s also quite exhausting,Lost the support of the huge external system,Some adventure。
The cold space is extremely quiet,If Li Tianzhi intentionally blocked the sound of footsteps,Then the surroundings are as quiet as death,The occasional flash of flame can illuminate the nearby scene,Except darkness,If you identify carefully,There is a faint blue fluorescence under the feet,Like the veins of plants,I don’t know what material the surface is。
Li Tianzhen did not deliberately destructive temptation,Feeling and sensing the ground only by the touch of the sole,It’s still cold first,Like the polar ice,The cold is always looking for gaps and trying to get into his body;Followed by a sense of heaviness,The ground seems to have a strange suction,Makes him feel difficult,As the guardian of the rules,Conceivable,If it is faced by ordinary supernatural powers,I’m afraid it has been sucked on the ground and turned into a lump of ice。
Kuchimo and the river of blood can flow unimpeded here,There must be some way to avoid freezing and adsorption,The blood river comes from the gate of heaven,Naturally familiar with the environment,And the group of energy, light and shadow sacrificed by the star beast should have also played a big role,Li Tianzhen suddenly felt,He seems to be missing some abilities and attributes,It just became the key weakness and was restrained by the gate of heaven。
All the way,Observe all the way,Li Tianzhi gradually adapted to the unique environment of the dark space,No longer the same as when I first broke in,Just go deeper,Except for the ice cold getting worse,Li Tianzhen smelled a strange smell,This rare smell has a very cold breath,Although still very dim,But it has made him uncomfortable,Not just rancid,It’s not a simple hell。
This smell has a lethal power that cannot be underestimated,It made Li Tianzhen feel unhappy、anger、Heartache,Even lost and decadent,And make his thinking become dull,Although it’s only a minor change,But his strong perception still captured these very negative things,And be warned。
It’s not too bad,Li Tianzhen quickly distinguished that extreme resentment and hatred were mixed in this cold breath,This should have settled down over the years、The unique taste of evil spirits,Go deeper,Li Tianzhen has already realized it very clearly,But why is it just emotions??

Just leave silently!

Hidden merit and fame!
“You call a driver,I took a taxi back!”Fang Yu said。
Ready to get off!
Praise for Gou Hui,Don’t care!
“Well……You go back first。Get together again……”
Gou Hui hasn’t finished yet。
Fang Yu disappeared into the vast night。
Never seen again。
Gou Hui speechless。
Really a ruthless man!
Never say goodbye。
quickly,Gou Hui’s driver came。
Sent her back!
“Why are you coming back now……Why did you go today?”
Gou Hui just went back,I saw my father look unhappy。
“father,What’s wrong with you?So angry……Is the business going down??I’m still in poor health recently?Not as good as,I’ll take you to check it tomorrow,how is it!”
Gou Hui came to Dad’s side,Said with a smile。
“Did you go out with someone else today?”
Gou Shengtian said coldly。

“Hey!Urge manager,Are the things I want ready??We will use it tonight。Chance is for you,Don’t blame me if you can’t catch it”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。

Huoying smiled happily:“President Wang is relieved,The quotation and atlas you wanted was delivered to my hotel by someone last night,I was about to call you to talk about it,Your call came,It really makes sense”
“Don’t be poor,Which hotel do you stay in,We will meet in a while”Wang Youcai said very calmly。
Huoying said with a smile on the phone:“Which hotel you and Xiao Li slept in?!Even the room number has not changed,You come here quickly!”
Wang Youcai listened,Immediately hung up。He walked quickly out of the alley,Stop a taxi on the side of the road,Go straight to the hotel where Cuiying is staying。This ghost place,He did come,But how did you get in,He really doesn’t remember at all。
When Wang Youcai rushed over,It seems that Huying Ying just got up soon。The quilt on the bed is in a mess,And this woman’s hair is still a little wet,It feels like it’s just washed。
“You just woke up!”Wang Youcai asked suspiciously,He twisted his ass and sat on the sofa。
Huh hehe smiled and said:“What is impossible,Nothing to do anyway,I might as well sleep a little longer”
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“I have nothing to do to find me!I have nothing to do at night”Wang Youcai said,Smirk。
Reminding Ying to pour tea to Wang Youcai,Said with a smile:“sure!It depends on the sincerity of Boss Wang。If you made this list for me,I will come to Pingdu,When nothing to do at night,I will definitely find Mr. Wang the first time”
“That Guangtu is happy。I told you,This price must be grasped well。tonight,Several of our shareholders will evaluate your offer together。Actually successful,Then it’s up to you”Wang Youcai has been hanging around for a long time,Speak naturally a lot。
Huying put the brewed tea on the coffee table in front of Wang Youcai,And then twist,Very generously sitting next to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai reached out,Put his arms around Ziying’s neck。This woman has a good face,No resistance,Like the relationship between them,It seems that I have reached this point long ago。
“President Wang!Our prices are naturally well controlled,But you still have to speak at the critical moment”Urge the warbler to exhale like silk,Very softly。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“This is natural。But we should do things with conscience,Hope to cooperate in the long term,This is the most important。Don’t make a one-off deal”
“President Wang。I’m not only thinking about buying equipment for your hospital,More importantly, the supply of medicines in your hospital,This is my real purpose”That’s all for Huying,Can’t help but smile。
Wang Youcai’s hand from Huying’s neck,Slid all the way to her waist,Then he squeezed slightly and smiled:“The ideal is full”

“Guo Zijian。”

“……Guo Zijian!”
Chen Xiu wanted to capture Guo Zijian out of anger,But Ou Sheng’s talents are assembled,The Guo family has surrounded the hotel。
“This thing is wrong,Someone secretly tricked!”
Not long after I encountered the attack,Guo Zijian was kidnapped here,This is too coincidental。
“I don’t care about anyone,What should we do now!”
Ou Sheng looked at the black man wrapped in white towels,If she was on Hong Kong Island, she would still dare to fight,Although the number of people is at a disadvantage,But the power of Ou’s family on Hong Kong Island blew a whistle,It’s not a problem to get 10,000 hands。
It’s a pity that this is Australia Island,In Australia,The Guo family can blow a whistle,Tens of thousands more can come。
The room door suddenly opened,He Shouheng hurried in。
“I have assembled all the security personnel of the casino,Can block them for a while。”
“Brother Chen,I prepared a big flight at the dock,You and Miss Ou first、Dr. Lai went back to Hong Kong Island to hide for a while。”
Chen Xiu was moved,He Shouheng assembles manpower and conflicts with Guo Qilin,Arranged to escape again,This is undoubtedly an official war with the Guo family。
To know what、The interests of the Guo family are complicated,This is not as simple as dying dozens of horses。
“I am leaving,How do you explain to Guo Qilin?”

“He Sheng,The price has reached 200 million,We still offer。”Chen Xiu asked。

“Bid 280 million!”
Two hundred and eighty million is the current market value of the dragon head that Chen Xiu told him in the morning,He is also the last bid,If Lin Han still maliciously bid over 280 million,He also plans to stop bidding。
“it is good!”
Chen Xiu responded,Shouted:“Two hundred and eighty million!”
At this price,Lawrence by the auction table was thrilled,This is finally the target price specified by Dragon Head。
The rich people in the audience are also making a lot of noise,Qi Qi looked towards Lin Han,Many people present know the grudge between Lin Han and He Rongsheng,I want to know if he can still fight。
Lin Han sneered and said:“Buck tooth he,Just want to beat me,dream!”
hold high99The number’s bidding sign shouted:“100 million!”
Everyone thought they had misheard,The gambling kings have already bid 280 million,What does Lin Han mean by bidding 100 million??
Mathematics is taught by the physical education teacher?
The beautiful auctioneer on the stage also said in surprise:“99Mr. Number,The gentleman on the first plate has bid 280 million,Your 100 million……”
“Pull it down,I’m talking about a beautiful knife!”

Qin Xiaomin saw that the two old men pinched up again,Feel a little funny,But she dare not laugh。

Just as they talk,There was a sudden noise of motorcycles outside the gate。Xiao Chenchen, who was playing with Tong Jie, suddenly lost his toy,While running towards the gate,Shouting:“Yo!Dad is back!“
Soon,I saw Xia Jian walking in with Xiao Chenchen。Xiao Chenchen held a lot of delicious spiritual food in her arms,No wonder this little guy likes Xia Jian so much,It turns out that he has another plan。
“what!Mayor Tong!You are coming?“Xia Jianyi saw Tong Jie,Can’t help but ask。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“Why can’t i come,I want to have a mixed meal。Mayor Qin is in the Shangfang,You go see her!“Tong Jie said,He took Xiao Chenchen from Xia Jian’s arms。
When I heard that Qin Xiaomin was also here,Xia Jian guessed at least。But he walked into the yard,If you turn around at this time, you can’t make sense。After all this is official,Qin Xiaomin’s ability to come is indeed enough to give him face。
Xia Jian hesitated,He strode into Shangfang。Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Qin Xiaomin rushed to say:“Do you want to run?sure!You don’t need to come in“
“You bastard!I won’t tell us about such a big thing,Just say quit,Do you think this is a family matter“Xia Zecheng yelled at Xia Jian angrily。
Xia Jian glanced at Qin Xiaomin,I was a little embarrassed to say to Xia Zecheng:“dad!You don’t understand the things inside,So you better not participate“
“what did you say?I don’t understand“Xia Zecheng heard Xia Jian talk to him like this,The anger is even more prosperous。The old man leaped forward,It looks like I still want to fight Xia Jian。
Sun Yuejuan panicked,She pulled Xia Jian over,Sat down beside Qin Xiaomin,Then he said with a long sigh:“son!you’re right,Your dad and I don’t understand the things inside,But one thing we understand。Since I promised others,You have to finish it before you can pick up“
Sun Yuejuan’s words are very simple,Doesn’t sound like a big reason,But if you taste it carefully,This old man’s mental state is really extraordinary。No wonder Xia Jian is thinking of doing good for the people of Pingyang Town,It turns out that the root is here!
Qin Xiaomin glanced at Sun Yuejuan gratefully,She really wanted to say thank you,But when the words came to her lips, she swallowed again。
Xia Jian lowered his head,It took a long time to take a breath and ask:“Mayor Qin!Can i go back?”
“How can’t?Chen Jiang and I are the things you quit,Tong Jie still knows,Not to mention that your resignation is totally invalid。Do you think you work in a private company,Go if you want!”Qin Xiaomin said with a smile。

He is the only star。。。Thought of here,He is determined,At the same time, mental power controls some metal fragments to float。

“stop~”Rodney shouted。
Next moment,The boy in beast robes hit Rodney in the head。
After a while,Rodney separated two ordinary human teenagers and two orc teenagers who were fighting。
As a spiritual teacher,He is still very strong,Suppressing four apprentice-level warriors is still very easy—of course,His left face is swollen or something must be fake,Slandered by others。
“Enough fight!”Rodney said badly。
And the remaining five teenagers nodded,The exchange just now,They found that the strongest of them was this ordinary looking guy,Can’t beat,Have to listen。
“right now,Everyone introduce yourself。”
These are young girls,Simpler mind,If you are an adult, you might even have a fight,A few of them are relatively honest,Introduce yourself。
Although the boy in the beast robe looked at the two orcs with a little fear,But since there is Rodney“Expert”in,I let go of my fear。
As for the other teenage girls,Although among them, the teenagers who claim to be from the human race on EarthXXQuite knowledgeable,At a glance, I recognized him as the snake-tailed lady of the orc tribe.,The humanoid dog is a werewolf boy。
But several others have at least heard of the orcs,As for Rodney,In fact, he also knows that there are snake people in the universe human race、Werewolf—However, when he was a kid, he basically didn’t read it,These are not usually used at all‘common sense’I have forgotten about it a long time ago。
The boy in the beast robe has a cool face,But after the exchange just now,The other five people know this boy‘Qinghe’Is a native of a very remote planet—In fact,He doesn’t even know that the place he lives is the structure of the planet,But think it’s a continent。I just woke up and saw the Werewolf boy‘Kai’,He thought it was a monster。
It’s now,He also didn’t believe it。
Grow plush,With fangs and claws,How come you become human。
Tearful girl,Then【Horned dragon star】Very ordinary girl,Rodney doesn’t know this planet,But listen to girls‘Steller’Depiction of,He probably guessed it is a relatively strong planet,At least more prosperous than his home planet。
Four-armed Snake Terran Girl‘Mesa’Claiming to be from a space caravan,No home planet。Rodney doesn’t believe it,He feels that although the other person is very beautiful,Still big,But never tell the truth,But there is no malice。
“Several,We don’t know why it is here now,But the situation is definitely not simple。I was in my hometown before,Meisha is in the Jinlan universe,Kai lives in the barbaric universe,But suddenly appear here—-There must be something strange。”
“Luo。。What Big Brother Rodney said is!”The boy in beast robe nodded to follow。

Fei Song is already angry,And Yingshanlong roared even more,When the body is moving,Like a mountain collapsed and rolled up countless broken rocks,Terrifying!

Zeng Liang unhurriedly opened the print。
What he called is no longer the eagle dragon on the beach before。
You can see the print like the waves surging,A violent shark soars out。
Where,There are violent waves,The tyrannosaurus facing the rolling hills and rocks,The momentum is stronger!
Two dragons collide,Great momentum,Fighting with the previous general dragon is not one level at all,You can see the hills arranged in the arena、Rock mass、forest、The sand dunes were destroyed by the force of these two dragons.!
A fight,Fei Song’s Yingshanlong didn’t lose,But the physical strength is obviously insufficient。
“How to Train Your Dragon High School。”Fein snorted coldly。
“Then make you completely desperate。”Zeng Liang laughed,And slowly raised a hand。
suddenly,A sharp wave on the ground,The location of the rolling sand dunes of the Great Arena,The sand flows around like a tide,Surprisingly spectacular。
Everyone took a closer look,Only then did I find the dunes,There is a yellow sand dragon crawling out of the sand cave,It has a pair of soaring horns,The whole body’s scales are golden-yellow gravel blocks,Like a stone brick on a city wall。
It has no wings,Burly to the extreme。
With Zeng Liang’s hand,This gravelly scaled yellow sand dragon roars and roars,Like a war weapon,The kind that can directly smash the copper and iron gates……
Huangsha Demon Dragon dashed over,Use that soaring horn to fly the Yingshan dragon hundreds of meters!
Yingshanlong’s body,Shattered mountain armor,A terrible depression appeared in the chest,Blood spilled out along the cracks in the broken leather armor!
“Double Dragon Lord???”Fei Song’s face is like ashes,Some unbelievable ways。
I don’t know how much hardship I have experienced,Fei Songcai owns a dragon master,And look down upon Lichuan How to Train Your Dragon,Makes most teachers ashamed。

Mu Zihao whispered in her ear,It seems that some restore him before the humble。

Just is hurting,Let Le Yu have met his other side.。
“hehe”Le Yu smiles silly,This man is really true that the woman’s heart can go.。
I don’t know if she has an illusion.,I feel that this Mu Zi is very good.。
When I met him first,Feeling that he is a little floating,There are also some infer of the family,understand deeper,I found that this person is actually very different.。
He sometimes is very stable and restrained,Sometimes I am more interesting,Only with him for a long time,I will find him better side.。
Blue Xin and Le Zhenxi look at a look,Look at the realm of forgetting my difference。
Le Zhenxi said in the blue ear:“Blue,I know that we will not come with them.。
You look at them two,There is no two of our eyes.。”
Lan Xin also nodded,“I feel so too,You look at your future brother-in-law,It’s too good.,Hexi,You can rest assured in the future.。”
Le Zhenxi low-end glanced over her,He is also a good man,Why can’t she not see her own?。
He has always been more depressed。
He laughed:“Blue,I give you shrimp,You also eat more。”
“Need not,You eat,If you are hungry,I will feel distressed。”
Blue Xin put a fish for him。
“I am not very hungry now.。”
Le Zhenxi looked at her laughing,“look at you,It is thin,It’s more thin now.。”
“Have it?”
Blue Xin looked down at yourself.,She was so thin.。
You look,Where are you playing a child?,Thin skin bone。”
Le Xi Sheng,Already peeled three shrimps to Blue Xin。
Mu Ziyou looked between the interaction between the two,If there is no encounter Lu Hao,Blue Xin will definitely be together with Xi Xi。
do not know why,His heart is this peaceful。
Le Zhenxi has peeled a shrimp,Direct feed to Blue Xin。
Hacker at this time,Lu Haocheng pushed。
Just see this scene。
He is 色 倏 倏,I have an angry in my eyes.。
“Ah Cheng,How did you come?。”
Mu Ziyi saw Lu Haozheng,Seeing that his look is full of embarrassment,He seems to have experienced,Ourselves,Really doesn’t allow others to think about half points。
Lu Hao became overcast,Looked a blush,Sit down by her。
Blue Xin smiled and looked at him.,“Ah Cheng,Have you come over??”
He looked quietly at her.,Don’t she keep the distance??
Le Yu Xi is fed to her.,How can she be low in his breath?:“I said yesterday.,Qin Lao wants to sell it here,I came over today and talk about him.,After a few days, after a few days,Jiangyue Hotel is our。”
NS1011chapter:I was already in a few streets.

With the slight closing sound behind me,A rush of footsteps from near to far,To the other end of the alley。

Xia Jian panting,Only then can I see clearly,Isn’t this the front yard of Zhao Hong’s house??I was rushed by Wang Junli just now,He doesn’t know where he ran。
Zhao Hong in the moonlight,White shirt,Black pants,Beautiful。So she saved herself,Xia Jianzheng who understands the situation wants to speak。I saw Zhao Hong’s finger sticking to her mouth,Booed,Then he pointed to the house where her in-laws lived,Xia Jian suddenly understood。Front yard house,Total darkness,It seems that the old man has fallen asleep long ago。
Xia Jian didn’t wait for Zhao Hong’s greeting,Lift foot,Walk gently towards the backyard of Zhao Hong’s house。
Zhao Hong closing the doors and windows,Sitting on the edge of the kang,Unhappy。She glared at Xia Jian who was sitting on the chair,Then lowered his voice and cursed:“You still have the face to sit here?”
“what happened?Xia Jian with nothing to say,Replied casually,He looked up at Zhao Hong with a little embarrassment。Zhao Hong who sits beside the kang is still so charming,Tall breasts,thin***,And her two slender legs,There is an alluring breath everywhere。Xia Jian watched,An unnamed impulse came up,He stepped to Zhao Hong’s side,Put your arms around,Hold Zhao Hong tightly in his arms。
Zhao Hong’s face changed in fright,She kept struggling with her hands,Xia Jian is determined,No matter how Zhao Hong tears to him,He just doesn’t let go。
“You bastard,Why are you looking for me?How pretty girls are in the city,for her,You can give up your studies,You do,Who is right?Do you think farmers are so easy to do?”Zhao Hong gave up the struggle,Lowered his voice and cursed。
Zhao Hong two question marks in a row,Xia Jian who asked was speechless,But now Xia Jian,Not what it used to be,His face,A few centimeters thicker than the city walls of Xi’an,I saw him suddenly rubbing his face against Zhao Hong’s cheek,I can’t rest my hands。
“You bastard,Did you just peek at someone’s woman taking a bath?,Stimulated,Run me here for fun,Then you just leave me“Zhao Hong panting,Cursing softly。
“Zhao Hong,I like you!“After Xia Jian squeezed this sentence from his throat,Like a hungry wolf,Tearing started on Zhao Hong。Woman struggling helplessly。
Just when Xia Jian was excited and confused,Zhao Hong suddenly raised her foot,Kicked Xia Jian off her kang。
Xia Jian, unprepared,Was kicked to the ground by Zhao Hong,Fell face up。Zhao Hong on the Kang sat up,A quilt pulled over the kang corner,Wrapped around her body。